Netflix’s newest viral original kdrama “Squid Game” was released sometime last week on September 17, 2021. Although at first glance many might skip or not sure whether or not to watch this show, well let me tell you some reasons why it is worth watching. By now, hopefully the language barrier isn’t a huge problem for many people, but if it is, Netflix does offer many languages for alternate audio. Also this blog will be Spoiler Free! 

Main Plot

First, let’s start off with the main plot. So, if you haven’t watched the official trailer already, here’s the link to it:

This new viral sensation has skyrocketed into fame, first to do so in the history of kdramas. 

While following a pretty basic premise of your typical action/thriller TV show, where hundreds of people in large amounts of debt are abducted and placed into these large facilities, nowhere to be found. Now inside this facility, the players are forced to play children’s games, and if you fail or lose… then you are “eliminated”. All while trying to get that cash prize that might be able to solve all of your financial problems, so the stakes are very high.

Evidently the main plot is nothing new to these dystopian game-based horror shows, but through it’s characters and well developed pacing, makes the show all the more worthwhile.  

However, I have to warn you that this show is rated R, so if you feel uncomfortable watching heavy gore, smoking, nuditty and sex or any other explicit content, please don’t watch this show. Also sight epilepsy warning on episode 4 for any viewers out there who are prone to intense flashing lights. 

Now, if you have just read that and find yourself okay with any of those explicit content, let’s move forward. 

More About the Show 

In Squid Game, we have a pretty good cast of actors who act incredibly well, also starring famous actor Gong Yoo from the iconic zombie thriller movie Train to Busan (2016). 

So, if you’re currently bored and have nothing else to watch (and comfortable to watch any of the above said warnings^) then I highly recommend this show. From amazing acting, well paced plotlines, and an interesting mystery that leaves you on a cliffhanger every ending. Plus, this show is only 9 episodes, so hopefully it won’t take too much of your time, if you find yourself very busy. Ok, I can not say anything more about the show without going into spoilers, I will leave you on that note. 

Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below if you have watched the film and what are your thoughts!

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