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‘The Platform’ (El Hoyo) All Meanings and Hidden Clues Explained 2020

Recently, Netflix added a new horror/sci-fi film to their collection of films to watch over this alarming pandemic. This new dystopian thriller by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, a Spanish director, has revealed a truth about our current society.

With the rapid spread of the coronavirus frightening many, it is evident that this film portrays an accurate representation of today’s nation. With the toilet paper shortage and people stocking up on piles of resources just proves this greed and ego our society has.

If you like movies like Parasite, South Korean thriller by Bong Joon-ho, then you’ll most likely enjoy this film as well! Both sharing similarities with the same premise of how society is corrupt among those lower on social status. 

Following the story of Goreng, our main protagonist of the film, who voluntarily went into ‘the hole’. Having the audience discovering how everything operates through his own confusion and curiosity throughout the story. 

What is the Hole (Hoyo)?

Many people have speculated that the “Hole” or platforms, symbolizes different social classes, each receiving different quantities of food, depending on the people on the level above them. Yet no one knows why this began or why it was made in the first place. 

As Trimagasi states it perfectly, also being the very first thing ever said in the whole entire movie: “There are three different types of people: those at the top, those at the bottom, and those who fall…” 

Each symbolizing a different status and will to make a change in society. Those at the top: people who are happy with where they are right now and won’t change. Those at the bottom: people who want change but don’t do anything about it. Those who fall: either the people who physically fall through levels and die or those like Goreng and Baharat who literally go down the levels, and make a change

Similar to: 

There Are Three Types of People: Those Who Make Things Happen, Those Who Watch Things Happen, and Those Who Wonder What Happened.

Quote by Steve Backley

Characters (and their item)

Each person can bring ONE item with them when entering the hole and it can be anything. Yet our main protagonist brought a book with him, a Don Quixote book, to be exact. 

Meanwhile, most people, like Trimagasi brought weaponry with them, such as his Samurai-Plus.

Imoguiri brought her dog, as a sentiment companion.

Baharat brought a rope in hopes to escape, but has a flaw, needing the people above him to cooperate with him.

Miharu, a crazy, Japanese woman, who searches for her lost child (son). 

Don Quixote 

Many fans even mentioned that Goreng and Don Quixote look alike. Both revealing truths about society and the corruptness of it. Along with discovering the intentions and character of men. Discussing topics on social class and self-worth in society. 

Many viewers have even made the resemblance between Goreng and Don Quixote, himself. 

The ‘Rules’ 

According to the “administration” or Imoguiri, no one under the age of 16 can enter the hole, and there are only 200 levels. As well as saying that Miharu is a crazy, superficial woman who is searching for a child that never existed. 

Image via Netflix


I also believe that the way the story plays out, that each section is separated into different acts. Where Goreng’s character or mental state changes. With each month that passes and having a new cellmate, his perspective also changes, on what ‘the hole’ truly is. 

Image via Netflix


LEVEL 48, Goreng first enters the hole, waking up to find his cellmate Trimagasi, who was placed in the hole for accidentally murdering someone when he threw his TV out the window.

While Goreng voluntarily went into the hole, for after six months the ‘administration’ would exchange his time, for a college diploma.

We, as viewers, can now see that each person going in ‘the hole’ was offered something. Whether it was a submission to death, a college diploma, or a cure to cancer. This beginning stage of Goreng is still very naive and uncertain of how everything operates in this new environment.

Being able to think rationally, claiming how every level should learn to ration foods for those below them. Because if the roles were reversed they would wish the people above them could do the same. 


LEVEL 171, Goreng awakens to being tied up by Trimgasi who’s already experienced being in the hole for almost a year now. Knowing that there will be no food, and within 7 days, he will begin to catabolize on Goreng and feed on him. Even offering Goreng some of his own flesh to survive. 

Image via Netflix

However, Goreng saw that Trimgasi’s idea was wrong and rebelled against him, but he was still able to cut a piece of his skin and consume it. Afterward, Miharu returned to save Goreng since he showed her kindness, returning the favor by killing Trimgasi and feeding his flesh to Goreng to help him survive. 

This is a breaking point in the film because everything Goreng swore not to do or thought was ‘wrong’, he was now doing himself. He had now cannibalized Trimgasi and saw the error of his ways. 


LEVEL 33, Goreng is now partnered with cellmate Imoguiri, the former worker of the ‘administration’ who was curious about what ‘the hole’ actually was. She was even the one to interview Goreng prior to entering the hole, himself.

Asking him what was his favorite meal was (as the administration would put that specific dish with the rest of the other meals on the platform that they distribute to the people in the hole.)

Upon meeting Imoguiri, she also shares similar beliefs with Goreng, as she believes that the food should be rationed equally as well. However, she lacks the strength and aggressiveness to tell those below to do the same.

Not until Goreng finally appeases to Imoguiri and threatens those below them that he would literally “shit” on their food if they didn’t follow through.  

LEVEL 202, Goreng now awakes on a brand new floor. Only to find had Imoguiri hung herself, knowing that being this low in the hole is already a death sentence…

Or another reason is that the administration had already told Imoguiri that there are only 200 floors, yet here they were on Level 202. So she might also have killed herself because she realized everything the administration said was a lie.

Goreng’s hunger and craving could no longer wait, so he also begins to cannibalize on her body until the end of the month. 

Act 4

LEVEL 6, Goreng meets a new cellmate, Baharat. Both seeking peace and equal rations of food for everyone. Soon they descend the platform of food, down the levels, in order to provide food for the people on lower levels who were never able to eat.

Image via Netflix

Meeting a wise man, who told them to use the ‘Panna Cotta’ as a message to send back to those above on Level 0. Having to protect this one dish throughout every floor, even when there were no other dishes to distribute to those on the lower floors. 

Supposedly, the hole only had 200-250 floors, according to Goreng’s calculation during his time on floor 202. However, upon finishing the movie, we now know that there are actually 333 floors. With two people on each floor, making it 333*2 = 666.

But because Goreng miscalculated, they soon figure out that if there isn’t anyone left alive on the level, the platform doesn’t stop and will keep descending until someone is alive.

As Goreng and Baharat continue descending, each floor gets more gruesome and disheartening. Until finally, they reach the final floor… level 333. 

Only to find a young girl hidden under the bed, in fear of the men. The film cleverly hesitates between the girl and the Panna cotta (the message they were supposed to protect) and the girl who was obviously very hungry.

Ultimately, Goreng and Baharat make the decision to allow the girl to eat the Panna Cotta, as she was actually the perfect message to send back to Level 0… alone.

So Goreng sacrifices his life and the movie fades out as the girl ascends on the platform. 


The Girl

Previously, Imogiurir tells Goreng, that no one under 16 was allowed to enter the hole… However, that doesn’t mean she entered illegally. Instead, I believe that she was born in the hole. This obviously isn’t impossible, because there are two people per hole, and it’s very possible for them to waste time during the month, by having sexual intercourse…

Image via Netflix

The reason she’s the perfect message to send back to the administration is that she had been on the very last level 333, and yet she had survived throughout all this time without food.

The Platform

Image via Netflix

The food represents their most important resources for a human to physically survive: food and water, and one cellmate for social interaction.

The platform could also represent capitalism, as the harder, you work, the more you’ll be rewarded… if you are on a higher level, of course.

However, similarly to reality, people can’t choose which social class to be in, we are born into whatever class in the beginning. But if we choose to change that, then you’ll have to work really hard…

Who is Watching Them?

Throughout watching the film, I’ve been wondering who had been watching the prisoners. Like how do they know that they have been keeping an item from the platform or not? The administration?

Because I feel like there is a greater evil behind this story since even Imoguiri worked under the administration and even she had been lied to. 

Image via Netflix

Adding on to the fact that there are 666 people because there are a total of 333 levels with two people on each floor. This administration is obviously something nonethical or possibly satanic (evil)…

The hole and suffering being a representation of ‘hell’. As everyone was granted something from entering the hole in the first place.

Which seems more like blackmail than actually granting that person a certain wish, because they are ‘cheating’ life. Like curing cancer, escaping a death penalty, or even receiving a college diploma. 

Possible Solutions to ‘the hole’

“There is enough resources for everybody’s need, but enough for everybody’s greed”

Image via Netflix

Many viewers mentioned how each person in the hole had ordered one specific dish, like Goreng and his escargot (snails).

So every person had ONLY consumed what they had ordered, maybe all of the chaos wouldn’t have happened. But ultimately it all depends on having “good” cooperation with others higher and lower levels than you. 


Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below your thoughts on the movie or any other theories you had on the film.



BTS “ON” MV/Comeback All Hidden Meanings and Messages Theory 2020 (+BU Connections)

On Thursday, February 27, 2020, BTS released their official music video for their title track “ON”. I gotta say, at first the music video definitely seems more like a movie rather than a music video.  However, with a closer look and constant streaming, you can actually find many hidden clues and messages in each scene being portrayed. 

Analysis, Breaking Apart the Video

Watching the music video for the first time can be really confusing. Especially if you’re not familiar with or keeping up with all the previous theories. If you want a better in-depth explanation on all previous music videos and how they each connect to each other, I’d suggest you take a look at this first:

The Ultimate BTS MV Theory


First off, the music video starts in what appears to be a battlefield. With Jin standing at the center and soon the scene transitions to Jungkook running away from “something”.

Image via YouTube (BTS On MV)

Already from the first couple of scenes, we know that something is off and that they appear to be some dystopian worlds.

With the old-fashioned/apostolic clothing and dead people all around. Possibly from a war, I assume. As the video continues, the tone dramatically changes from curiosity/chase scene to a more dark and cult-like mood.

We also see a ginormous wall, which begins to open, revealing a large cliff. All the members along with their followers, enter the wall.

Image via YouTube (BTS On MV)

But it is the members who climb up this cliff, with Jungkook running off toward the edge. Soon the MV ends with a cheerful and peaceful resolution to close off the scene. Leaving fans with a text that says:

“No More Dream” transitioning to just “Dream” because that dream had now been achieved.

Possible References 

Throughout the music video, many fans can find familiar symbols or references to a wide variety of shows. From the pride rock from Lion King to Noah’s Ark. 

Noah’s Ark (The Bible)

BTS has made various biblical references in the past, such as their Blood Sweat and Tears music video. Featuring paintings and angels of all sorts.

But in this particular video, Namjoon is shot next to a boat, with two pairs of animals boarding the ship. Just like in the Bible. Jin also appears to have a birdcage with a dove, where he releases it, after the reveal behind the gate.

The cliff that sits behind the wall, might be a symbol of peace and freedom, as does the dove being released. The reference to the ark could also represent the sudden change the world was going to go through.

Transitioning to a darker subtone of the cults and “negative” aspects of the world that was going to be erased. Which is the sole purpose of the ark in the Bible, washing away all the present evil. 

Maze Runner

Looking at the scenes from the On music video, it’s quite possible that BTS had actual shot the MV at the same location as Maze Runner.

Including the wall, which is quite identical to the wall from the Maze Runner film series. 

Lion King

Besides the memes, the cliff reveal behind the wall actually looks very similar to the pride rock from Lion King. Which could represent hope, freedom, and liberty. Resolving any inner conflict they used to have. 

Lord of the Flies

If you’re not very familiar with Lord of the Flies, it’s a dystopian novel that follows a story of a group of young boys trying to survive on a stranded island.

Discovering themes of conflict between human nature (savagery) and civilization (and it’s rules and order).

One of the characters even uses a conch to call order among the other boys, but as the story progresses, chaos rises and the boys are never the same.

Similar to the On music video, as soon as Jungkook blows on the conch, darkness fills the sky and the video transitions to a dark, cult-like setting. 

Game of Thrones

Many fans who are also fans of GOT, mentioned the similarity of the beginning scene of the MV to the Battle of the Bastards.

In this fight, Rob Stark and Jon Snow (the bastard) engages in battle with Ramsay who ultimately wins because they received help from another clan.

However by the looks of the music video, we see a bunch of the dead bodies on the floor, but don’t know what actually happened. 


Like Birdbox, in BTS “On” MV, it portrayed birds as some sort of symbol for peace or freedom. Taehyung is seen with a young girl who has a blindfold.

The blindfold itself can be a symbol of trust and once Taehyung takes it off, he holds the girl’s hand and together they walk through the wall. 

Greek Mythology ‘Prometheus’

The story of Prometheus begins with his benevolence towards the human race, risking his life to give humankind gift of fire.

However, seen as a traitor by other gods, Prometheus is punished for all of eternity by having his liver being pecked alive by birds, just reincarnated just to suffer all over again.

Image via YouTube (BTS On MV)

If you watch the music video, you see Jungkook running away from something, which may represent him being a traitor, with thorns hand-cuffing his hands. 

Next to Hoseok, you can find a body on the floor. Which is actually Jungkook, if you look closely, as he is being pecked (alive) by a bird. As the darkness rises, Jungkook is also seen holding conch (power), the gift to the humans. 

“The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” 

The “Omelas” symbol first appeared in their Spring Day music video. Based on, “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” a philosophical fiction narrative by Ursula K. Le Guin.

Depicting a story of a utopian city of Omelas, which is powered by a child’s misery. Fighting a theme of individualism vs society and what society would sacrifice the happiness of one to support the happiness of more.

Many fans have speculated Jungkook being that kid from the Omelas, who is suffering just to provide the other members their happiness…

Their own music Videos

If you look closely at Taehyung and the little girl, they actually resemble the animated characters from the ‘Make it Right’ music video. With a dark-haired male and a blonde girl in blue.

I also believe that the cult scene with Yoongi could resemble the scene in “Interlude: Shadow” music video. With a red aesthetic and an unwanted crows/cult surrounding him. 

And of course, the black capes is a direct reference to their Fake Love MV (extended ver.) or representing their darkness/shadows being destroyed. Opening their lives to the brightness and joy in their hearts.

Black Swan 

The ‘Black Swan’ Comeback Show 200227 with M-Net Kpop also has many hidden messages as well, so I will also include them in this theory.


Feather, as we know, are part of wings, whether they’re from a bird, an angel, or a demon… Many of BTS past music videos have featured images of wings or feathers such as the HYYH or WINGS era.

Image via YouTube

From pillow feathers from Jimin’s Lie MV to Jungkook holding a feather in Young Forever MV to the actual Blood Sweat and Tears official MV.

But now, we even have their Map of the Soul:7 concept photos and the single ‘Black Swan’. All of which give fans closure to this never-ending theory. 

From the comeback show, Taehyung is the only member wearing a black feather in his outfit. As many fans know, Taehyung is supposed to be Abraxas (from the Blood Sweat and Tears MV). This could further support the idea that Taehyung is the fallen angel or the black swan…

If you haven’t read the official webtoon from BigHit ‘Save Me’ yet, I highly suggest you do, so it will make the interpretations of the BU theory much easier:

Image via Webtoon (Save Me)

But to summarize, Jin is trapped in this time loop where he must travel back in time to save the other six members from dying. In doing so, he recovers many missing pieces of the past. Which leads to a bigger mystery, that all seven of them must solve together. 

Inverted Colors

In the intro before the performance starts, fans are faced with a quick recap. Filled with distorted images or possibly memories that have been altered. Many of these inverted colors appeared in past music videos… which could mean BigHit wants us to connect them. 


In the same intro recap, various words also appeared on screen. Similar to the Love Yourself comeback shows, BTS and BigHit managed to sneak it some more theories. 

Image via YouTube

“Do you hear me”

Image via YouTube

“We were only seven”

The lyric “we were only seven” also appears in the song “We Are Bulletproof: the eternal”. These words could represent how this album Map of the Soul:7 is supposed to be about them and their themselves, no one else. 

Swan song

On a more saddening tone, fans have recently found out that ‘Black Swan’ can be easily changed to “swan song”. By definition, a swan song is a person’s final public performance before retiring.

Image via Google

Now I don’t know if this theory is true, but if this is really BTS final album and final performance, just know, we as fans, should always respect their choice and decision to do so. 



Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below any of your thoughts on this whole theory. 

Entertainment Theories

BTS Release New Album Map of the Soul: 7 February 2020

After what seems like a year, BTS finally announces their next comeback album, 7. Not Shadow nor Ego, contrary to past beliefs. 

PreOrder Date to purchase the album is on January 9, 2020.

The Release Date is on February 21, 2020. Meaning the next couple of weeks will most definitely be chaotic with the anticipation of this comeback. 

A clever title actually, with BTS being 7 members, their 7th studio album, and it being their 7th year since their debut in 2013. But also, many fans believe that the title is also influenced by Carl Jung’s 7 principles (as the entire Map of the Soul concept was dedicated to him) or Defense Mechanisms as portrayed by each member in the BU, HYYH, WINGS theories. 

Also, note the fact that BTS had already announced their official tour upcoming April 2020 a couple days back. Meaning official tour dates are only to come next. 

However, looking at this picture, you can see there are clearly four total albums. But if “7” is the purple album, then Shadow and Ego most the following album covers to come. 

Image via Twitter

Also, @BTS_twt and @ibighit deleted their “7” tweet after 7 minutes… which might be them trying to clown us or just to make fun, posted today on January 7th. 

Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below your thoughts on this next comeback album.

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Little Nightmares 2 All Hidden Secrets, Meanings and Theories 2020 

In 2017, Little Nightmares made its first official debut with Tarsier Studios. After receiving such positive reviews, the game became very popular and was even developing a sequel.

On, August 19, 2019, Bandai Namco Entertainment delivers on their promise and releases their new trailer for Little Nightmares 2 as stated. So far upon watching the whole game series, the creators of the game have already stated that this game will be the sequel following Six’s escape from the Maw. 

CLICK here to watch the trailer if you haven’t already as I will be spoiling many parts of the game if you had not seen it already: 

A Theme on Present Day 

Already from the trailer, we can already find many themes that speak of our current society in technology and education. Besides, Tarsier Studios is known for portraying certain strong themes in their games to try and get a message across about society.

For example, Little Nightmares (1) was about hunger and gluttony (extreme or ever excessively consuming). Which was portrayed perfectly with scripted scenes where Six gets hungry, only eating things that get darker or more grotesque as the story continues. From a piece of bread to the actual geisha herself. 


We finally get to see what Six actually looks like underneath the yellow raincoat. Which may mean we get a more in-depth background story to her history. As this game has a big message with masks and “true” appearances with almost every character we’ve come across in the first game. 

In fact, Six covers her face at the TV screen the same way the “all-seeing eye” looks at her from the first game. So we already know that this “all-seeing eye” being makes it’s return to this game as well. 

However, unlike the previous game, players no longer control Six, instead, we play as a new character. One whom we believe is another kid from the Maw and maybe even Six’s new friend or companion. 

Who is the Mono? “the other kid”

With game creators stating that players will play as this new character we’ve never met before, it just leads to so many questions.

Otherwise known as the boy with the paper bag mask over his head, named Mono. But if you look closely at his name, it might even resolve some mysterious or add more to the lore. 

Mono = one, so maybe he was the first ever kid to escape the Maw or the geisha? 

Other theories state that Mono may be the “hanging man” that we see in the first game as we know he makes a reappearance in this game if you watch the end trailer scene on the TV screen very closely. But fans also assume that the bellman may be the hanging man himself. And looking at the poster once again, you see a tall figure, which can only be the hanging man. 

Some fans believe that as Mono grows older he doesn’t want to become like the other adults (we see in the trailer, brainwashed by the screens) so he hangs himself, like the man on the Maw (“the hanging man”).

Mono also seems to be able to teleport (as seen from the trailer). There was a TV on the Maw (post-credit scene of the DLC) and TV at the start of the trailer, so maybe Mono teleported Six out of the Maw which is how they ended up together in the first place. 

TV Screens 

We as a society are too addicted to screens/technology that we don’t see what’s going on in front of us. The static on the screens and people getting mesmerized by it, distracting ourselves from the outside world around us. 

Whether it be brainwash or some way to lure the children into the Maw, it must be some hidden cooperation under the “all-seeing eye”. 

The end static scene on the TV screen very much resembles the man who hanged himself in the first game. Maybe he got too obsessed with the media it leads to his downfall. 

TV screens in the first game

Adults went crazy from seeing the TV in the beginning of the trailer. In the first game, the janitor had a TV but his eyes are buried or hidden so he couldn’t see the TV and didn’t go insane. The granny, however, went crazy from the TV and probably started killing the children. 

Little Nightmares_20170707235107

So that begs the new question, what exactly is being shown on the TV screens. 

Is the black tower is the power source of all the media and TVs…. controlling the society at large? Maybe that’s why Six and Mono’s primary goal is to reach the Black Tower in the first place. To put an end to the “all-seeing eye” cooperation. 

Education System

Another theme we see relevant to our society is our never-changing education system. With all of our new advancing country, you’d think that schools would be the first to adjust to modern times… but it’s not.

Instead, we improve and change vehicles and cell phones for the better. But the minds of the children are at risk, being stuck in the past, never being able to move forward with the future. 

Symbolized with the evil teacher, smacking children with her ruler when a kid doesn’t do the work. Showing how school punishes and forces kids to do unproductive work. 

References to the First Game

As a sequel, there must be references made to connect the two games. However, one difference is the fact that there will be no more gnomes from the first game. So we must survive without their help from now on. 

  1. The music box from the beginning scene had the same “all-seeing eye” from the first game
  2. Fake children made of porcelain are very similar to the shadow kids from the first game. Being destroyed with very minimal effort such as light or simply breaking them.
  3. The shadow Mono makes when he’s in front of the TV resembles the bell boy from the first game. From the DLC we know that shadows display many answers to the questions we, players, have. 

New Characters 

Firstly, we already notice that Six has made a “friend” the boy with the paper bag mask named Mono. However, we also have new bosses as well, such as the teacher, huntsman, The North Wind (from the Little Nightmares’ comic series), and possibly a reappearance of the “hanging man”.

We also find that unlike the first game, there are other kids like Six and Mono… but they are made of porcelain. 


Although the teacher may seem like a brand new character, she’s actually been revealed in the first game. If you look closely upon entering the geisha’s home, you will find a portrait of her face along with the other recognizable characters from the Little Nightmares series. 


In the trailer, the huntsman appears to be holding Six captive, where mono will then come for her rescue and that’s where the game then begins.

But in the trailer, he also appears to be chopping up pigs or some disgusting found in the dumpster. 

New Settings

So far, in chronological order, I believe the game will start off on the beachside, where Six gets washed out from the Maw and discovers the world outside. Next, maybe the huntsman will find Six (and since the creators of the game state that players will play as “Mono”) Mono will have to enter the Hunter’s shack and rescue her.

Then, Mono and Six will escape through the forest and finally enter the city. At this point, the game could go anywhere, from the school to the hospital/asylum, but ultimately having the end goal to reach the Black Tower for some mysterious reason.

Perhaps to shut down the whole business of the “all-seeing eye” and the portrayal of the TV screens throughout the city.

Hopefully, we’ll even get a better insight on the Maw’s sole origin and purpose from the first game. Maybe even displaying a better understanding of the Little Nightmares Universe as a whole. 

Six is no longer in the view of the “all-seeing eye”


Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below your thoughts or any theories you have on the upcoming sequel.

Entertainment Theories

BTS MMA and MAMA 2019 Predicts Their Next Comeback Album Theory

November 22, 2019, BTS attended the MMAs and on December 4, 2019, BTS attended MAMA’s. Each with mind-blowing, extraordinary performances. Yet, there have been many been many theories if you look closely.

BTS MMA Solo Performances 

“In Greek mythology, Corona Borealis was linked to the legend of Theseus and the minotaur. It was generally considered to represent a crown given by Dionysus to Ariadne, the daughter of Minos of Crete, after she had been abandoned by the Athenian prince” 

                              – Wikipedia

This is very interesting, as this constellation has seven stars, the same exact number of members in BTS. With each member representing a different greek god. 

Taehyung = Apollo (God of the Sun)

Taehyung is seen dancing under the sunrise and bright daylight with spotlights in the shape of sun rays. Also, Taehyung’s happy and optimistic personality would fit perfectly as Apollo.

Jin = Ares (God of War)

Jin is shown riding a trojan horse, with back-up dances, reassembling an army of soldiers. Perfectly depicting the god of war, Ares.

Jimin = Artemis (Goddess of the Moon)

Jimin has always been known to break gender norms, as he performs a soft and graceful dance (which women are known to do). Dancing under the moonlight dressed in white, perfectly depicting the goddess of the moon, Artemis. But, Artemis and Apollo are twin siblings, almost like how Jimin and Taehyung were born in the same year. Both being very close ever since.

Yoongi = Hephaestus (God of Fire)

In many past music videos, Yoongi has always found himself surrounded by fire. Such as in “I Need U” and “Fake Love”. Which could represent either his anger or passion towards a certain subject. Much like the Greek god Hephaetus.

Jungkook = Poseidon (God of the Sea)

Jungkook performs on a water-based floor, automatically making him Poseidon. King of the Ocean and god of the seas, as Jungkook is usually the opposite element that Yoongi is. In order to balance or calm him, since usually, the two are found as brothers in the MV theories.

Hoseok = Zeus (God of Thunder)

Hoseok has so much power and charisma in each performance he does, it’s no wonder why he is Zeus. Dancing under the light-strobes that resemble lightning strikes along with the techno-hip-hop beat.

Namjoon = Dionysus (God of Wine, and creator of the crown “Corona Borealis”)

Namjoon, leader of BTS, as well as the leading song title of their album (Dionysus). With Dionysus, being the creator of the Northern Crown or Corona Borealis. It’s like how Namjoon brought all of the BTS members together, too.


We all know that in every MAMA performance, their VCR always have some clue or hint at their next album comeback. And the theory remains true as this year we get even more clues:

  • Future Meets Past: CALLING
  • Past Meets Present: WORLD
  • Future Meets Past: Eternal Journey

This explains, why BTS has been performing their older songs from 2013-2014, songs we haven’t seen them perform in years. They were trying to make a reference or “hint” at this next comeback concept.

Ones where they will bring back the past… such as Boy In Luv (2013) alludes to Boy With Luv (2019) with much better positive attributes. Showing us that BTS has indeed grown but in a good way.

Magic Shop Items

However, another VCR depicts each individual member holding a certain item, each different than the last. Looking closely, you can tell some of the items actually resemble past theories with the WINGS era.

All whose items have been traded in the Magic Shop, in exchange to bring the rest of the members back. 

Check out my other blog on more in-depth detail on the WINGS and Magic Shop items theory:

The Veil

Another thing to mention is BTS’s meticulous and attention to detail to every culture they convey. With the origin of their song “Dionysus” being of Greek origins. But they also added a very small detail of men wearing veils.

This is apparently, an elegant form of containing your anger. Which also alludes to the WINGS era, when the members were also found wearing veils. Meaning, BTS had to hide and contain their emotions away from each other. 

The “Shadows”

The shadows, itself, might as well be a reference to their next album name. This MAMA VCR is also very thought consuming as it portrays the seven members getting absorbed into each other. Forming a single shadow.

Then in another scene, it shows only one member staring out into the sky, with various planets. Similar to the scene of MV Heartbeat. Only this time, one member remains…or his shadow.

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All Frozen 2 Easter Eggs and New Theories for Frozen 3 and Beyond 2019

SPOILERS ALERT if you had not already watched the film, do not continuing reading on unless you want to be spoiled!

November 22, 2019, the sequel to Frozen finally makes its premiere after a long six years. With now a hidden past to uncover and truth to reveal. Along with many hidden mickeys and fun easter eggs to find for ourselves. 

Hidden Easter Eggs/Similarities


If you look closely at the beginning scene of the movie, you can find a hidden Baymax (from Big Hero 6) while little Elsa and Anna are playing dolls.

Bruni and Pascal

You’ve probably heard of this one before, but the similarities between Bruni and Pascal are undeniably so adorable.

Image via Twitter @_some_body_14

Frozen and Brave Title Posters

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In both title posters of Frozen 2 and Brave we this “enchanted forest” where stone pillars appear in. Many who’ve seen Brave, must already think that the stone pillars were some sort of reference to the movie itself.

Elsa is the “new” Daenerys

Both have beautiful, platinum blonde hair, usually with intricate braided designs. Both are queens from Northern European countries and have some sort of supernatural power. Elsa with ice power and Daenerys with being the queen of dragons.

“Anna, I don’t feel so good” Reference

I know we all thought about it. As Olaf began to dust away his snowflakes, everyone thought he was gonna pull a “Tony, I don’t feel so good” move from Avenger’s Infinity War and completely destroy us. Which he did…but, both Spiderman and Olaf made out alive in the long run, so it’s all good.



I know we all saw this coming. The four elements: earth, fire, wind, and water… It’s AVAT…nevermind it’s actually Frozen 2. I mean c’mon, the iconic four elements are obviously gonna have to be some reference to Avatar. But either way, it makes two good films now.

Past Theories

However, with the new film out, it discloses many past theories on the Disney Lore that fans have come up with before. Such as Elsa and Anna’s parent’s theory:

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But also, the new theories that fans have come up with prior to Frozen 2’s trailer and how the young native girl would turn out to be Elsa’s girlfriend… boy were we wrong…

Image via Twitter @thesmollleo

Yet, now this leads to a new question. The origin of Elsa and Anna’s parents and the true reason why their parents would travel to Ahtohallan. 

New Theory (What’s Next for Frozen 3?)

We already know that Iduna (mother) is actually from the Northern tribe Northuldra, in which Arendelle “promised” peace. But it was Agnar (father) and Iduna’s love for each other that brought chaos but soon peace among both empires.

But there’s still so much more questions, now that Disney has dropped this whole new background information on one the most popular Disney franchises ever. 

Agnar and Iduna 

First, in the enchanted forest, Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven encounter the missing soldiers and the Northuldra natives trapped in some time loop (I assume) about to battle each other.

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However, their appearance interrupts this. The team then begins to further research into the past to understand why the enchanted forest had called Elsa or why it has never been spoken about before.

Both Elsa and Anna’s parents seemed nervous and frightened when speaking of the subject before they passed.

Yet, if Iduna was truly a Northuldra and told Agnar, why wouldn’t she ever want to return to help save her people?

Also, Iduna as a kid and as an adult look totally different, with different hair color and hairstyle. While young Agnar and his adult form looked pretty much how you would expect a kid to grow into a man. 

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But, besides that, it just seems so quick of Iduna to just leave her whole family behind for Agnar (a man she just met!) when in the first film, she didn’t even have a speaking role. They just seem like different people, but maybe the whole Arendelle royal life changed her. So let’s piece it together:

Agnar, a royal prince goes into the enchanted forest where he sees a young native girl playing with the wind spirit. When suddenly something bad happens and he is knocked unconscious before the girl could rescue him, she calls out for the wind spirit for help.

In which the wind spirit rescues both of them and safely returns them home. But now Agnar can’t rid of the thought of who was the girl who saved him and neither can the girl. So both meet unironically, playfully watching each other by the trees.

Constantly checking up on each other for company before actually falling in love. Soon, as they both begin to age, Agnar asks for Iduna’s hand in marriage and has her move into the castle with him.

There they become King and Queen of Arendelle. Then on the winter solstice, Iduna gave birth to their first daughter Elsa, who was capable of magical, ice powers. Next, on the summer solstice, Iduna gave birth to their second child, Anna, who lacked any source of power…(or did she…) 

And now the rest is history as it continues onto the plot of Frozen 1. 

Lastly, I hope Disney gives us more of a backstory on Agnar and Iduna’s childhood and how they became King and Queen of Arendelle. I would love to see more cute scenes between them and have Disney actually cover canon details of their story. 

The Fifth Element 

Elsa, as we know, is indeed the fifth element. Along with the four other nature spirits: earth, wind, fire, and water. (cough cough Avatar cough) But why is ice, the chosen element? It could just be because Elsa is the royal daughter of a native inhabitant of a nature spirit and is conceived of whatever powers those are.

Earth is the Rock monsters, Fire is Bruni the salamander, Wind is the wind spirit, and Water is Nokk, the ocean water spirit that takes the form a horse. 

So unless, Elsa’s powers are only the beginning and she’s capable of much more, her being the fifth power with solely ice powers feels out of place for me. 

Anna’s Secret Powers

There already have been many theories on Anna having fire powers, considering her birthday on is a summer solstice and the opposite of Elsa’s cold, icy powers.

But with this sequel, we know that having fire powers isn’t impossible as Bruni (the salamander) is a fire spirit itself. Especially fitting considering Anna’s firey, stubborn, confident, bubbly personality, much of that like fire.

Plus, it was two sisters that were made to be the fifth spirit. As Elsa said it herself in the final scene of the movie, “like a bridge that has two sides, mother had two daughters.”

Meaning, it took Anna’s help to finish anything of what happened in the movie to be successful. With Elsa having ice powers, Anna’s (possibly) fire powers would balance out the two with each other. 

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Possible Frozen 3

If Disney decides to make a trilogy to the Frozen franchise I wouldn’t doubt it. However, I do doubt that Frozen 3 will be a prequel about Agnar and Iduna’s origins (as I hope) but perhaps a mini short film will do.

But, I do believe it will continue on the thought about Elsa being the “fifth element” and more about the enchanted forest life and the nature spirits. I mean, Frozen 2 dropped a lot of information on us.

Each that could propel itself with the new lead on where their future films will be about. Considering Frozen is one of Disney’s most successful franchise.

Hopefully, we get Elsa’s promised girlfriend, as the rumors have been told for about two years now. But honestly, at this point, the options are endless, watching where Disney took on Frozen 2’s plot. 

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Rick Sanchez’s Wife Is Still Alive? Season 4 Premiere, “The Old Man and the Seat” Theory 2019

With the premiere of season 4, fans have never been happier after a long wait of almost two years for a mere five episodes. But nonetheless, Rick and Morty is finally back. 

Season 4, Episode 2, “The Old Man and the Seat” features a matrix reference. Where Rick keeps the bodies of “disliked” people in tube-like containers with liquid, maintaining them in dream worlds. Matrix, a movie where our current society is living in a dream-like world, held captive on an Alien spaceship. 

However, if you look closely at some of the other members, one of them strangely looks familiar. A woman with light, blonde hair, pale skin, and has a huge resemblance to a character featured in previous seasons. 

Image via Google

That’s right, it’s Rick’s wife, Diane Sanchez. Now, this raises the question, of why Rick would even have her placed in a container like that, and if that’s where she had been throughout all these seasons.  

Since Season 3, Episode 1, “The Rickshank Rickdemption” shows Rick grieving over the death of his wife, where he lost her. But did he really? We know that those scenes were only a fabricated story to escape his prison. Yet, Rick still shows emotions of despair and utter sadness at the thought of losing them.

So, that begs the question of what really happened? We know that Beth is still alive (unless she’s a clone) and continues to live with Rick. But, she rarely ever brings up the topic of her mother, almost as if she’s forgotten or is truly “dead”. 

Image via Google

However, we do get this scene, where both Beth and Diane (Rick’s wife) walks through a portal…meaning either something bad happened upon entering, or they never went in. It still won’t explain why Rick would keep his wife’s body in a dream-like state.

Unless he wants to preserve the memory of her in good hands until he has the technology to revive her. But only time will tell, so with two more episodes for the year, hopefully, we get a better back story on the whole situation that’s actually canon instead. 


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What does the Joker Movie say about Our Society? Theory 2019

SPOILERS ALERT So it’s already been about two months since the movie came out… but there’s just so much about this film to talk about. 

On its premiere October 4, 2019, the movie has been highly anticipated for months since its first trailer reveal. Showing Joker’s point of view and whole history and past of how he became the way he is. Discussing mental illnesses and the violence and chaos he ends up creating.

Yet, in the end, we’re not entirely sure if anything actually happened… the ending scene where Arthur Fleck is found in the mental hospital with a psychiatrist, viewers begin to question if anything in the movie actually happened the way he portrayed it or if it was all just his imagination (based on his mental illness such as pseudobulbar affect)


Just like in our society, mental illnesses are portrayed as “crazy” and are, sadly, either bullied or isolated from society. 

On the contrary, this movie perfectly balances multiple emotions and displays mental illnesses as accurate as possible. With many repetitive scenes with a mix of slow and fast-paced movements, so the audience can sympathize with the main protagonist themselves. 

Joaquin Phoenix (Arthur Fleck), himself, has been ridiculed for displaying “too” much of his passion into a character. Which fits perfectly to play the role of the joker. Where he, too, has been made fun of, for trying to pursue a career in comedy. 

Image via Google

The “Clown” Protests 

The “Clown” Protests may as well be a reference to the protests in our own world, such as the ones (this year) in Hong Kong or Chile. This is actually interesting, implying that the film may have predicted the “protests” earlier since they started this year. But that’s a theory for another day. 

The “Killer Clowns”

The “Killer Clowns” may be a reference to the killer clowns incident in the 2016-2017 worldwide viral scenario where people dressed up as clowns would go around chasing people in spite of fear. Making clowns one of the most fearful creatures on the list, along with spiders and ghosts. 

Hate feeds on Reaction/Media

The whole reason the chaos begins to spread and the whole “clown” protests begins is because of the media. Media has a lot of control over almost everything we see.

We as civilians don’t know about what actually happens in the situation if we weren’t there to see it first hand. Because the news always finds a way to get more views and will say or write anything to do so. Spreading hateful outrages, being the true cause of all of the negativity in the film.

Similar to the indie game “We Become What We Behold” where you act like a news reporter and are tasked to take photos of “interesting” things (which are always problematic causes) but I won’t spoil the game for you if you were to play it yourself. So here’s a link if you would like to play:

Underlying Message of “Trust”

At the beginning of the film, we find Arthur Fleck taking care of his mother, Penny Fleck, who is portrayed (at first) as a weak, vulnerable, poor, sad woman who had to deal with and take care of her sick child.

Most viewers might even pity her for how the situation seems, as first. However, as the story progresses, we begin to see that Penny isn’t as innocent as she was. Instead, she is found to be delusional and also mentally ill. 

As she and her jerk of a boyfriend have adopted a young boy as their son, only to abuse and harm him in every way possible. Suddenly explaining why Arthur has the illness he has now.

But Arthur doesn’t believe this, as he has trusted this woman his whole life, and decides to confront his “real” dad Thomas Wayne (as said in Penny’s pity letter) about the truth. Once confronted, Thomas Wayne appears to be a rich man.

Denying any details in order to protect his reputation. Hiding the fact that a broke, sick man like Arthur could be his son. 

However, once Arthur goes into more research on his “mom” he soon realizes that what Thomas Wayne has said was true. Ruining the last speck of trust he’s ever had in his life and proceeds to kill Penny. 


With the film now out for about a month, there have been many enjoyable memes as well. All which I personally enjoy, so here are some if you don’t know them already:

Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below your thoughts on the film and its overall theme!

Society Theories

Are Selena Gomez and Julia Michaels Dating? Fan Theory 2019

With the new collab performance on November 12, 2019, in Los Angeles, Julia Michael’s ft. Selena Gomez’s new song “Anxiety”. The two have been really close ever since. Working together in the studios since the song’s first release 9 months ago. 

CLICK here to check out the performance yourself:

On November 11 and 12 both Selena Gomez and Julia Michaels posted pictures about each other, prior to and after their performance. Such as sharing matching tattoos or celebrating Julia’s birthday. 

Image via Instagram (@SelenaGomez)

Selena even posted a certain picture on her live story making fans believe that two are indeed dating. Which depicts a picture of the two sharing a kiss.

Whether that photo is to be interpreted as romantic or just friendship, we’ll just have to wait on their words when they decide it’s ready to share with the public. Many fans have already speculated from “Anxiety” lyrics that Selena may be open to explore other sexualities. 


Image via Google

As her two latest songs “Lose You to Love Me” and “Look at Her Now” may imply not just Selena’s love life but her opening to new ones too.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Selena Gomez is now gay, she may even be bisexual or pansexual, but we shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions. For there has been no official statements on the current situation. 

On the other hand, Julia Michaels is currently single despite her past relationships last year. There may have been some new rumors of her new dating a new person, but nothing has been confirmed. So “that person” might as well be Selena Gomez.

This relationship will help and inspire many in the LGBTQ+ community to rejoice in their happiness together. 

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BTS “Shadow” Comeback Sooner Than We Thought (Plus Updates) October 2019

“Shadow” Comeback Date Theory

Ever since “Boy With Luv” was released, fans have been long waiting for BTS’ next comeback. But maybe fans won’t have to wait much longer. 

Recent viral tweet by @TheJose8A made a claim along with a theory video that showed a possible date when BTS might make their comeback or start pre-orders: 

Now that date is October 25, 2019, way sooner than we thought their comeback might be, in fact, it’s in about two weeks. Besides this is not the first time BTS has hinted or made their comeback date official by this time.

Look at “Mic Drop” which was released on November 24, 2017. So it’s totally possible for this date to be the official pre-order day for their next album “Shadow”. 

In fact, BTS, themselves, have been hinting this at us for a while now too! Just look at these pictures:


Image via Google

From RM’s Persona to Award Show Performances with subtle hints. 

Some fans have even connected “Shadow” to BTS’ fake love era, meaning we might get some dark mixed rock sounds this comeback. Especially with such emo sounding name as “shadow” and “ego”.

These next two albums might go in deeper on the map of the soul era. With the intense questioning of who we are getting more emphasis on the members.

Constantly hinting at us on how we must truly discover who we are after knowing to love ourselves. 

October Updates

Also, I have to say, even though it’s been about six months for the comeback, it feels like BTS never left.

As they gave us the BTS World Game, along with its many soundtracks and collaborations in the making. The Japanese “Lights” original MV. Heck, BTS even went on break for two months, but us, fans, have never been more blessed with their activeness on Twitter and more.

But, now we got an upcoming “Shadow” Comeback this November and the Jingle Balls performance on December 6. Also if you’re interested in attending, here’s a link:

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Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below your thoughts and theories on their next album.