With this comeback only being 16 days away, the anticipation for this single increases. Recently, BigHit has posted their entire schedule for the rest of the month (of August) with all dates and times for their teaser videos and concept photos. 

This also means that the Map of the Soul Era is officially over. However, there’s no time to be sad, for we are getting new music, with BTS performing an 80s themed retro MV. Having already sold out their vinyl records and cassette tapes… acting just like it were those times.

–> https://bts-dynamite.us/

Image via Twitter @BigHit

So if BigHit ever decides to restock, make sure to grab yourself a copy! But don’t worry if you’ve missed the promotion, Hyundai and BTS are collaborating again and are raffling a giveaway cassette tape! So keep a lookout August 31 for their exclusive giveaway: https://www.hyundai.com/worldwide/en/brand/hyundai-bts-campaign

Image via Twitter @Hyundai

Full Schedule: 

Image via Twitter @BigHit

Next Week (August 11-16) 

BTS will release their concept photos for this album along with a teaser for their Dynamite MV on the 16th at 12am KST. 

August 21

‘Dynamite’ Official MV Releases August 21 at 1pm KST, with a Countdown Live from YouTube starting 30 minutes before. So check your own current time zone that matches 1pm KST: https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

Which BTS will later perform on VLive six hours later from it’s release. 

Image via Twitter

Also, here are our comeback goals for this year! Hopefully with the amount of hype and anticipation, this single has, maybe we’ll be able to surpass all previous numbers…if YouTube cooperates…

August 22 

BTS Interviews with @MTV Fresh Out Live 6am KST

August 24

BTS Interviews with @NBC TODAY Show 9pm KST

August 25

BTS released ‘Dynamite’ MV’s (B-side) song 12am KST

August 31

BTS performs Dynamite @MTV Video Music Awards 9am KST

Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below any of your thoughts about this comeback.

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