There are multiple ways to save money and here I have listed out ten situations that could save you money. For instance, one of the best ways to conserve money is by staying out of any kind of debt. Especially student debts.

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When people obtain student debts, they usually don’t realize the amount of debt they have in the first place.

Students get student debts because they lack the proper needs of money to attend a certain school, so instead of choosing a different school, they decide to get “fast money” the “quick way” which are student debts.

Many students already regret getting student debts because they take a long time to pay off. Most of the time, student debts take a few years to pay in full.

Some couples are in their 50’s still paying off their student debts and can’t retire because of it.

Best to NOT Use Credit Cards

Another well known approach to get into debt is by spending too much money and not knowing about it.

Particularly, the usage of credit cards. Credit cards will get you into a world full of debt that will be hard to escape. At least $5,700 is on debt per household since June 2018.

Many people don’t even realize how much money they’re wasting, until the bill arrives. With credit cards, the interest rates for your debt is ridiculous. Making it almost impossible to actually pay off the debt.

So next time you see a credit card or student debt sign up sheet, it would be best to run out of that situation and not get involved.

Stop Wasting Your Money On Things You Don’t Need

Moreover, another popular way that people tend to lose their money, is by wasting them on expensive cars you can’t pay in full.

A famous quote says “if you can’t buy it twice, you can’t afford it” Not to mention, car values decrease rapidly, so unless you can pay full price, don’t buy it.

Once you first make the mistake of purchasing an expensive car that you can’t afford, it will get you into a mess full of debt that might take years to pay off, with each year decreasing it’s value.

The better situation would be to buy a used and old car for a price you can pay with cash, and not worry about what other people may think of you.

Community College (Second Option)

Similarly, another way to save money would be to go to community college. Attending a community college for a cheaper price to take all required classes, then transferring your credits to your dream college.

This is a process that most people already know about. But remember after you graduate college, no one really cares if you went to a famous, private university like Harvard or not.

So if you can’t afford that college, it’s okay, just don’t attend if you really can’t afford to pay it’s full price. The only exception is getting a full paid scholarship for all years that you will attend.


Scholarships can save you tons of money. While you apply for scholarships, you are well able to use that money to go to your dream university, that was too expensive for you at first.

There are many companies that may offer full paid scholarships or special grants directed towards you. For example, Governors Waiver or Stipend are great programs that give you grants to attend a certain college.

When applying for scholarships, make sure to be specific, for example if you are a certain ethnicity or have a unique hair color, or other distinctive features, look for scholarships amongst those areas.

You will have a higher opportunity to attaining that scholarship, if they’re less people applying to that scholarship.

Take AP Classes

Likewise, by taking all AP or honors classes in high school, can help save you tons of money.

When you take AP classes, you are taking all the college required classes by in high school instead. But in order to save your money, you must also pass the AP tests with a score of 4 or 5, then transferring those credits into the university you wish to attend.

This method saves plenty of money for many students as they aren’t required to retake the expensive academic courses in college.

Expensive Textbooks

In addition to this, school textbooks in general cost a lot of money, so you could use this website created by Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, to use free online textbooks for school:

This website saves you an abundance of money, because nowadays college textbooks are so expensive.


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Additionally, another great way to save money, is by putting your money to work, like investing it in bank accounts. Also budgeting is another useful way to start saving money.

Although the word “budgeting” might sound scary, it will do you miracles if you stick to this habit.

One budgeting app I use is “Every Dollar” and is very convenient and easy to use.

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Always Best To Pay in Cash

Whenever you are going to buy something, always pay for it with cash, so you are absolutely certain that you want it.

If you make a purchase with a credit card, you will have no guilt or regret using that money.

Since all you do is swipe a card, but when it comes to physically giving away cash, it hurts more, and proves that you really want to make that purchase.

Subscribing to Promotional Emails

Finally, signing up for company promotional emails or subscribing to company text messages to receive promotions and more.

This method is a very simple way to get coupons from store’s products, that only you are interested in.

In order to do this, all you have to do is submit your email to the company’s email, for weekly subscriptions and they will send you tons of their coupons.


Ultimately, there are plenty of ideas to save you money, so use these strategies as you like and stick to these habits.

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