With the quarantine, and sudden increases of corona… most returning schools will remain online and fully digital for everyone’s safety. However, not everyone is very comfortable with this idea and may be new to the whole virtual school idea.

But keep in mind, this advice may not fit everyone’s conditions, but I will try my best to include all of them. So here are some pro tips to understanding and succeeding this school year. 

1. Always Check Your Emails

Since the creation of emails, most schools have stayed connected with their students and staff through emails. So it’s definitely important to always check them, even though not every email concerns you. 

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My advice is if you hardly ever check your emails, get this app called Remind, it is an app designed for schools to communicate with their students. Many schools utilize this app, so if they do, you should consider getting it as well. Since most alerts will be sent via text message, which is almost impossible to miss!

2. Update Your Calendars

I can not emphasize how important organizing your calendars are. They have helped me so much over the past years. Always reminding me of any upcoming tests or assignments I may have forgotten. Especially with the many courses and extracurricular activities I have going on in my schedule. 

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However, this can be either changed on your phone calendars, through apps, or even physically written in a planner. Whichever medium you choose, keep in mind, these are all choices and is not required. Especially if you can memorize everything you have to do, which is even better!

3. Canvas

From where I lived, most schools have used Canvas (Instructure) which is an educational platform where teachers put out digital links to websites, assignments, and assessments. However, if your school doesn’t use Canvas, feel free to skip this section! 

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But my tip (based on my school) is to never trust the grading system/section on Canvas since it is usually inaccurate to what your actually grade is. If your school has an official website where it shows your grades, I would much prefer to trust that site instead.

However, for those who do use Canvas, just keep all of the due dates in mind, so you can try to work ahead before they’re due. That way you can get more work done in an efficient amount of time, on your own pace. 

4. Charge All Your Devices 

Virtual School requires the technology in order to proceed in the class, so make sure all your devices are well charged for the class. That way you won’t forget or have to fear it suddenly dying out of battery. However, if you can keep the device charging the whole day, it might be even better, with all the risk and fear gone. 

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5. Contact Other Students For Help

Another advice is that virtual school is primarily new for most people, with all teachers already stressed enough with having to deal with Zoom Class after zoom. Keeping in mind, that there no longer is a physical contact to ask your teacher any questions.

The only way to contact them is through email… But I’m pretty sure, most teachers’ mailboxes are full as it is. So, maybe try to get in contact with the other students in your class for any questions (if you can). But if all else fails, you can always depend on the emails.

6. Do the Extra Credit

With Virtual School being so new and confusing, the grading system is probably so messed up as it is. Sometimes you might even end up with a lower grade on minor things just because the system is so new and unnerving.

So I recommend you to at least try to do the extra credit, because you never know what could suddenly drop your grade, and it’s best to stay as safe as possible. Also, it wouldn’t hurt your grade it any way, only increase it, so there is guaranteed no risk of attempting it. 

7. Zoom Calls

Whether you use Zoom or Google MeetUps, etc. I would suggest you to always wear headphones and be in a quiet place so you can better hear the lectures.

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I don’t know about other teachers and schools, but I would always screenshot any notes or presentations on the Zoom Calls to save them for later. Just in case I couldn’t see them clearly during the call, or if a friend happened to miss it, I could easily send it to them. 

Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below any tips for online schools that I may have missed.

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