With the coronavirus still going around, how are there even movies still premiering? Honestly, I don’t know either, but nonetheless… here are the upcoming movies for the rest of the year! 


(April 17, 2020) ‧ horror/mystery 

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Making its premiere last night, Guillermo del Toro co-produced new horror film “Antlers” with a new chilling mystery. Taking place in a small town in Oregon, where things take a sudden twist. 

The Woman in the Window 

(May 15, 2020) ‧ mystery/drama 

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Based on the iconic novel, this psychological thriller follows the story with Dr. Anna Fox while treating the Russel family and what she encounters on this journey. 

Artemis Fowl 

(May 29, 2020) ‧ adventure/fantasy

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Criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl goes on an adventure in hopes to discover the reason for his father’s sudden disappearance. Battling his way through fairies and other fantasy creatures to do so. 

The Green Knight 

(May 29, 2020) ‧ fantasy/drama 

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King Arthur’s nephew goes on a journey to defeat the infamous ‘Green Knight’. Battling an epic fantasy adventure. 

Wonder Women 1984 

(June 4, 2020) ‧ adventure/fantasy

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Following the events in the first film, Wonder Woman now meets her new archnemesis, the Cheetah. 


(June 19, 2020) ‧ animation/drama 

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Joe, a middle school band teacher, enters a mid-life crisis in his search for his true passion in life. Embarking on a pixar-like adventure in finding the truth about life and what’s beyond that. 

Free Guy 

(July 3, 2020) ‧ comedy/sci-fi

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Guy, a bank teller, inside an open-world video game is soon to go offline, so he must do everything he can to prevent that from happening and escape. 


(July 17, 2020) ‧ thriller/action

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This action, thriller film directed by Christopher Nolan is one of Hollywood’s most anticipated films. Featuring actor Robert Pattinson (from the famous twilight everyone knows about) in this new epic spy movie. 

The French Dispatch 

(July 24, 2020) ‧ comedy/drama

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Ennui-sur-Blasé, a fictional French city, based on real-life personas that Anderson (director) loved so much from the New Yorker. 

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run 

(August 7, 2020) ‧ adventure/animation

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Iconic SpongeBob finally gets his own film after being a part of such a legendary cartoon. He and Patrick now embark on a journey to Atlantic City in search of their lost pet snail, Gary. 

The Empty Man 

(August 7, 2020) ‧ horror/crime 

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After discovering the bizarre disappearance of a girl, an ex-cop finds himself in a mystery greater than ever imagined. Involving supernatural entities and possible witchcraft.  

Coming 2 America 

(August 7, 2020)‧ Rom-com

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This sequel to Coming to America will follow the story of Prince Akeem and Semmi, both characters created by Eddie Murphy. 

The One and Only Ivan 

(August 14, 2020) ‧ drama/fantasy 

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This is a great year for Disney, with so many original films (finally!) The One and Only Ivan, is a story about Ivan, the gorilla, and Stella, an elephant, who plan a scheme to escape captivity. 

Bill & Ted Face the Music 

(August 21, 2020) ‧ comedy/sci-fi

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Someone from the future comes to tell Bill and Ted could write a song that would inevitably save the world as we know it. 

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

(September 10, 2020) ‧ Horror/Supernatural 

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This famous horror series makes its continuation through the paranormal detectives, Ed and Lorraine, discovering a demonic possession on a family. 

The King’s Man 3

(September 18, 2020) ‧ comedy/action

DF-28050_r – Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, and Pedro Pascal star in Twentieth Century Fox’s “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” also starring Julianne Moore, Channing Tatum, Mark Strong, Elton John, Halle Berry and Jeff Bridges.

Only one man can save all of humanity. And that one man must race against space and time itself to prevent the wrongdoings of villainous characters.  

Without Remorse

(September 18, 2020) ‧ action/mystery 

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Story by Tom Clancy, follows former Navy SEAL, now CIA operative who seeks revenge of his girlfriend’s death, who died from a Baltimore drug lord. 


(September 25, 2020) ‧ Horror/Slasher

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Now in the present world after the Cabrini towers incident, Anthony and his girlfriend move into a new loft where they get exposed to the Candyman story. Unleashing a world of chaos and insanity. 

Venom 2 

(October 2, 2020) ‧ action/fantasy 

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Sequel to the first Venom film, Eddie Brock continues to learn how to manage to be venom and having these extreme powers, that are parasitic and with no benefit to him.

The Eternals 

(November 6, 2020) ‧ action/superhero

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This upcoming superhero film based on the Marvel comics, with a cast of immortal beings who have lived on Earth for centuries. 

Black Widow 

(November 6, 2020) ‧ adventure/action

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After her death in End Game, Marvel felt pity for their fans and decided to give us a prequel and solo film on Natasha Romanova’s life, for one more epic adventure in her memory. 


(December 18, 2020) ‧ sci-fi/adventure

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Based on the legendary sci-fi novel by Frank Herbet in 1965, Hollywood now brings this breathtaking story to live-action. Following the story of Paul Atreides and his epic space adventure. 

Top Gun: Maverick

(December 23, 2020) ‧ Action/Adventure 

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Pete Mitchell, one of the Navy’s top aviators, starring Tom Cruise as the main protagonist undergoes an adventure as a test pilot. 

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway 

(January 15, 2021) ‧ family/animation

Peter Rabbit (James Corden) in Columbia Pictures’ PETER RABBIT™ 2: THE RUNAWY.

Following the story of Peter and his mischief among other rabbits, he leaves home, only to find a world where his mischief is appreciated.  

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

(February 12, 2021) ‧ Fantasy/Adventure

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Based on Shang-Chi from the Marvel comics, now being introduced to the Marvel cinematic universe. 

GhostBusters: Afterlife 

(March 5, 2021) ‧ comedy/fantasy

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A single mother and her two children move into a new town, only to find out they have family connections to original ghostbusters and their legacy. 

Raya and the Last Dragon 

(March 12, 2021) ‧ fantasy/family

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Finally, we are getting more diversity in the Disney family, with a southeast Asian princess. But nothing says Disney, without some dragons and more fantasy.  

Fast and Furious 9 

(April 2, 2021) ‧ Action/Adventure

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If the first eight films in this iconic series, weren’t enough for you, don’t worry cause we are getting a comeback with all beloved characters together in another film. 

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

(May 7, 2021) ‧ Fantasy/Adventure

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Following the first Doctor Strange film and Dr. Strange’s origin story, we now get a more in-depth look at his powers to a greater extent. With a possible cameo from Scarlett Witch. 

The Matrix 4

(May 21, 2021) ‧ action/sci-fi

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After 17 years, the series finally decide to bring back Keanu Reeves in his most iconic film, The Matrix. Continuing the story of our beloved Neo in this dystopian world. 

Thor: Love and Thunder

(November 5, 2021) ‧ Fantasy/Adventure

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A film with Thor, Valkyrie and Jane Foster, there sure seems to be some interesting drama going on here. But nonetheless, excited to see another Marvel film after the Eng Game ending. 

Avatar 2 

(December 17, 2021) ‧ sci-fi/action

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As if 11 years wasn’t enough, James Cameron finally returns to bring back faith into our dying entertainment, the sequel to Avatar. And what is the come of Pandora and Jake?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

(TBA) Action/Superhero 

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With very little information about this film, besides that, there will be Volume 3, and possibly a Thor cameo, the team makes an epic comeback embarking on another epic space adventure.

Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below which films you’re most excited to see (most likely at home) or any films I may have missed!

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