SPOILER ALERT (obviously) if you plan on actually watching these shows and wish to not be spoiled, then don’t continue reading! 

One of the biggest shows od the decade has fallen off the charts within its final moments. If you haven’t heard of the absolutely horrible finale of Game of Thrones, well you’re in luck! To save you from watching that ending, I’ll provide a more insightful summary. 

Game of Thrones (Season 8) 

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After a long-running 7 seasons leading up to this huge anticipation from all across the country, 

Only to toss out the entire plotline from the beginning, destroying all fan theories, if any. With all of the complex lore from the famous novel itself, the show had ultimately been a disappointment.

Whether it was an act of desperation or the directors switching roles to work on the new Star Wars films, the directors had now disappointed both fandoms. For they have created the most random and non-connected plot twists any show has ever seen.

With Daenerys’s hinted pregnancy, bran’s useless third eye, Jon’s cowardness, and Ayra’s incredible jumping skills being able to high jump over all of the night king’s soldiers, unnoticed.

This finale has to be the worst in all of American TV shows. The only thing keeping fans going is if George R. R. Martin ever decided to finish “Winds of Winter” the last book in the series. 

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The Walking Dead (Season 10) 

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This popular apocalyptic show was quite terrifying at the beginning until you realize the real monsters of the show, were humans… However, after having your monthly villain for the sixth time, you get tired of the same reused concept.

So now the show creators decided to kill off almost every single character from the first season, including RICK GRIMES, himself.

Replacing him with the his daughter who is way too young too even take out a group of walkers herself.

Only keeping Daryl in the series, for he is the only reason anyone would actually continue watching the show. At this point, the series is way off the original comics, it was based on. 

Pretty Little Liars (Season 7)

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As if the struggle for finding our who A was, wasn’t enough, they introduced a whole new complex and messed family tree.

This all started with a man named Peter Hastings, who had an affair with Jessica DiLaurentis, leading to the birth of Alison DiLaurentis, and her siblings… who only made the show more confusing.

Basically, to sum it up, the four main characters, aren’t really the four main characters, because all the other side characters.

Sometimes there dead and sometimes it’s the long lost twin sister no one cared about. Either way, the show never provided the closure, fans have wished for. 

How I Met Your Mother (Season 9) 

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The highly anticipated finale, only to crush every single expectation the fans could ever want. Even though it’s been six years now, we’re still not over it.

With the final shocking moment that Ted’s wife had been dead for six years, only to reveal that he was in love with Aunt Robin the whole time. 

Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below any shows that I may have missed!