Enough is Enough! If we, as a society, want this discrimination to STOP, we have to act NOW! Stop sitting around and doing nothing, because this topic is something that affects ALL of us, not just black people. 

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George Flyod’s violent death only reminds us of what kind of world we live in. That police brutality is a current issue and has to be stopped. But in order for a change to happen, we must start that change and fight for our rights! But with respect to others as well, not to stereotype the mistakes of one, to everyone within that stereotype.

Of course, the pandemic doesn’t make any of this any easier, but there are plenty of ways even the average person can do. Since everyone wants to stay home to protect their families (especially if you are living with the elderly) and can’t physically protest, don’t lose hope!

Here, check out all the links down below on how you can help! Remember, you don’t have to donate or protest, but even little things count, like sharing these links with others, who can help! Because YOU have a big role in this world, so spread the word and support in any way you can! 







#BlackLivesMatter  #BlackOutTuesday

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