High school can be pretty difficult with all the hard work you need to do. But on top of that, you have to decide what to do with your life afterwards. Well, if you’re not sure continue reading on for more information.

Also never choose a job because of the high salary. If you love doing something else, then you will make a lot of money in that area, doing something you love and making the money you deserve by the amount of work and dedication you put into it.

Here are some more common fields to choose from for your career and some helpful diagrams of the years of training with it’s salary as well:

Education, Child Services, and Family Services

Multiple Career paths in Education, Child Development and family services

Interested in becoming a part of career involving in help taking care of kids like a teacher? If you are one of those people who absolutely love taking care of children, becoming someone like a teacher would be a perfect choice for you. Or if you obviously have a passion for teaching, then just decide which age group you can handle the best.


Arts, Media, and Entertainment Industry

If you love anything involving the entertainment business such as singing, dancing, etc. This is the career path you should look into. There are many other career choices besides just the singer and actors. You also need people such as the scriptwriters, directors, and even camera technicians as well.


Engineering and Design Careers

Maybe you’re into creating and designing your own industry, like becoming a designer for any field. Becoming a engineer or designer are perfect professions for you if you are very creative and have a passion for bringing that idea to the world.


Finance and Business

Do you enjoy dealing with money and/or creating your own business like an entrepreneur. Then you should look into this subject. Whether it’s making your own business to being an accountant, if you love to deal with finances, then this is the field for you.


Information Technology

Want to become a successful IT Manager or something similar. Where you connect with technology to construct your own websites, etc. If you’re into computer programing you are willing or already know multiple computer languages, then you should research more into this field.


Marketing, Sales, and Service Careers

Love to sell things while yelling at people to buy your product. Well that’s what you will do if you become anything in the marketing, sales, and service department. If you have a passion for selling things and is very extraverted, then look into marketing and sales professions.


Building Trades and Construction

Maybe you’re into building things and creating masterpieces straight from your head into reality. Although many people are willing to become someone in the construction field, there are many high paying jobs for it, if you’re willing to do them and enjoy taking care of those specific materials.


Thank You for Reading. Comment down if this helped you and I know you will be successful in whichever career path you chose.


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