How to get Scholarships (for anybody)

The time for applying to universities are near. Where our future lies in the hands of these college professors.

Well great news you got accepted, but now what… How will you pay for that expensive tuition.

And Going off to college is about being an adult, so apply to scholarships you say. But how?

Well continue reading to find various ways to get scholarships to not have to  pay anything on your university tuitions.

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Apply to 8 different universities you’re planning to attend

You could always apply to more, but don’t overload on too much universities or it will seem like none of them are your priorities.

But just minor schools and you’re not fully committed to each and every one of them


Decide which college your planning to attend to 2 Year Community College VS 4 Year Universities VS 4+ Years

Always have a current resume, cover letter, and letter of recommendation to submit

Make sure when writing personal statements, make sure it has no grammar errors, looks unprofessional

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Websites to help you find scholarships

Go to these websites:

Apply to stipend programs for music and sports scholarships

Download the Scholly App to help keep track of your scholarship money

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Take ACT tests more than one time

Because even spending $50 or more on the ACT is worth it, since you’ll be saving so much money on tuition bills and will be able to receive better scholarship money.

As well as having higher chances in getting accepted into that dream college.

Practice for SAT tests

Taking the SAT is also crucial to nailing that college application, if you want to be admitted into that college.

But don’t be discouraged if your scores on either test is not as high as you’d hope for.

Just make sure that throughout the years, your GPA will be high or advanced enough to overlook those test scores.

Although it’s better if you get high scores on both the ACT’s and SAT’s, as well as having a 3.5 GPA or higher.


Colleges mostly look at junior and senior year GPA

See how to get high GPA of 4.0 or straight A’s: How to get a 4.0 GPA

But don’t go failing your freshman and sophomore years in high school, because those grades are also crucial to getting accepted into college.

Without a full year long 3.5 GPA or higher, it will show a bad record or decrease in your grades when college professors see your overall behavior and grades.

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Well it is more difficult for you to get into a USA university, but never impossible.

Just make sure you get a tutor to really get in touch with your teachers and counselors to see any financial resources and scholarships to get into US universities.

One option is Studying abroad (paid)

Find courses at your high school or college (for extra years) where you can apply to paid internships to study abroad in a different country (like USA)

Research more about the English Language if you don’t know it well

Take advanced English courses (orally, writing)

Take more advanced or extra tutoring classes

Since competition will be harder when you’re out of the country, you want to pay as least as much as you can to obtain any scholarships.

Excel in extracurricular activities to show you are more talented and proactive in your studies to come to USA along with amazing talents to help better support your offer for scholarships


Ultimately, when applying for scholarships just make sure you’re eligible for it first, then apply to at least 1,000 of them, since at least 50 will accept you.

And if each of the 50 scholarships give you $1,000, then you already have $50,000.

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Comment down any suggestions or tips you think I’ve left out for scholarship suggestions. Also give this site a thumbs up if this site help you achieve your scholarship/ college acceptance needs.

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