The meaning behind the word “asian” itself has changed. Asians are not only what we used to stereotype them as. There’s more to the Asian culture and diversity besides everything an average American would describe them as.

Recent blockbuster hit Crazy Rich Asians

Premiere August 15, 2018

Rotten Tomatoes: 93%

New Popular Netflix Original Film To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Debut August 17, 2018

Casting lead main character Lara Condor

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The rise of Kpop

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With popular groups such as BTS, this Korean Boy Band has made a positive influence for the Asian culture, breaking many stereotypes.

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Top to Bottom: Twice, Red Velvet, Girl’s Generation, Blackpink

Other groups above, such as Blackpink, Twice, Red Velvet, and Girl’s Generation are the girl Kpop groups who have also risen in popularity.

Left to Right: Seventeen, BTS, Pentagon, EXO

With both BTS and Blackpink breaking records on Youtube for most viewed videos within 24 hours and the first two Kpop groups to be on that list.

To see the list click the link:

Kpop has really had an affect on America and the world itself for creating new characteristics to describe the the Asian culture for Koreans.

America’s Got Talent Winner 2018 Shin Lim

Winner announced September 20, 2018

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Shin Lim is a Canadian-American magician who was able to win the grand finale prize of one million dollars on the America’s Got Talent Show.

New Taiwanese Drama Netflix Show on Trending Meteor Garden (2001)

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Therefore, with Meteor Garden trending on Netflix worldwide, it clearly shows the impact Asians have on us this past summer. Because not many all Chinese scripted TV Shows are popular in the USA.


Entertainment started to expand themselves to new cultures, embracing the Asian culture. Turning the unity into a beautiful combination of the two. The Asian representation has grown and isn’t the same as what you thought the average asian may be.


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