As summer comes to an end, school as we know it, is going to start soon. But to keep you prepared and ready for school, here I have listed out some helpful apps and other programs that will help you throughout the school year.

School Ready Apps


This program allows you to better study for any tests and quizzes coming p and has tons of fun games and activities you could play.


If you don’t understand a certain math problem, photomath allows you to take a picture of the problem and it will then show you how to get the answer as well as showing it’s work as how it received that answer.

Desmos Online Graph

If you need to know how a certain graph looks like, or how to match a certain parabola with its vertex, then this website can help visually graph that for you.

Khan Academy

Allows you learn almost anything when it comes to school subjects, with helpful videos and mini assignments to better learn the topic.

College Ready Apps


If you’re in college, then textbooks must cost a fortune and it’s way too expensive to buy.  Use the website OpenStax, it allows you to read free college textbooks online.

The Princeton Review

Helps to you to study for either the ACT and, or SAT with similar test aking and helpful textbooks to better learn and understand the ACTs and SATs.


Helps you to learn free online college courses created by the actual famous universities and companies such as Google, Stanford, ESSEC Business School, Autodesk, and more.

College Board

Helps you decide which college would be best for you as well. Also helps you figure out future and what major and field you would be best in, all for a couple of quizzes.

Scholarship Finder

Want to find easy access to real scholarships and grants. Use this program where you put in specifics about yourself, and this website will find you multiple perfect scholarships you can apply to.


A place to find more scholarships and get notified whenever there is a new and local scholarship. All you have to do is write a couple essays explaining why you deserve that specific scholarship or grant.



Helps you learn any new languages to make you speak fluently, if 2 or 4 years of taking a foreign language class didn’t help.

Hello Chinese

If you want to learn Chinese fluently, you should use this app. It teaches you to all read, write, speak, and recognize Chinese characters. Also including fun games and activities to practice your Chinese.


Thank You for reading. Comment down below which app is most useful to you and one that you’ve never heard of before.

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