*plays November Rain by Guns N’ Roses* Alright let me set the scene for you, the leaves are starting to turn the crisp shades of yellows, oranges, and browns, all while you are sitting at home drinking a warm cup of coffee. From here the breeze gets colder, and that holiday season is right around the corner. What a great time it is to begin our month of November! But do you know what’s even better than what I just described is watching it play out right in front of you. Film/animation has just an amazing atmosphere for experiencing this autumn feeling (especially for those of you who live in places where the season doesn’t really change at all). So here are some films and series that perfectly capture the fall season: 

Over the Garden Wall

To start, I’m going to say the infamous 2014 Cartoon Network show Over the Garden Wall, because yes it is that good! If you haven’t had the chance please go and give this show a chance, it is only ten episodes, so it will not take much of your time. The miniseries is about these two brothers Wirt and Greg who happen to get lost in the woods and encounter the many mysteries of the Unknown. 

Overall AUTUMN SCORE: 10/10 

Fantastic Mr. Fox 

This animated Wes Anderson film is a very charming, quirky and fun adventure based on the original Roald Dahl book of the same name. The story follows middle aged Mr. Fox who reminisces on the old days on hunting in the chicken farm but is instead forced into working as the average journalist. Now the film itself has a very doll-house aesthetic, with a warm color palette full of reds, oranges, and yellows all to capture that fall experience. This film also speaks on many family and community matters that play on the Thanksgiving celebration. 

Overall AUTUMN SCORE: 8/10


From the creators of Coraline, Laika Studios manages to create yet another masterpiece, but this one is actually funny. However, don’t let the light-hearted tone trick you into thinking this is simply a kid’s movie because it speaks on very important and mature themes like mob mentality and how ignorance can lead to unwanted violence and chaos towards a race/group. Starting off with Norman, an ordinary middle school student, but he can actually speak to the dead. Referencing the famous film The Sixth Sense, in which the main character can also speak with the dead. So if you love horror movies, definitely give ParaNorman a watch because you will find so many references to horror classics like Night of the Living Dead, Jason, Friday the 13th and more!

Overall AUTUMN SCORE: 7/10

Fellowship of the Ring

What better way to get into the fall season than with The Lord of the Rings trilogy. This entire film screams autumn with its beautiful cinematography of Middle Earth demonstrating the colder atmosphere mixed in with fantastical elements. 

Overall AUTUMN SCORE: 9/10

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Another very popular film series perfect for that fall season is Harry Potter. Of all of the films in this series, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is probably the most autumn feeling movie due to the back-to-school vibes, literal changing seasons, werewolf subplot, debut of the Dementors, and of course the brilliant director of Alfonso Cauron who ties in everything together. 

Overall AUTUMN SCORE: 9/10

You’ve Got Mail 

You’ve Got Mail is probably the most cosy and ultimate fall movie due to it’s pleasant romance and pre-9/11 New York time capsule reminiscing to the late 90s autumn bliss. It can’t go any more classic than autumn in New York City, with the warm smell of pumpkin pie. 

Overall AUTUMN SCORE: 10/10

When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally is another classic homage to the late 90s autumn experience with elements of winter and Christmas vibes as well. Honestly the atmosphere reminds me a lot of Nightmare Before Christmas which has a good balance of fall and Christmas themes. 

Overall AUTUMN SCORE: 7/10 

Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society showcases the perfect melancholy back-to-school vibes along of the autumn color scheme, all to tie in the rite of passage to teach students to break out of their shells and pursue their dreams. However, this film has been labeled as “depressing” by many, so keep that mind when watching this movie and whether or not its a story you’re willing to watch. 

Overall AUTUMN SCORE: 8/10

The Village 

So, if you’re more into the horror elements that come with the fall season then The Village is the perfect choice for you. Although many professional film critics fail the story aspect of this film, it nonetheless delivers its part of setting and atmosphere. The color grading and set design propel the conflict and mystery of this little world. 

Overall AUTUMN SCORE: 8/10

The Witch

Although not necessarily the best movie or “good” for that matter, it successfully creates a disturbing tale that can be considered difficult to understand without dialogue, but at the same time alludes to the creepiness of the film. 

Overall AUTUMN SCORE: 7/10

Sleepy Hollow

It just isn’t an autumn film list with Tim Burton, so I personally picked Sleepy Hollow as the main contender due to the horror and mysterious atmosphere. It’s also one of the few times where Tim Burton’s repeatedly casting Johnny Depp the lead roles in one of his films actually works without being too annoying. However, a trigger warning for those sensitive to gore, but it is still an overall fun movie.

Overall AUTUMN SCORE: 9/10

Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below what is your favorite thing to watch in the fall season or if I had missed any of your favorites

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