Schools already started and everybody must be stressing out about grades, popularity, and friends. But your grades are extremely important for they tell whether or not you’re able to go to college and finalize your career.

So keeping straight A’s is preferably best for you and for your parents as well. Don’t you want to be better you want to be better than siblings at something for once, well here’s your chance cause knowledge is power!

Anyway here are some ways to keeping that 4.0 GPA:  

1)  Be organized

Being organized such as keeping a calendar can help you so much. Writing your test dates or any rehearsals you might need to go to will help you know when to study ahead of time.

Prioritize your time wisely and find any free times in your day to study instead of partying all the time.

Of course you want to have fun with your friends, but if you want good grades, sorry but studies come first now. Another way to stay organized is to keep your planner up to date, but if you don’t have one then get one or DIY it.

Planner are also vital to organization because they can help you with all your homework and assignments you need to get done by a certain due date.

These planners have their own monthly, weekly, and daily calendars to mark all school work in them.

Ultimately, being organized with school work can be extremely helpful to keeping straight A’s.

2)  Don’t Procrastinate

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Never leave any project to the last minute. Always try to do your project in advanced and work on it daily as the due date comes closer so you don’t have to do your project in the middle of the night.

Procrastination is a huge problem that leads to laziness, well forever, so try to go into that path, because it’s a path really hard to get out of. Also if you just do that work now, you won’t have to worry about it later.

Then you can have all the fun you want, play all video games, etc. A famous quote says “Short term gain, long term pain” or “Short term pain, long term gain”.

So which one are you and if you’re the first one, you can either keep your attitude or change your perspective to work hard now then have all the fun later.

Basically, what i’m trying to say is don’t procrastinate because it’d pay off and you’ll truly have so much free time you never knew you had.  


Yes, actually study for any tests because that is what will keep you knowledgeable. so get it the habitat of studying and balancing everything not basing your whole lifestyle on friends or sports, or anything, have a good balance of it all.

Also, once you are committed to this goal, you can not quit any time you want because you’re lazy all of the sudden, you have fight the pain and do do what’s best.

Yet, of course studying is a pain in the butt and it’s very boring, but one solution can be is rewarding yourself with snacks or limited, controlled, free time for yourself.

Second scenario would be having a study buddy is very helpful to studying and makes it less boring and tedious.

Therefore, studying is crucial for studies so make it more fun for yourself by adding rewards or getting a study buddy.

4)  Sleep

Yep that’s right, sleeping can benefit both your studies and your health. More importantly, relaxing.

Any time you have to just calm your mind and release all your stress is super influential to your studying.

Sleeping helps you when obtaining knowledge for the next day, basically, it’s like a moment for your brain to recover all that information.

Also when you’re sleeping helps you learn because your body is at ease and your everything from pulse to brain waves.

As your body remains calm, your brain is doing a bunch of work with it’s connections with neurons to other brain cells, taking all knowledge from the day and translating them into our own language to understand.

Thus, sleeping can actually help you with your studying.

5)  Eat a Healthy Breakfast

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You know the saying you are what you eat because honestly it’s true. You eat chips and junk food all day you become junk food but if you eat fruits and vegetable you are a healthy snack.

But again eating some junk food won’t do you much harm as well as you can contain yourself and have a well balance then you’re good. Wait what was I talking about again… oh right.

Anyway, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t even try to skip it. Eating breakfast benefits your study habitats and refills you with healthy energy for you to continue on your day.

When you’re about to take any tests, that uses up a lot of energy, so eating a good breakfast will have that spirit ready for you.

Besides I’m pretty sure you want to receive good grades, I mean why else would you have clicked on this site.


Thank you so much for reading, I hope you’d enjoy and I bet if you follow these steps and you’ll be sure to keep those straight A’s throughout the school year.

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