On April 10, 2022, Square Enix confirmed a fourth installment to this beloved series. 

Here’s the link to the trailer if you haven’t watched it already:

Now, many fans of Kingdom Hearts have been terribly upset after the poorly designed third game, which appeared to be more of a sellout with Disney and had no cohesion to the main plot whatsoever. But, there might be hope to restore this franchise to what it once was, especially since we’re getting a new arc. 

Looking at this trailer, it is obvious that Sora and many other characters have finally gotten their “Final Fantasy” model appearances, which is to be expected. But just seeing the evolution of Sora is amazing, especially after 20 years of keeping the similar cartoonish design. I’m just happy to see SquareEnix finally attempting to change up and renovate Kingdom Hearts like they have been with their other promising series.

Many fans predict that the release for this game is most likely to come either late 2023 or early 2024. So, stay tuned for more future information!

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