Kpop and Latin Music Collaboration? Good idea or Not?

Many Kpop groups and music has been becoming more and more popular around the world, especially in America. But so has Latin music. So what if these two music genres were magically combine to create one song. How would the world react to this collaboration.

Billboard News Interview:

“I would love it…there so much more right now, talking about the music because the social media gives you the opportunity…so yea we would love to do that. I’m very open minded when I’m talking about music…”

-Maluma 2018


In this world, where new ideas in music arise such as Kpop and Latin music combine. This concept where our favorite music artists from two different parts of the world can join and create a new sensation.

Though both musical genres are very different they do have many similarities. As the majority of Kpop and Latin music are both upbeat and follow a specific tempo that is usually fast paced.

Example of Actual Collaboration

We already have an example of a Kpop and Latin music collaboration: “Lo Siento” by SUPER JUNIOR and Leslie Grace:

(See for yourself if you think these two music genres go together)

Besides these Latin music artists are not the only ones who want to collaborate with many Kpop groups. Artists such as Shawn Mendes and Chainsmokers are wanting or already getting a collab with top Kpop group, BTS.

Why Kpop and Latin Combinations Are a Good Idea

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As our technology advances so does our taste for music and the evolution of it. So with new sounds outside of America like Kpop and Latin Music getting more and more popular really shows our new development this generation.

It shows that we are improving our world with new concepts and are beginning to develop more open minds and appreciate other cultures.


Comment down a Kpop/Latin collaboration you would like to see.

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