With Hollywood creating so many biopics lately, I wanted to further look into old Hollywood stars and their celebrity lookalikes today. So far I was able to find seven of them. I will begin the list from higher resemblance to lower resemblance, this way you can judge for yourself if you believe that the pair really do look alike. 

1. Marilyn Monroe and Britney Spears

image via Google (@godneybitch)
image via Google (@godneybitch)

Recently with the discussions of a new Marilyn Monroe biopic film being made, I can’t help but feel like Britney Spears being the better fit for the role. Especially since both Marilyn and Britney faced very similar experiences in the entertainment industry. But I also feel that Britney should finally live her life with the freedom she deserves and owes nothing to nobody! Nonetheless, both stars are absolutely gorgeous and really need their peace.

2. James Dean and James Franco

This celebrity resemblance is probably the most accurate because James Franco was actually cast to play James Dean in his biopic! But I love how both actors were also named “James” it’s perfect.

3. Alain Delon and Zac Efron

This French actor with the famous American Disney Star could pass for distant relatives, with almost identical twin facial features and charisma. Both usually playing the main love interest in their retrospective films.

4. Anthony Perkins and Andrew Garfield

From Psycho to Spider-Man, what an amazing transition! Both Andrew and Anthony share the same film presence in Hollywood by playing iconic film characters like Norman Bates and Peter Parker. But most importantly they look like distant twins, even wearing the same hairstyles!

5. Ginger Rogers and Christina Aguilera 

It might just be Christina wearing the same blonde hairstyle as Ginger, but the two stars definitely have many similarities in their facial features.

6. Audrey Hepburn and Lily Collins 

image via Google (@www.isaehia.it)
image via Google (@the_lily_collins_fanage)

Not only do Lily Collins and Audrey Hepburn look alike, but she’s one of her biggest idols! What a shame that Lily Collins wasn’t cast to play her in their biopic film, but we know she would’ve been such a great pick.

7. Elizabeth Taylor and Megan Fox

This pair has the least resemblance to each other, but nonetheless very similar. Both Megan Fox and Elizabeth Taylor are known for their more mature-like beauty, with striking blue eyes and dark hair.

Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below any lookalikes I may have missed!

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