Melanie Martinez’s K-12 Full Album and Movie Meaning Theory 2019

September 6. 2019, Melanie Martinez finally releases her second album K-12, along with a feature film, featuring all songs from the album in the form of a comedic, musical movie. That she so kindly placed on her YouTube channel for all fans to watch FOR FREE and AD FREE!

With the irony of Thirteen title tracks released on Friday, September 6. 2019.

Meaning of Each Track of K-12

Continuing the story of Crybaby, she finally enters school and tells of her story/perspective in each song in K-12. Each of Melanie’s songs contains a subtle, yet a hidden truth about our education system that no one really wants to fix. \

By using clever lyrics along with the movie scenes to convey her message through each song:

Wheels on the Bus

image via Google

The start of the album, the beginning of each person’s school journey is the arrival from a school bus. But the journey that happens on the bus ride, is its own lifetime. People don’t realize what goes on when adults or parents aren’t around. 

I know the driver sees it

I know he’s peeking in the rearview mirror

He says nothing

Class Fight

This song title, “Class Fight” is pretty self-explanatory, where students would get into fights, while the teachers won’t care. Leaving the students to get even more injured and intense about the fight.

“Daddy chimed in, “Go for the throat”

For the throat, for, for the throat”

The Principal

The school system is corrupt, where the overall main leader of the school administration is using students for money, taking advantage of us. And who else fits the role of that exactly? That’s right the Principal

“Sneaky, greedy, money seeking
Always peeping, fucking creeping”

Show and Tell

The untold truth of being “famous” where you’re just a mindless product in the world of business and money. Like she states in the lyrics, people are just “product[s] to socirty”

Everything made for entertainment and nothing is truly genuine anymore. 


“Show and tell

I’m on display for all you fuckers to see

Buy and sell (Buy and sell me, baby)

Like I’m a product to society

Nurse’s Office

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Sometimes in order to avoid our school life problems, we find excuses, one of which is faking an injury or a sickness. Involving the “nurse’s office”

Teacher, can I sit right there?

This bitch behind me is cutting my hair

“No, just sit your ass down at the chalkboard, you stare”

I faked up a seizure and left then and there

Drama Club

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The drama at schools is crazy, that they should run the true “drama” club at school. Critiquing every word that you say and interpreting in the way they want to use it against you. 

“Everyone’s so soft, everyone’s so sensitive

“Do I offend you? You’re hanging on my sentences…

I never signed up for your drama”

Strawberry Shortcake

Men take advantage of women’s bodies. Claiming the truth about school dress codes making girls feel uncomfortable in their bodies is due to men’s uncontrollable emotions. 

 Hence the lyric, “Now, the boys want a taste of the strawberry shortcake”

Feeling unsure of my naked body

Stand back, watch it taking shape

Wondering why I don’t look like Barbie

Got boys acting like they ain’t seen skin before

Got sent home to change ’cause my skirt is too short

Lunchbox Friends

No one wants to be friends just to hang out at lunch, but true genuine friendship that will last forever. Not a material label that will turn their back on you when you need them most. Hence the lyrics:

“I don’t want no lunchbox friends, no

I want someone who understands, oh, oh, no

Come to my house, let’s die together

Friendship that would last forever, no”

Orange Juice

Many fans see the song as Mrs. Potatohead’s sequel, as it reveals a similar theme of how you shouldn’t ever change your appearance to try and fix your insecurities and be confident in your own body. Torturing yourself, in order to stay skinny and look “pretty” under society’s harsh requirements. 

“You turn oranges to orange juice

Into there, then spit it out of you

Your body is imperfectly perfect”


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Detention is a place, where you are wronged and have to justify your actions. Putting you under a spotlight the shows everyone what you’ve done wrong, for the whole world to see

The teachers don’t care about me

Fuck how I feel as long as I make money

They let them do whatever they want to me

They’re the customer, I’m chopped meat

I’m chopped meat

Teacher’s Pet

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Sometimes the “teacher’s pet” concept is way darker than it seems. Being favored by a teacher in a way that makes the student uncomfortable is not okay. Not in the way that we’ve ever seen before. 

She said, “It’s for all the right reasons, baby

Don’t care ’bout grades, just call me your lady

If I pass this quiz, will you give me your babies?

Highschool Sweethearts

Highschool crushes come and go, with love being such a pain, yet a blessing with your teenage hormones going crazy.

Boys and Girls are now a hot topic for young adults to discuss, making our hearts go crazy for the smallest gestures.

Crybaby finally experiences a sweet high school love that is none like before. Giving her future partner a list of rules on how to treat her right if they were to ever date or get together

“If you can’t handle a heart like mine

Don’t waste your time with me”


Students’ freedom from their prison cells, which is school. The only break where kids can be kids and finally rest. But in this case, recess can also be a place where you get replaced, ending friendships and relationships altogether. 

“People gonna say

If you need a break, someone’ll take your place

People gonna try

To tell you that you’re fine with dollars in their eyes”

Other Observations Throughout Each Track

The low, automated voices in the songs (like The Principal or Lunchbox Friends) can hint → a darker side on the issue. It isn’t Crybaby’s perspective anymore but the victims themselves…

The different hairstyles in each scene could represent a whole other hallucination or that time is passing slowly from kindergarten to senior year of high school.

The K-12 Film

At the end of the movie, we see Crybaby’s character conflicted about whether she wanted to stay in the human world or not. However, many fans think that the fact she hesitated before entering her true “alien” world, means that she chose to stay. 

image via Google

Also if you watch all the way the final seconds of the film, you will see a pitch-black screen followed by two significant sounds. A fire extinguisher going out and a young child saying “I’m getting out of here”

I guess to add to the comedic relief or some closure to what is the outcome of the school itself.


Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading my opinions and interpretations on her whole album, which is amazingly produced. Comment down below your thoughts on the album and any other interpretations you may have yourself!


Are Iconic Redhead Characters Being Replaced by Hollywood 2019

Are iconic red-headed characters being replaced by a different choice of casting? With all the drama and controversy with Halle Bailey, being casted as the iconic redheaded character Ariel, people don’t seem to realize that this isn’t the first time Hollywood had chosen to do this. 

In fact, many other redheaded characters were played by other non-redhead actresses:

Mary Jane (Spiderman)

Mary Jane from spiderman as of 2016, casted the actress Zendaya Coleman. Back in 2016, there wasn’t as much controversy on Zendaya playing an iconic redhead character, however, there are still some disputes.

Image via Google

All in all, after four years, fans seem to be getting used to her face in portraying the character and are fine with it. Meaning, given time, the controversy will die down, until another “wrong casting choice” happens in Hollywood. 

Ariel (Disney’s Little Mermaid)

Ariel from the little mermaid as of July 3, 2019-2020, casted the actress/singer Halle Bailey. Receiving such a huge role in most of our generation’s childhood. The 19-year-old has gotten much hate and criticism due to her “not looking like Ariel”.

Image via Google
Image via Google

Now, I do understand that most people would prefer the perfect choice casting would look like Disney’s version of Ariel herself. However, Disney did not do a very well job on their behalf. Instead, they chose an actress based on singing, rather than her appearance, which isn’t wrong.

Halle, herself, had worked on a few works for Disney, and perhaps they found a slight similarity in her personality and voice in comparison to Ariel herself. 

But if this is the case, some fans claim that Disney should use the same technique as “The Greatest Showman”. Where they casted Rebecca Ferguson for the role of Jenny Lind, because she looked the role. Then casted a separate voice/singer behind the scenes to actually play the soundtrack of the film.

For example, some fans even found a similarity between Aquaman’s Mera (Amber Heard) to play the role of Ariel. As she had experience in water CGI and actually looks like Ariel herself, but older more mature.

Image via Google
Image via Google

Mystique (X-Men series)

Mystique from Marvel’s X-Men series as of 2000, casted actress Jennifer Lawrence. Unlike other movies, the filmmakers of this film did paint her hair red for the role.

Image via Google

However, some X-Men fans still don’t approve of their casting choice for the character as Jennifer Lawrence is originally blonde. Especially with the actress portrayal of the character itself. 


Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below your thoughts or any other iconic redhead characters I may have missed.

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Is Minecraft Becoming Popular Again, and Why? July 2019

Whether you caught up with Pewdiepie’s new trending Minecraft Let’s Plays or simply heard of Minecraft’s increasing insane popularity. You gotta admit that even without the sudden trend online, Minecraft is a nostalgic and actually fun and unique video game to play. 

2019, Minecraft’s Official Diamond Age?

Where the years 2010-2012 were considered Minecraft’s Golden Age, now comes a new era for Minecraft.

So let’s start off, Minecraft has clearly taken back its crown in mobile/PC gaming since the early 2011s during its golden era. With Fortnite previously upholding that crown for about a year in 2017-2018. Minecraft was easily able to snatch back their crown, becoming the new diamond era for Minecraft. 

Here’s a closer look into the data trends over the past few months:

Image via Google Trends

Now here’s a look at the data from July 25, 2017 (Fortnite’s release date) to current day:

Image via Google Trends

Versus when Minecraft was released back in 2009-2010:

Image via Google Trends

One thing in common, that both have hit the peak of popularity once released.

But honestly based on these Google Trend Charts, Fornite doesn’t even compare to popularity over years. Even when it got released to mobile softwares in 2017, which only lasted about two years. 

Ten Year Anniversary of Minecraft 

Initial release date May 17, 2009. 

So, it’s been officially 10 whole years since it’s first-ever game debut and has made many changes ever since. Besides, I believe that with the help of many new, innovating updates to the game. It really helped Minecraft expand and grow. 

Especially with the latest 1.14 update of foxes, pillagers, new villages, and a bunch more.

However, the aquatic update 1.13 was indeed the greatest update that Minecraft ever had. Bringing new depth to the game by exploring the unknown, lifeless, seas of Minecraft. 

Image via Minecraft

Gamer Youtubers…(mainly Pewdiepie)

Many gamer YouTubers definitely helped bring Minecraft back into the spotlight. Especially Pewdiepie, featuring the game in his Minecraft Epic playlist on Youtube.

First-ever featuring the game on June 21, 2019. With now 26 videos total just on the gameplay itself. 

Image via Youtube (Pewdiepie “Minecraft Part 1”

Each of these videos were able to accumulate about 10 million views each, meaning, that’s at least a total of 260 million views and more, solely on just Pewdiepie’s Minecraft videos.

Even now, other popular YouTubers, gamers or not, want to join in the new trend. 

The Return of Nostalgic Minecraft Based Videos

The iconic, famous, memorable channel now starts to regain it’s popularity once again with the return of the Minecraft parody songs back in the early 2010s. 

Remember songs like Revenge, Fallen Kingdom, and TNT from like seven to eight years ago.

Well this Youtuber, Captin Sparklez, along with many other admirable youtube channels were the ones who created these fun Minecraft animation parodies. 

Or how about Alan Becker, the Youtuber who created the Animation vs Animator videos a long while back. He also has been creating Minecraft related content in his AVM (Animation vs Minecraft) playlist since November 18, 2017.

Not only that, but he was the one who created the original Animation vs Minecraft video that now has over 144 million views back on December 14, 2015. 

Truly, we can physically see the influence of Minecraft on the media throughout the years. Even it’s 2019 that the game is regaining insane popularity.

I’m sure the game has still been played even after their golden years. Now, there are plenty of other amazing Youtuber who bring upon Minecraft’s current success, but these were the ones that I personally know. 

Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below your thoughts on Minecraft or any other reasons that you believe caused the Minecraft’s sudden popularity.

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What’s Causing All These Sudden Earthquakes in Southern California 2019

July 4 (10:30 AM) and 5th of 2019 (, two earthquakes have struck SoCal within the ranges of being a 6.4 to a 7.1 magnitude. But these huge quakes have only worsened the tear of the San Andreas Fault line. 

The “Big One” was claimed to be long overdue by at least 200 years and July 4th earthquake only made it worse. So far, this was the biggest earthquake that hit southern California since the last 20 years. 

Striking the epicenter point of Ridgecrest California, which is surprising nowhere near the San Andreas Fault line. Instead it’s right under the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake. So what’s the meaning of this…

Some residents have speculated that these sudden earthquakes were not the doing of mother nature but of the government. Claiming how the government must be testing weapons right here in our country.



What’s worse is that scientists claim how we should expect even more earthquake after shakes. Some even stronger than the last. 

And we’re not even done yet, other states claim that they’re also being affected by the earthquake. Some state even complains about how the earthquake may trigger the Yellowstone volcano in Wyoming, causing even more future problems for the west coast states and beyond. 


Thank you so much for reading! And stay safe out there SoCal residents, for future problems will come and we must be ready for them.


Gravity Falls, Rick and Morty, and Star vs. the Forces of Evil (…) Are All Connected in the Same Universes 2019

By now, you probably must have noticed all the weird little coincidences and easter eggs between these famous TV shows.

Although not all shows are under the same cable, network provider, Gravity Falls and Star vs. the Forces of Evil sure are. However, this won’t be much of a problem once I tell you all of the easter eggs the show provides for us.


First off, before the theory starts, let me provide a little introduction to reboot your memory.

Gravity Falls

Premiering June 15, 2012, and having its final episode on February 15, 2016. Truly a very sad day for all Gravity Falls fans, however, the story may have ended just yet.

Although some fans may have already speculated some theories about Rick and Morty being the unofficial sequel to Gravity Falls, their connections between universes are real facts.

With Stanford Pines, Rick Sanchez, and Star Butterfly all being the most wanted criminals in the galaxy. In fact, Gravity Falls creator, Alex Hirsch is close friends with Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland. So this theory is totally plausible.

Rick and Morty

Premiering its first episode December 2, 2013, and rumored a fourth season by this November 2019. With program creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Premiering its first episode January 18, 2015, but also ends its final story on May 19, 2019. With creator Daron Nefcy.

Number 1

So let’s start out with the fact that all these shows contain some sort of a multiverse. Meaning that these characters are able to travel in and out of different universes at ease and maybe even travel to other shows’ universes.

Although the Pines may not agree with the idea of multidimensional hopping, they have been exposed to this kind of technology.

One that Ford Pine has created himself with each of the Journals that he’s kept. In fact, Ford has even tried to test his creation and accidentally dropped in his cup, pen and notepad, the same exact objects that appear in Rick and Morty.

I admit, this theory was quite popular and most fans, veterans or new might have already heard of it, but there’s so much more to uncover.

Number 2

Bill Cipher is a powerful enemy, that maybe even Rick can’t defeat, which explains why other alien universes in Rick and Morty are currently investigating the iconic triangular shape.

I mean the appearances that Bill Cipher has made within these shows, may tell us that Bill Cipher is not dead, but is still alive, currently taking over the body of Grunkle Stan.

Which may even provide an extra plot hole to the new season 4 in Rick and Morty, having Rick Sanchez find a way to defeat Bill Cipher once and for all. I mean some fans have even speculated that Bill has already possessed another person’s body in the Rick and Morty universe. And that person is….

Mr.Poopy Butthole

Number 3

The journals in Gravity Falls play such a huge role in the show that now even fans can purchase one of their own. It’s incredible and the pages even include the hidden blacklight codes that the show has. However, some fans have detected a very interesting code that may pull the Gravity Falls and Rick and Morty universe even closer than before.

A note that says “Rick was here”… now this book was claimed to be canon, according to Alex Hirsch. So, why would he purposely input a secret code that involved a Rick and Morty easter egg, unless he was trying to prove that these universes are indeed related.

That Ford Pine must have been apart of Rick’s criminal crew when he had been stuck in an alter dimension that was never fully explained in the show itself.

Also, other interesting messages found in the book remain within the monsters and creatures that Stanford had found questionable.

Now, most creatures you may probably recognize from the show itself, but some of these creatures are not from Gravity Falls at all. In fact, I found two distinctly shaped creatures to be very iconic in the Rick and Morty Franchize.

Number 4

Instead, we’ve talked about what’s within the journal, but now I feel to discuss the physical book’s appearance within these shows.

A Morty carrying the third Journal from Gravity Falls. And yet, in that very same episode we see:

That’s right, two Mortys dressed up Dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls. And this was featured in the Rick and Morty show itself on Season 3 Episode 7. Now only do we have one easter egg in this episode, but two. Both about Gravity Falls.

Number 5

Besides, not only is the Cthulhu creature from the Rick and Morty found in Gravity Falls, but the 8 Ball Monkey from the Gravity Falls intro can also be found in one of the episodes of Rick Morty.

Number 6

Now onto Star vs. the Forces of Evil similarities! First, the extra cast members can be found in both Star vs. the Forces of Evil and in Gravity Falls.

Number 7

Somehow, the Journals seem to also be connected with Star vs. the Forces of Evil. With this very remarkable phrase “the forces of evil”. It has to be a reference to Star vs. the Forces of Evil, it’s already found in the title.

For some reason, most of these connections are just the fact that multiverses can allow the characters to visit each other, but it’s the secret messages found in Ford’s Journals that help to prove this case.

Number 8

The power couple of Waddles with the goat can be found in Star vs. the Forces of Evil. But not explicitly, you have to look closer. In fact, these creatures are actually the hybrid children of this couple.

Number 9

Star vs. the Forces of Evil has so many references to Gravity Falls that maybe you have to watch both shows together to understand most of the references. Like the Sev’ral Timez boy band that Mabel obsesses over can be found as a sticker in Marco’s locker.

Also, I like to believe that Sev’ral Timez is just a parody version of Nsync or Backstreet Boys, but more Nsync due to the same exact “Bye, bye, bye” dance move.

Number 10

Finally Number 10! In the finale of Gravity Falls, Mabel is contained in her happy land where two very distinctive figures are found. A blue, bodiless Unicorn and a big giant star. Who may be no other than Star Butterfly herself and Princess Pony Head.

Now, there are probably tons more of references and easter eggs that these shows have but here were the ones I could find. I hope you enjoy, and now here’s a list of similar parallels between all three shows. (below)

Other similar Parallels between the shows

Outside Fandom Connections

The Simpsons

Rick and Morty and The Simpsons are connected

Harry Potter Franchize

Perhaps maybe the Harry Potter Universe and Gravity Falls are connected as well, more than we even realize.

Also, you must have noticed that in Season 2, Episode 9 “The Love God” Mabel finds two distinctly creatures who some HP fans might recognize immediately. The badger and the snake.

In this episode, Mabel quotes, “They’re gonna make a snadger!” just as The Love God helps these two helpless creatures fall in love.


Plus here are some more cute fanart of these connected universes:

*BTW Credit to all artists who have created all these beautiful masterpieces! (If any of you guys know the artists’ username, please comment down below. So I could help give credit to them)*

Image via Google


Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below what you thought of these easter eggs or if I may have missed any myself.


BTS’ Map of the Soul Era Theory 2019

The debut and comeback of BTS is on April 12, 2019, or this Friday.

What I find interesting, is that if you have ever read any of the “Save Me” webtoons, Jin always finds himself repeating the days of April 11. Meaning that he has failed to save the members.

However, in this comeback it’s April 12, maybe signifying that he has succeeded in saving the members and going back in time, as the cycle is finally broken.

If you haven’t read them or kept up with them, here’s a link:

Greek Mythology Theory

I believe that each member may be representing a Greek god in this album. And here’s why:

In the concept photos for this comeback Persona, the members are found posing while eating fruits. Two specific fruits were grapes and strawberries.

Looking at them now, you may not think much about them, but little do you know, they actually symbolize these specific Greek gods.

Grapes symbolize Dionysus, god of wine. Who is also known to play around often and is bisexual.

With five out of the seven members consuming grapes as if kings or even gods.

Strawberries represent the goddess of Love, Aphrodite, also known as the mother of Cupid/Eros.


Now let’s take a look at the Blood Sweat and Tears MV. I think that “Bow with Luv” May resemble the WINGS era because of its relation to religion and desire.

I have reason to think that Hoseok may represent Cupid. Since in Blood Sweat and Tears, he is found shooting an arrow at Taehyung (in this case) just like Cupid does with his love shot.

Also like Eros, both he and Hoseok have some family problems with their mother. Not negative, solely being that something had happened between the two that causes a traumatic experience.

Which ties in back with the WINGS era where his specific solo was named “Mama”.

Also, I believe that this era will closely be related to the WINGS era because the members have even recreated a scene where each member plays a different Greek god.

Jungkook even calls out to Taehyung as, “V-onysus” as in Dionysus. So this leads me to believe that maybe it’s Taehyung that portrays Dionysus even though most fans seem to lean towards Yoongi, as he sleeps and drinks as much as Dionysus does.

Jung’s Theory

So, ANIMA based on Carl Jung’s “Map of the Soul”, yeah that’s right! Map of the Soul was the name of his book of ideas on what the conscious and subconscious mind worked. Anima being Italian for the soul, has four stages: Eve, Helen, Mary, and Sophia.

Hoseok’s mother being named “Eva” as shown in many of the paintings in the WINGS film #7, meaning the male objection to desire, forming a bond with a woman who brings security and natural love. Perfectly describing his relationship with his mother.

Using this idea, Jungkook would be Icarus since, in Blood Sweat and Tears, he is found hanging from the ceiling underneath a painting based on Icarus’ story.

Going back to Carl Jung’s Map of the Soul, I find it intriguing in all the ways that we may perceive the outside world. Take a look at this chart:

Image via Google

All Persona, Ego, and Shadow are terms found within Jung’s perception idea, so BTS’ comeback may have to do more with how we view ourselves, in order to speak our true selves, using the concept of some sort of retro/greek themed.

But, we won’t know until Friday, so until then, this all I have for now.

I also find it interesting that even the BigHit shop sells the book, meaning Jung’s Ideas must definitely play a role in the comeback era.

Image via Google


Also, you might want to check out my other blog. I also explained the theory but more based on the teaser released last Sunday rather the whole concept itself. 

BTS “Boy With Luv” Comeback 2019 Theories


Thank you so much for reading! Keep streaming and let’s see this Friday if any of the theories may be what we’re thinking of. Also, comment down below any theories of your own.


BTS “Boy With Luv” Comeback 2019 Theories

Today, April 7, 2019, BTS have released their new teaser for their Map of the Soul: Persona album, featuring Halsey.

The MV making its first appearance this Friday, April 12, 2019. SO stay tuned for when their whole new album gets released. 

BU Connected Theory

If you haven’t heard or tried to make sense of the whole BTS universe theory, click the link below, it might help you better understand:


With this MV, similar to BTS’ other title track “Boy in Luv” back on February 11, 2014, I have reason to believe that the members are traveling back in time. Maybe even successfully…

Other evidence is that the teaser even shows a similar concept to their “Spring Day” MV with the “Omelas” sign above the motel.

Also, Halsey first appears in the teaser in some sort of trading booth. Just like in the first “Fake Love” teaser. Or the “Magic Shop” as stated in the teaser, granting them one wish, which was to save the members. So, this time maybe, Jin was able to travel back the Spring Day era and finally save the boys from suffering. As Jin has traded his final piece in order to turn back time.

Fan Theories

Many fans have already speculated some sort of gay or love theme, proved with all the variations of pink colors and the “Love” sign above them in the teaser. Perhaps, even showing some sort of cupid figure.

Other theories talk about how having Halsey featured may provide a more glimpse into the LGBT pathway, as she is bisexual. Some fans even discussed how BTS may be Halsey’s wingmen to find her a girlfriend. Which if that was the case, it would be a pretty cute concept.


Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below your thoughts on the theory or if you have any theories of your own.


Super Mario Bros Princesses Resembles Many Iconic Disney Princesses 2019

Ever think that Peach, Daisy, or even Rosalina look familiar? Maybe it’s just the “princess” features, or is it something else. Maybe Peach’s pink dress, blonde hair, and fair skin are just the regular princess stereotype…

Yet, I have reason to believe that those exact qualities actually do bring another person in mind. In fact, many people already know who she is: Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

Besides color scheme and matching hair color, some of their features are quite identical as well. But, it’s not just Princess Peach, but the same story goes for Daisy or Rosalina.

Some fans may have already speculated that Peach and Princess Aurora may look alike, but what of the other two?


Who else can you think of that has light brown hair and wears a yellow dress, pretty familiar, right? It must be Belle, you’re thinking about unless you happen to know another princess who is a brunette and wears a yellow dress. But, other than that, Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast, comes to mind.


Or how about this, who is a princess that is blonde and wears a long flowing mint, blue dress, and is the one known to have powers in the group. Oh, did you mean Rosalina or Elsa?

I actually couldn’t believe I didn’t see the similarities before, but these two actually look a lot alike. Besides color scheme, they also share the similarities of having powers when neither Peach or Daisy, or the other Disney princesses do.

Although Elsa is technically a queen, I believe that Rosalina is actually a bit older than Peach and Daisy, making her more mature and older.

All in all, these similarities are pretty cool to look into and there might be even more, but these were the three I thought were most convenient and easily recognized.


Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below your thoughts on what you think about his topic. Can you think of any other similar Disney princesses that may resemble the Nintendo gang?


Is Daisy Mario’s and Princess Peach’s Long Lost Daughter? Theory (2019)

Many fans have speculated Princess Peach to have been with Luigi to have their daughter Rosalina. Yet, not many have speculated the same for Mario and Daisy.

Now it may sound a bit weird for Peach to give birth to her best friend, but that’s what many fans did with Peach and Rosalina, so…

Funny, how Nintendo creators even stated that Daisy is Peach’s “long distant cousin” I believe their family inheritance may be closer than we think. I mean they even have the same eye color, which would make even more sense to have a brunette, blue-eyed baby. 


Oh, but there’s even more. Take a look at this chart:

I mean Daisy has both Mario’s chubby cheeks and brown hair. While she also contains many of Peach’s facial structure, such as her nose and eye shape and being of the royal bloodline.

Also, the color scheme works out as well, with the red from Mario’s iconic outfit with Peach’s bright blonde hair, it makes orange. But, where else do we see orange? Oh yeah, Daisy’s dress!


Now, there are some key aspects to this theory, such as what the creators or the Nintendo handbook clearly states about this specific relationship, but again fans can literally come up with anything, as I myself have.

But all in all, theories are always fun to come up with, especially when no one may have thought about it before.


Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below your thoughts about this Mario, Peach, and Daisy theory.


Memories of the Alhambra Ending Explained 2019 (Theories)

December 1, 2018, the Kdrama Memories of the Alhambra premiered it’s first episode, about how this specific AR techonolgy can affect the lives of Yoo Jin Woo, CEO of the company J One, discovering love with the sister (Jung Hee Ju) of the young genius mind who has been missing for years. 

Instance Dungeon Theory

On the last episode (Episode 16) we clearly see a silhouette of Yoo Jin Woo. Meaning that he is still alive? But what and where exactly is he?

Many theories have concluded that Jung Se Ju had stated that he created a parallel third dimensional world in his game in order to protect himself from Marco.

So it’s possible that Jin Woo would have the same fate, being the “new” Master.

“Instance Dungeon… I programmed the game so that only the master can create it in times of danger. I was hiding in the Instance Dungeon at the train station. At first, I have made the feature to deceive enemies, but it really worked at that time. No one could see me. It was like we were in the same place, but in a different dimension. An instance dungeon in real life… If Mr. Yoo Jin Woo was the master the reward of the quest was being the Master. That means he could have been the Master. You never know. Just like me, he could be alive somewhere.”

– Memories of the Alhambra (Episode 16)

Creating a constant cycle of being trapped/hiding in the Instance Dungeon and having someone complete the quest, becoming the “new” Master so that you can escape.


Image via Netflix

Another theory a lot of people have come up with is that the the game is still unstable, because the fourth bug is still out there; Marco.

Even though Se Ju is technically the only one who can see him (or future allies), it makes sense why Jin Woo could never kill him.

However, Se Ju said he left the dungeon because he felt “safe”, meaning Marco could have been deleted from the game.

Season 2

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Although most Kdramas are known for having incomplete, yet sad endings, this show could possibly be preparing for a future continuation like having another season, or leaving it to be an open ending to allow the audience’s imagination.


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