How To Make Your Dreams Come True? 10 Ways To Achieve Your Goals Today

Are someone that loves to dream and make vision boards, constantly talking about everything you’re going to do when you become that so and so. Or maybe you’re not, yet here you are, on this blog?

No, I am not going to to tell you that you can just sleep, wake up and become that person you are dreaming to become.

If you want to make your goals come to past, the only thing I’m going to say is that you have to work for it. You have to stop procrastinating and just start making a plan to get to where you wanna be.

Write It Down

It is true what they say that “a goal not written is just a wish,” because in order to start your plan, you must first write it down.

When writing your goal, first it must be time specific. For example, if you just write “I want to get all A’s in school,” that won’t really work out. When? In 3 years? So you have to be very specific with time. A better example would be, “I want to get all A’s for the first semester of high school 2018.”

Second, you must state the vision you see for yourself in that goal. Similar to a vision board but with words. For example, write down why you want to achieve this goal.

Third, you must use present tense, writing the goal as if you were in that position currently.

A good example of a written goal would be:

“I travel to Seoul, South Korea December 2018 to experience a new culture and meet new people”

Vision Board

What is a Vision Board you might ask? Well, they can be digital or physical boards that you use to display multiple images of accomplishing specific life goals.

Yes, vision boards can actually help if you are willing to put work into it every time you look at the board. Place words you want to become, images of people that inspire you, and maybe even places you want to travel to. To add to writing goals, a vision board is the visual part of written goals. The purpose of a vision board is to inspire you everyday to work hard towards your goals.

Steps and Tips To Achieving Your Dreams

Here are a few tips that you should input on yourselves to have a higher chance to achieving your goals.

Have faith

You can have any goal you want, but if you want it to come true you must have faith. Believing in what you can do is crucial to making the dream happen. If you don’t even believe in yourself, then how can it come true. Your faith is what drives you to achieve your dreams and beyond. No matter where you are now or what struggles and situations you might be in, if you don’t have the faith you can’t achieve your ambitions.

Find Your Drive

What makes you want to achieve your goals today and why? Maybe it’s a past relative or friend who believed you could never make it. Instead of lashing out, use that emotion, to drive you towards your goal. With that ambition I believe you can truly make your goals come to past sooner.

Mistakes/Failures are a part of success

Never go to hard on yourself for making a mistake. If you fail, then get back up and try again. Without failure, you would just be making the same mistake over and over again without ever knowing what you were doing wrong.

Be persistent

Never give up. Even when things are hard, or maybe you’re not making any major progress, you can never give up. Be determined, because all your favorite idols, didn’t get to be successful on their first try. They had to get up and try over and over again until they got to where the wanted to be. For example, Beyonce has been told countless times that she can’t sing, now look at her. Or that Steven Spielberg has been rejected by 3 film schools, yet now he has become one the most successful film directors.

Be happy for others success

Always be genuinely happy for others success. It doesn’t matter if you get jealous or you absolutely hate them, you should be glad that others can also succeed, because it make you a better person. You treat others how you wanna be treated.

Don’t let the haters get to you

Who cares what others think of you. It’s actually pointless because there are about 7 billion people in this world that you could care less for. Don’t let what others think of you bring you down. Because when you are successful, there will be tons of people who bring you down, people who criticize you because they lack self confidence, the one you learned to gain over the years.

Work hard

Of course, you have to actually work to gain your dreams and goals. Don’t wait for the opportunity to come to you, you must be the one who creates your own opportunities.

If you just sit and wait for things to come to you, you might as well wait 20 years or more, until you achieve your goals. You want to achieve any dreams you have today right, or at least as soon as possible. Then work hard now, the earlier the better.


On the way to success, never lose track of who you are. Be grateful and humble for everything you’ve gained over the years as you become more and more successful. Being grateful also helps you to stop caring what haters think of you and those who try to bring you down. While you become a that dream person you want to become, always thank those who supported you along the way.


Now that you are on the way to becoming that person you want to become, help inspire others to achieve their dreams and goals as well. Even if you might not realize it now, there are people who look up to you for working hard and making your goals happen. So continue doing what you’re doing and keep on inspiring others to achieve more and become who they dream of themselves to become.

Always help others

With all the success you’ve gained in achieving your dreams, never forget to helps those who need it most. Not only does it make you a happier person, who can help the world be a happier place. For example support a cause that you believe needs more attention to better fix the world and our society.


Thank you for reading and I know you will achieve your dreams today if you follow these steps from whatever circumstances you might be in right now. Now go work hard and make magic happen.


  1. This is a great blog post! I’ve been trying to figure out how to make my dreams come true and this article has given me some great tips. Thanks!

  2. Great post! I totally agree that having a clear vision of what we want and setting achievable goals is key to making our dreams a reality. I’m inspired to start taking action towards my own goals now. Thanks for sharing these practical tips!

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