2020 has been one hell of a year, with everyone staying at home and working online instead. However, it has been an amazing year for kpop with tons of new debut groups and retro style songs, it all helps to make 2020 a little less miserable. 

That being said, some certain songs and groups even began trending as a result. Which was good publicity for the groups because they deserve so much more love and attention. So here were a few (fourth-generation) groups and songs that I feel truly made 2020 better! 

Stray Kids 

With their latest comeback album “IN生” including title tracks like “God’s Menu” and “Back Door” the number of fans have increased drastically. Where both songs have reached 50 million views on Youtube like never before. (“God’s Menu” getting 100 million views within two months and “Back Door” getting 50 views within one month.) 

However, I gotta say, one particular member of the group has definitely helped to fuel this excitement: Hyunjin with his blonde hair. 

Ever since Hyunjin’s appearance in the “Psycho” 00’s group dance cover many people grew interested in the idol with the blonde hair. 


Since debuting in 2018 with “Bon Chocolat” Everglow has been known to release songs with sickening beats and this comeback is no different. Their latest comeback track “La Di Da” is an absolute bop, with an 80s synthwave sound. 

This retro styled song perfectly created a sound that represents the 80s. With instrumentals that are similar to Dua Lipa’s “Physical” which, in itself, has some Queen vibes. 


The TXT members were already well known in the industry as they were BTS’s first little brother group. However, the number of fans has definitely increased now more than ever. 

With Soobin’s Dolphin MC with Arin from OhMyGirl, many kpop fans began speculating the “idol with blue hair” and rightfully so. 

His performance of OhMyGirl’s b-side track with Arin has captured many fans’ hearts as they sought to discover who this man was. 

Also, TXT’s latest song “Drama” (Japanese version) had a scene devoted to haikyuu fans as all members wore uniforms from the volleyball anime, uniting both anime and kpop fans together.

So new MOA’s go stream “Blue Hour” comeback on October 26!

Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below some of your favorite songs or new groups you began to stan as of quarantine. 

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