Pandas, they’re cute and fuzzy, but little did you know they take money from people’s pockets.

Most people in the world are paying many foundations to protect these pandas, but are they even worth it?

Yes, they are clearly adorable and cuddly, but they just sit around all day eating bamboo. Although they might be endangered, so are many other resourceful creatures to the environment.

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For example, the common, slimy earthworms.

Slimy earthworms: These creatures as most of you know help break down organic matter and turn it into a natural fertilizer for plants to grow in. Plants are important because they are proper nourishment for many herbivore species. We need our herbivores healthy because most of us eat them as well.

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Also the bumblebees are officially now endangered according to National Geographic News and NBC News. Bumblebees provide a lot of benefits, such as collecting nectar from plants and pollinating them to make the flower healthier.

Having healthy plants is important because they are what give us oxygen when converting carbon dioxide and water, into glucose and oxygen for us humans to breathe in.

Besides, we need as much oxygen as we can possibly get. Especially with many man made creations of factories, polluting our clean air to breathe, these producers can do provide a lot for us humans, so we should do our best to protect and care for them.

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Additionally, the otters unfortunately have made it onto the list of endangered species. But more specific, sea otters, these creatures are both adorable and help the ecosystem in so many ways that we should put our attention to.

For example, they eat the sea urchins that are harmful to many fish in their habitat, the kelp forest. Eating sea urchins eliminates most of them from danger to many other sea creatures in the ocean who live in kelp forests. This is important to us because we need our ocean healthy, as well as eating fish which is a main food meal that most people eat.

Also little did you know, our sunblock is damaging the ocean with its oil, blocking sunlight for any fish underneath it to consume its energy. So we should try putting on algae based sunblock to both benefit our health and preventing our skin more from solar radiation and exposure.

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Furthermore, there are the mangroves. This plant has the characteristics of what an ecosystem should have. With long branches with many leaves attached to it, roots underneath it, acting almost like an island, and providing a safe haven for many critters. Mangroves help so many animals using it as protection or a habitat.

Moreover, it helps wildlife when a huge storm or hurricane hits. Along with protection issues, it can be used as a domain or a habitat for many birds to nest on as well as for fish to hang underneath it.

Likewise, many animals can eat mangroves leaves for proper nutrition if kept healthy. We should preserve mangroves because it has many advantages in assisting the species who help other species and the environment, being one big butterfly effect on wildlife within its ecosystem.

For example, mangroves provide shelter for brown pelicans. Brown pelicans consume herrings, and keeps it from overpopulating the mangrove swamps. Herrings are one of the main food sources for Brown pelicans. Mangroves need brown pelicans to prevent any danger from coming onto their habitat, and the cycle continues.

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Ultimately, I believe that we should find a way to help all of these other capable creatures and what do do more for our environment on Earth. We only have one planet now, so we should do our best to protect it and keep it healthy. Besides, think about these creatures and rethink if pandas are still your number one concern of how to save Earth…


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