February is going to be a huge month for Genshin Impact simps, as Xiao (the edgelord) will finally be released after the 500 leaks of him previously. So mark your calendars for February 3, since he will only be available for two weeks unfortunately.

But Keqing’s banner will be right after Xiao’s, so maybe it isn’t so bad (because it gives us hope that Mihoyo will hopefully give already released characters a chance of the spotlight too)  

Updated Character Roadmap

Xiao February 3 [1.3 update] 

Keqing February 17

** of course any of dates are subject to change or delayed ** 

Hu Tao Early March [1.3 update]

(rumored because of April’s Fools Day and Hu Tao is known to be a prankster and ALSO The Qingming festival, also known as “Tomb-Sweeping Day” in English, is a traditional Chinese festival observed by the Han Chinese of mainland China celebrated on April 4) 

Venti Rerun Banner March 16 [1.4 update]

Childe/Tartaglia Rerun Banner Late March 28

With the new four star on Childe’s banner: Rosaria (Cryo) 

type: cryo spear

Yanfei Banner Early April * new four * [1.5 update]

type: pryo catalyst

Eula Banner * new five star *

type: cryo claymore

Ayaka + Inazuma Release early-mid June [1.6 update] 

type: cryo sword

Leaked Characters

After finishing off the Liyue Story Quest, we’ve already met various characters from our journey and many already released as playable characters.

Also some characters were leaked and some were already established characters from the manga, so I will just organize these characters by region. (If you don’t already know about the seven different kingdoms of Teyvat, I highly recommend checking out my other blog where I kind of went over it: https://madmeaning.com/entertainment/genshin-impact-inazuma-theories-and-updates-2021-1-2-beyond-roadmap/ )


Kate (Electro / Sword)

Most likely from Mondstadt but there is little to no information about her, but her outfit design does look European, so I have to assume she is from Mondstadt. 


Baizhu (Dendro) *potentially close to the 1.5 or 1.6 update*

Shenli (Cryo / Claymore) 

**also rumored to be the human form of the Cloud Retainer **

Yunjin (Geo / Spear)

Yao Yao (Dendro / Catalyst)



Mimi (Water / Catalyst)

Sayu (Anemo / Claymore)

Kazuha (Anemo / Sword) 

Touha (Pryo)

**rumored to be Ayaka’s finance based on her English lines from the game**


Cyno (Polearm)

Collei (Dendro)


Lynette & Lyney


Iansan (Pryo) 


Signora (Cryo) 




Thank you so much for reading! Remember all of these are rumors and theories (nothing set in stone) But I will try to update as new and more information comes out! Comment down below which character you are most excited for!

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