With the 1.2 Update right around the corner, many fans begin speculating about the rest of the future for the game, such as story lore and more exploitable parts of the map. So far, players have only explored Mondstadt and Liyue Harbor, but what else is in store? What lies beyond that coast off of Liyue Harbor and those closed off borders…

Upcoming Version Release Dates

1.2 December 23, 2020

First off, we have our most recent update, the 1.2 release, introducing characters like Albedo and Ganyu. In this update we also have:

– New Area: Dragonspine (A snowy region between Mondstadt and Liyue Harbor) 

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– New Characters: [Five Star] Albedo (Geo / Sword), Ganyu (Cryo / Bow) [Four Star] Sucrose (Anemo / Catalyst), Rosaria (Cryo / Lancer), Hu Tao (Pyro / Lancer) 

However, the 1.2 release will most likely play out like the 1.1 update with Zhongli and Childe questlines. But neither Albedo or Ganyu will provide any further advances into the Archon Quests. 

1.3 February 2021

One of the most anticipating events, the 1.3 update will definitely be exciting, as it’s close to the New Year’s event in most Asian countries and will celebrate with the Latern Rite event in Liyue Harbor. 


– New Characters: [Five Star] Xiao (Anemo / Spear) Dainsleif (unknown)

1.4 March 17, 2021

Finally, after nonstop exploration of our only two nations of the Teyvat kingdom, players are finally able to explore what’s beyond those borders, and discover the world of Inazuma!

– [Future Region] Inazuma (The third nation (Electro) of Teyvat is to be unlocked, which is just a little off the coast of Liyue Harbor)

Playable Characters from Inazuma 

[Five Star] Scaramouche (unknown), Ayaka (Cryo / Sword) 

Future Characters

So far, players mostly know of the 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 releases from Genshin Impact, however there still more characters to meet and new regions to explore. So here are some unknown future characters who have yet to be decided which update and release they are a part of:

The Seven Nations of Teyvat 

Now if you weren’t already aware of the seven emblems of the game, the playable map actually goes beyond that, with each emblem having their very own kingdom and region such as Mondstadt and Liyue. Here the five remaining regions and their inspirations: 

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    1. Honestly, Sumeru might be a combination of the two? Because Cyno’s head piece is based on Egypt, but I heard many references and city names were based off Indian culture. But of course nothing is confirmed lol, so hopefully it comes out this year tho so we can know for sure!

  1. I’m excited for the updates to the Genshin Impact Inazuma game! I love the game and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for it.

  2. Great to see the latest updates on Genshin Impact! 🔥💥 I’m super excited to see what Inazuma has in store for us beyond 1.2! 🤔 The roadmap looks promising, and I can’t wait to dive back into the game and explore all the new content. 😍 Thanks for keeping us informed, Mad Meaning! 👏

  3. Inazuma updates are always exciting, but the roadmap for 1.2+ beyond has me hooked! Can’t wait to see what new content and features are in store for us. Happy to see the continued support for the game and its community. 😍

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