Today January 9 Official Studio Ghibli Twitter Account has announced the release date of their long awaited film How Do You Live to be this Friday, July 14, 2023. So save the date!

Here’s the link to the original article:

According to the article, it states that the film is now in it’s “final stages of production.” Although there’s not much information about this film, or any trailers at the moment, many fans have speculated what the story might be like since the film’s title is derived from Genzaburo Yoshiro’s Japanese storybook of the same name. However, the article also mentions that, “the film itself is an original work directed by Miyazaki.” So, knowing Miyazaki’s previous works, we can only imagine the potential fantasy elements and heartfelt moments that we will find in this film.

After nearly ten years since Miyazaki’s last film The Wind Rises (2014), the studio has been working diligently on this new project. In an interview, Miyazaki even mentioned that this will be his “last film” and was intended to be a parting gift for his grandson (IMDb). That being said, if this is truly Miyazaki’s film, I know without a doubt it will be a great final magnum opus for the studio and cement his legacy as one of the greatest filmmakers in the world. 

Film Synopsis

15 year old Junichi and his uncle move to a new neighborhood, as Junichi deals with spiritual growth, bullying, poverty, education, work, courage and how to live as a human being.

(synopsis via Letterboxd:

*UPDATE (9/6/23): Studio Ghibli has officially released a preview trailer as well as a date to open premieres worldwide on December 8, 2023!

Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below any thoughts on this exciting news or what you think the film might be about. 


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