Why Saving Trees Will Be The Benefit For Your Future and Earth

Trees, not just an American treasure, but an international one too.

With pollution arising destroying the lives of these helpless organisms, we grow into an urban civilization that diminishes the beautiful Earth we once were.

Preserving our parks, trees’ and plants protection is crucial.

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Trees give us a sense of life, the only thing left in the beautiful, healthy Earth we once were. With so much pollution nowadays, we must care more and be secure with our trees.

Trees are so essential and significant to have in our world. Being so much more to us than they were back then, they play a huge environmental role no other organism can replace. Providing us oxygen, that no technology can’t recreate.

How Can You Help?

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Well first off, you must be committed to the rest of your life to, because if you don’t what’s the point of even trying to make the world better  

Not just a one time thing, if you want our Earth to be healthy

  • You can recycle more, instead of throwing away everything
  • Start appreciating more of the things you have
  • Never litter, pick up your trash
  • Support researched companies that help regrow trees where we need them
  • Doing something as little as planting more trees or supporting companies that do will affect the world so much
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Click the link for more ways you can help trees:


Although you may say that urban civilization is great for development for humans, but is it worth it, if tons of creatures are risked for this pollution.

The creation of cities was generated a new lifestyle for us humans, with many advancements I won’t doubt that. Yet, what’s a world without trees.

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Other Reasons To Defend Trees

  • Without trees the habitat of animals are destroyed. Meaning animals are at risk to go extinct, lacking the home for anywhere to live.
  • Trees produce many substances for our medicine, which could one day lead to the cure of cancer.
  • They balance out climate changes with the ongoing process of photosynthesis.
  • In this process, less carbon dioxide is left freely in the air, reducing the risks of global warming and/or greenhouse gases.
  • Parks are also beneficial to have, with many supplements of various trees around the area.
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Comment down ways that helped you make the world a better place. Also continue recycling, caring for trees, and making the Earth healthier everyday.


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