SPOILERS ALERT! If you hadn’t already seen or played The Last of Us 2, then consider yourself lucky. However, if you are like the rest of us who had experienced it, here’s why the sequel sucks. 

Although the game was released today, the previous leaks and spoilers did not help its reputation… All the bad reviews have a right to their point, and I most definitely agree with them.

This sequel had so much potential to live up to, but sadly our expectations were destroyed when this game was what fans got. After waiting a solid seven years, you’d expect Naughty Dog to be developing a great game, not solely based on graphics.

The first The Last of Us game from 2013, had such a huge success with its beautiful character animations and graphic designs, along with an alluring and complex story arc. So for the sequel to be so terrible is disappointing. 

Joel’s Brutal Death 

Although the leaks definitely spoiled this event, it still shocked many fans. Joel was not the most morally correct human being and even made a very selfish choice at the end of the first game.

But he most definitely did not deserve to die in the way he did. Especially within the first act of the game (only 3-4 hours into the gameplay). The scene is even more heartbreaking when Joel doesn’t even say any last words to Ellie… Not even an “it’s gonna be all right baby girl”.

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In fact, killing off his character so early into the game, only makes players not want to continue the game any longer. His death was so forced and unnatural, who wants to remember their favorite character dying off like that.

It’s like killing off your favorite character than play as it’s killer for the rest of the game. A complete joke.

Having his death to play out as a vengeance plot for the remaining characters rather than dying at peace. Because there is nothing wrong with having a happy ending! 


Abby’s character is useless. The sequel tries to lead you on, by introducing you to a new playable character. Only to lead to the death of one of the most beloved characters of the game and brutally kill Joel (and in front of Ellie!)

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Most fans know that his fate would come and that he would mostly die in the sequel, but not in the way he did. But even though all of this happens, the game still tries to make you understand of perspective and have sympathy for her?

Establishing her character as a morally “good” person by saving Lev. But then the game further explains her character as the one who said Ellie should be killed to save the rest of humanity.

Now, fans grew up with Joel and Ellie, we play as Joel and Ellie… how would her saying what is morally correct make us see her viewpoint, when fans are already emotionally invested with Joel and Ellie.

The whole plot around Abby is absurd and never gets connected back to the main point of The Last of Us series. Since the series is known for being a “story” based game.

It makes sense for audiences to judge the game on its story, not its graphics. 

Abby VS Ellie

In the fight scene between Abby and Ellie, Ellie gains the upper hand against Abby. Despite having two of her fingers bitten off, Ellie sought to end the woman who took everything away from her.

Yet, she had a quick flashback of all the times with Joel and decides to let Abby get away? This scene added nothing to the story arc, as Ellie lost everything and gained nothing, leaving players empty-handed.

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Even after all the people, Ellie has killed din her vengeance towards Abby was for nothing. Making the game incredibly dark and depressing… So what kind of message does that encourage for their fans?  

Push for Politics

The game invokes an idea for female empowerment with homosexual girls (Ellie and Dina), a buff and muscular woman (Abby), pregnant women (Mel and Dina), and a 13-year-old trans girl who wants to be identified as a boy (Lev).

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But what’s the point of adding these agendas when Abby brutally murders Joel and Jessie, and leaves Tommy handicapped.

This game only incites anger, violence, and hatred can do to the world. But plays it out so poorly when the writing in this game is trash. 

Unnecessary Gameplay

Now this a minor problem, other games may also have to deal with. But all that crawling into tight spaces or under big trucks was pointless.

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It seemed more like a forced way to drag or push out storylines longer than they should be. Either way, they seem very time consuming and unnecessary. 

Card References?

Throughout the game, we see many references to space or some extraterrestrial in posters or superhero trading cards. Now I don’t know if this is Naughty Dogs’ way of sneaking in previews of a future game in the making, but it is very weird to put in an apocalyptic based game.

To reference of future of outer space or a world beyond the destroyed earth. Which plays out more hopeless than hopeful at this point. Giving a false sense of hope. Unless Ellie is able to travel to space within the next few games.


Many fans even compared this game to the season finale of Game of Thrones. Both honestly were offensive and tasteless to fans who looked forward to both franchises for a long time.

But since The Last of Us is a story-driven game, the majority of the experience comes from a compelling plot. The writers of the game may have been attempting at an element of surprise with having unpredictable characters?

But at the end of the day, if players had never played or experienced the first game, then maybe they would have liked this game, but I highly doubt it, since the writing was still nonsensical and there are too many plot holes. 

Anyway, Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below your thoughts on the game or any mistakes I may have missed!


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