Stephen King’s terrifying Overlook Hotel is real and has just the same amount of haunting and fear needed to fulfill itself as the scary Overlook Hotel as we know it as.

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Address: 333 E Wonderview Ave, Estes Park, CO 80517

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Although if you would like to stay at the Overlook Hotel room 237, you might need a miracle, because that room was recreated due to the Hotel’s management not wanting to “scare their customers after watching the movie”.

However, if you had read Stephen King’s version, then you should know that the actual haunted room is room 217, which is an actual hotel room at the Stanley hotel.

I would say that Stanley Kubrick (filmmaker of The Shining adaptation) has done a wonderful job in finding the Stanley Hotel to film The Shining at, as the hotel perfectly depicts what all readers have hoped for in the Overlook Hotel.

Real Life Story

Now the Stanley Hotel originally opened in 1909 in Estes Park, Colorado. But in 1911, there was a housekeeper, Ms. Elizabeth Wilson who happened to be electrocuted by a lightning storm. Yet , she managed to survive.

The hotel room is also known for its collection of haunting spirits roaming around the room. All this happened in Room 217 which now gained it’s label of being a hotbed of paranormal activity.

With the Overlook Hotel’s story by Stephen King, now his stories aren’t as out there as we thought they were.

As King usually based his books off of real life events that he has seen in real life. So maybe what happened at the Overlook Hotel isn’t to unrealistic to happen in real life.

Ghosts Sightings?

Although many claim to have “seen” ghosts in the lobby in the Stanley Hotel, however, we will never know it’s true dark secrets in the hotel.

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But it would be cool if the stories Stephen King have written about were slightly true, meaning that the Stanley Hotel is haunting as well just as much as the Overlook Hotel.

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Also by any chance, if you ever have the time, do go and watch and read both the novel by Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick’s movie adaptation, as they are both great storytellers in their own way.


Thank you so much for reading. Comment down below what you think about the Overlook and Stanley Hotel comparisons.

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