Netflix’s newest animated series Arcane based on the League of Legends game was released November 6, 2021. Although at first glance many might skip this show due to not being interested in the game, let me tell you some reasons why it is worth watching regardless. Also this blog will be Spoiler Free! 

Main Plot

First, let’s start off with the main plot. So, if you haven’t watched the official trailer already, here’s the link to it:

If you’ve seen posters for the series, you may have recognized the blue pigtailed girl already. That’s because she’s one of the most popular characters/champions of the League of Legends franchize: Jinx. This is important because she will be our main protagonist for the show, but you do not need to play the game or know the game’s lore to understand anything. The show will provide all the information you need for viewers to thoroughly immerse themselves into the show. But if you do play the game, most of what goes on the show can act as easter eggs or further backstory on why certain characters are the way they are. 

Now as someone who was also skeptical of this show at first, I highly recommend. This show is only 9 episodes, each 40 minutes long, so if you wanted to binge the whole show in one day, you certainly can. Centered on the two iconic champions, Jinx and Vi and how they became the badass characters they are now. All whilst exploring the beautiful city of Piltover and the underground city where our story begins. The retro, futuristic take on a steampunk fantasy world is so well developed, that makes any previous attempts look lackluster. Plus, if you aren’t interested in the story, at least give the show a try just for the breathtaking animation, well-rounded dimensional characters, and insane music and world-building. 

However, I must warn any viewers that this show does contain some explicit content, especially those of violence, so if gore isn’t something you feel comfortable watching then I wouldn’t recommend this show to you. Otherwise this series is perfect to cure your boredom during this holiday season. 

More About the Show 

If you like comic style series like Into the Spider-Verse (2018) you will definitely enjoy this fun, action packed, story filled with fantasy and thrill. Also I gotta hand it to the creators for involving so much diversity that makes the show even more authentic and phenomenal. With some representation of LGBTQ+ (implied) characters, all from different backgrounds, races, and disabilities. 

Besides, Netflix already confirmed the making of another season, to give you even more of a reason to binge this show as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below if you have watched the series and what are your thoughts!

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