Today Mihoyo has just released the trailer for their newest game Honkai: Star Rail (so feel free to watch the clip below, if you haven’t seen it already)

As if Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3 weren’t already massively growing games, Mihoyo decides to add another bunch on top of their success. This new game follows the Honkai Impact universe, with many recurring characters like Himeko, Welt, and Seele, etc. In fact, even the train from Honkai Impact’s latest video [Reburn: II} pictures the same train with all three characters aboard. Which I assume Mihoyo is just creating their own entire cinematic gaming universe at this point, with Genshin (somewhat in the past), Honkai (in the future), and Star Rail (in even further in the future, and space!) 

Also, I can’t help but feel like the timing for released this new game is almost too perfect, that Mihoyo definitely has a much greater purpose with this game (besides Mihoyo’s greed). Let me explain, in the Star Rail trailer there is a scene featuring a chess board… weirdly coincidental considering Genshin Impact just confirmed every gnosis is indeed a chess piece (confirmed by Yae Miko in the 2.1 Update).

Further implying that Celestia have some sinister plan with playing chess, with the archon’s gnosis pieces.

Another thing is some of the architecture shown in the trailer could also reference Khaenri’ah as many fans speculated the same for Honkai. But if this is indeed some sort of timeline, or alternate universe where characters are just jumping through time and space, the universe of Mihoyo might actually live up to the Marvel Cinematic Universe…

But going back to the game itself, we can’t say if this new game will also be completely open world like Genshin Impact (only in space) or follow a more mission playthrough like Honkai. So far from the (unconfirmed) leaks, the gameplay does seem to be more closed off, so maybe not entirely an open world. But, it does appear to utilize a more technical and strategy turn based movements sets, which should allow mobile players a much easier time.

However, if you are interested in seeing how this game plays out, Click the link below to sign up for Honkai Star Rail beta application (begins October 8)

Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below your thoughts on this new game 

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