With the future of Genshin constantly changing, no one really knows what new programs, gadgets, weapons, etc. could be added to the game. **Just a heads up, most of these images are NOT REAL and edited, and are found on Twitter. They are not official by any means, but helps to get my point across and used only for some helpful visualization**

Open World

Waveriders were implemented in 1.6 update for the Golden Apple Archipelago, and permanently kept for 2.0 update after Inazuma was officially released. So knowing this, there is a possibility of having more variety in transportations or mounts. 

For example, when Sumeru finally comes along, it would be really nice for Genshin to add in Horse mounts, or even camels to better fit the theme of the desert region. In this update, hopefully players can also “pet” cats and dogs now in our serenity tea pot.Or even adding more wildlife and livestock in the open world, like cows, deers, chicken, etc. 

BUT if coding animals and livestock is too hard, even some sort of vehicle like carts could also make exploring much more fun. Considering Fontaine is inspired by steampunk and Snezhnaya is known for its technological might, the addition of advanced transportation such as submarines, blimps, snowmobiles, etc. sound very exciting and probable. 

Honestly, even the ability to actually fly (not gliding) would be just great. 


Another nice addition to Genshin could be encouraging further co-op activities. 

For example, mini games and team based boss battles were a great way to promote playing with friends. But we could definitely use more of them like:

  • Equestrian competition events (co-op, player vs player)
  • Chess games (maybe a hint at the ultimate Celestia battle with the Archons’ Gnosis) 
  • Trade system like Tibia (this could help to not waste certain resources that players have been collecting now for a long time) 


Now, as for the Chasm Update (most likely coming next year 2022) is predicted to be an underground crystal maze, bordered between Sumeru and Liyue. Which is also a testing ground for Genshin devs to test out the Dendro element reactions before the actual Sumeru region is released. 

This also means that future (already teased) Dendro characters like Baizhu or Yao Yao will finally be playable by February or March 2022. 

*Between update 1.0 and 2.0 was about 6-8 months, so Genshin will probably use the same time frame for when Sumeru is released. Using this same time frame, Sumeru could potentially be released sometime in May 2022, if we are following the same pattern it took for Inazuma to be released back in June 2021. However, as Genshin’s Dev team grows larger and more players join the game, Sumeru hopefully will come sooner than later, but alas there’s no way to confirm this.

What the Future Holds

With a new Dendro element coming up and the heavily predicted Yae Miko, to be a holder of two elements (pyro and electro), the combinations for future characters become endless. 

Yet, our weapon variety is slowly becoming a bit repetitive. So, maybe the creation of new weapons types could be nice. Like a scythe (close-range) or crossbow (mid-range) or even guns since they enemies are allowed to have them?

But characters like Childe and Raiden Shogun, who are both two-weapon holders, could help to provide more combinations for two elements, two weapon types or even both to make future characters more powerful and fun to play. Especially since most Fatui Harbingers have a vision and their retrospective delusion. 

And finally, more console support to Genshin Impact, like Nintendo Switch and PS5 would be amazing by 2022 :,)

Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below any features you’ll like to be added to Genshin that I may have missed

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