Midway through January, the coronavirus (or COVID-19) breakout has caused many economic problems as well as a societal problem. In fact, in at least 48 states within the US, all schools have been shut down “temporarily” under quarantine in hopes to reduce the number of the infected.

And with schools being shut down for so long, many will find themselves very bored and even tempted to leave their quarantined states…

 So I’ve compiled a list of options you, so you won’t be soo bored being stuck at home:


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With school being over, there should be no excuse for you not sleeping anymore. But even if you fail to get 8 hours of sleep tonight, at least you don’t have to worry about that anymore. In fact, you can even take a nap right now, or later, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure to get enough rest throughout the day. 


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Honestly, you should try exercising every day. Especially since we’re being quarantined for a long amount of time, and being stuck at home and not doing anything else besides probably watching Netflix and eating (junk) food. You’ll probably be out of shape by the time this quarantined ends. 

So try doing little things, like walking 8,000-10,000 steps a day, or a mini workout session at home, or even yoga routines. Anything will be good as long as you get a great work out from it. 


For athletes here, play a sport! Being quarantined shouldn’t stop you from being active. If you have a ball and a wall, you can already play handball. Or maybe even create a (balloon) ball with a plastic bag, tie it, and now you’ve got a ball again. You can play air volleyball and try not to let the object fall to the ground. 

Or try Wii sports or JustDance, it may not be the same (physically), but it has the same idea. Still being a super fun way to staying active. 

Playing Games (Mobile or Console)

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For any gamers here, this is your time to shine. With the stress of school gone and endless hours playing your favorite game. Now you can! Or if you don’t own any consoles, download some mobile games and meet some new friends online to play with. Or even watch some YouTube gamers play your favorite games to show your support. 

Watch Movies or Shows 

Netflix recently made this program called ‘Netflix Party’ where individuals can watch movies and shows together online with friends and family for FREE. Well, first you would need a friend who has Netflix first to parasite off of them. But other than that, it’s a great way to maintain a social connection with friends and family during the quarantine. 

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Catch Up 

Or watch some new shows you never could before or didn’t have time for before. Or if you don’t know what to watch at all, I’d suggest you use the link below for some ideas: 


Play an Instrument 

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Ever wanted to play an instrument? Well now is a perfect time. Or continue playing the instrument you enjoy playing so much, but never had the time to do so before. At this point, you don’t even need the physical instrument to practice it anymore. Get an app on your device and start learning from YouTube tutorials. The possibilities are endless. 

Learn a New Language

What better time than now to start learning a language. Being bilingual (or more) is always a plus on resumes and being a human, in general. You will learn to be more open to other cultures and you’ll have an eye-opener to how large our world actually is. Whether you use Duolingo or Rosetta Stone, you have no excuse now because, with the internet, you can honestly do anything. 


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For any artists (or nonartists too), with school being out of the way, now you can actually take the time to draw, paint, or whatever medium you “art” on. But if you ever feel unmotivated, maybe just try brainstorming random ideas, or take a trip down memory lane for your source of motivation. Personally, looking at old art that I’ve drawn years ago, is my best motivation to draw. 

Write a Story

This is for you future authors, who have amazing stories in their heads but never took the time to write it down (physically). But now that we have the time, why not write your brilliant story now? 

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Or perhaps, reading! Time stops just for you, and now all the books you’ve always wanted to read seem so close to your reach now. But if you don’t have any books on the shelf, there are always e-books or audiobooks too. 

Make a bucket list 

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Making a bucket list has always been fun. All you need is just a pencil and a piece of paper. You can write anything, from travel goals, to people you’d like to meet, to things you’d want to do someday. Make the list personalized to your liking and have fun while writing it. 

Organize Your Phone

I don’t know how many times I’ve said I was going to “organize my phone” but didn’t. Yet, now with school being canceled, I have no excuse to not get it done.

Whether it’s because your phone doesn’t have enough storage space or it just looks messy. Personally, I have to delete some photos off my phone, but maybe it’s actually an app that we haven’t touched in forever, that is causing a mess. 


I pretty sure most schools offered some online homework for their students. So just do your assigned online homework, unless it’s not required or you don’t have to do it. But if there’s absolutely nothing else you would enjoy doing (from this list), then at least you have that option.

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Thank you so much for reading! Stay Safe everyone! Comment down below any of your thoughts of some things that you do during this quarantine.

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