As students are stressed out with their last week of school and parents are working hard to finally spend some time with their family, the next stressful yet best part about Christmas is presents. Here are 10 and more cheap and creative ideas of what to get your loved ones this year.


First off, crafts. Although they may seem easy, if put enough effort and love into them, this gift idea will surely impress many.

Homemade Cards

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Hand making your cards rather than buying put more thought and effort into them if you take the time to really make them the best they can be. Besides they’re are plenty of ideas you can look for on Pinterest to find which card style matches the person you would like to make them for.

Check out more ideas on Pinterest:


“Open when…” Card Series

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Maybe your parents/other family relative are out of town and you haven’t seen them in a while so you can make these “Open when” series of cards. These crafts are fun cards to make each with a different note hidden inside, only to be read when they feel a certain way. 


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Maybe you are more on the artistic side and just love to draw, so making an artwork for your family relatives could be another cheap gift idea you may use.

Photo Albums

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Photo Albums along with getting the right amount of photos and creativity, this present will be filled with such memories that it will make Christmas more meaningful.


Make breakfast/dinner for your parents. If you are the kind of person who loves cooking and baking why not make something extra for Christmas. I mean breakfast in bed don’t sound too bad.


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I thought making a fun creative dessert such as cheesecake should be easy enough to make before Christmas but their are tons other Christmas themed desserts you can make.

Cheap Presents

Now the part everyone has been looking for, the cheap gifts. Sometimes the best gifts aren’t ranked by price but thought. But I guess that’s just a cheap person’s mentality anyway. 

Check out Amazon’s perfect Christmas presents ideas:


Don’t know what to get to for your “his” and “her”, well check out the list below for some generic gender gifts.

For “Her” 

Meaning wife, aunt, grandma, daughter, girlfriend, sister, cousin or whatever other “her” you may need a perfect gift for

– Lotion

–  Perfume

– Jewelry

– Make Up

– Scarf

– Sunglasses

– Paint Set

– Chocolate

For “Him”

Meaning husband, uncle, son, boyfriend, brother, cousin or whatever other “him” you may need a perfect gift for

– Cologne

– Wallet

– T-Shirt

– Hair Gel

– Headphones

– Watch

– Candy


Maybe you don’t have any other ideas of what to give your special someone, so your last option is money. But, you can never go wrong with some money or gift cards from their favorite stores or brands.

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His/Her favorite Movie

Also check out my other blog about the best Christmas movies to watch together with friends and family:

Write a song

Not only is it romantic, but if you love music and song writing than this is the gift choice for you. Music is really such a beautiful gift even if it isn’t a song.


How could you ever go wrong with a good novel or even just learning books about how self-improvement. Honestly, I feel that knowledge and love are the best presents one can give to another.

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Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a happy holiday! Comment down below if any of the options above helped you with your gift deciding.


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