Dream Significance (What Do Your Dreams Mean?)

Have you ever had a dream so confusing that you wanted to figure out what it meant? Well in this blog I have written some of the symbols most seen in dreams and what they mean.

Dreams (definition): a series of thoughts, images, sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.

Top 20 Famous Symbolism Found


If you dream of flying it means you are in good shape. Flying represents many positive symbolism such as being happy, up-lifted, and motivated. Especially if you felt happy and confident when you were flying.

Also it could mean that you want to escape from your current circumstances and be free.


The opposite of having a dream about flying. Instead it signifies that you need to let go of something that you’re holding on to. Maybe you need to move since your rent is too much to keep up with, but you are constantly pushing the decision backwards since you can’t seem to let go of your friends.

Being Trapped

Being trapped in your dreams, represents the need for change in your life. Like having a fresh approach to life. For example, maybe you’re stuck in this job that you’re not passionate about, so this dream is telling you to go find a new job that will make you truly happy and make good money.

Getting Chased

If you dream about getting chased that you might be feeling in danger or under pressure. Like the the dream itself, you are being “chased” or under pressure from “something” that you can’t control and you need to change that.

Exams at School

Taking an exams at school is already harsh and sickening, but to have a dream about it is actually better. It represents a reflection of how much you’re stressing on either failing of passing on the test. So you can use that stress from the dream to convert into positive energy that you are confident on the test.

Here I have written a previous blog on how to better study for upcoming tests and exams:


It could also signify you being worried about your own personality. For example, maybe you are too sensitive and what to be more confident with yourself and not care about what other people think about you. This dream could help you solve the problem by telling you what the problem is in the first place.

Killing People

Having a dream about killing someone doesn’t necessarily mean you want to kill someone but sometimes about killing that “part” of you shown within the dream character that you’ve killed. For instance, similar to the dream about taking exams at school, you need to change something within you that may be problem to yourself and others.


Dreaming about sex usually means that you desire more of it. Also it could mean that you are growing as a person in tune with nature and your true self.

Being Naked

As common dream among people, being naked is not such a good dream to have consistently. Being naked represents the fear of being embarrassed or not showing your true self to the public.

Being Late or Lost

Dreaming about being late or somewhat lost in your dream usually means that you lack faith in your time keeping ability. Maybe you procrastinate too much and need to learn to turn in projects in time or do your homework on time, not at the last minute.

Being Pregnant (for female)

If you are dreaming about being pregnant, it could mean that you are actually pregnant or that you are growing as a person. Developing you and your character along the way. As if you were a baby inside yourself and you are constantly growing and changing to become the person you were meant to be.

Finding an Empty Room

Finding an empty room in your dream usually means that you are searching for something you can’t find in real life. Also it could mean you should explore a new area in your life.

Hiding From Someone or Something

If you are dreaming about hiding from someone or something in general it represents that you are scared of change.

But if you are hiding an object away from someone it means that you are scared of losing someone.

Walking/Running in Place

Walking in place means you lack power and strength to reach for something in your life. Similar to being controlled and can’t do anything about it. Running in place means that you are trying to move forward but there is something holding you back.

Needing to Find a Toilet

Trying to find a toilet in your dream signifies the need to express yourself and personal needs. For example, you are able to accomplish all you personal needs like going to the bank and putting the  rest of your money in savings.

But if you are panicked and frantically looking for a toilet than it means that no one listens to you when you need it most and causes you to feel lower about yourself.

Intruders in Home

Dreaming about having an intruder in your home it means that something new in your life has come and it’s not a good fit. For example, maybe you just received your new job with good pay but you’re not happy in it, so the dream would signify you to go and find a new job that you will be happy  in.

Being Taken

Dreaming about being taken in your dream means that you are afraid of losing something that you greatly achieved and don’t want to lose it.

Drowning Underwater

Drowning underwater can mean you’re overwhelmed or overburdened. Similar to the actual phrase, you are drowning under a lot of pressure that you need to relief and take off yourself in the real world.

Kissing (Someone)

If you are seen kissing someone in your dream it means that you have hidden feelings for someone that you may not have known about.

Seeing a Dead Relative

If you see a dead relative in your dream it could either mean that you truly miss them and their presence or that you as the dreamer have guilt of their death.

Missing Your Flight/Bus

Missing you flight or bus in your dream means you need to be more organized with your time management skills. Similar to being late or lost, you need to better arrange your time better in real life and your dreams are trying to help you be better prepared for life.

Things/Objects Significance Found


Dreaming about any kind of death usually means having a new beginning. Also it could mean that you are scared of change. For example, maybe you moving so that would be your new beginning but of course you’re scared of the new possibilities and opportunities when you move.


Seeing Water in dream usually means you’re being overwhelmed or stressed. For example, you might have an upcoming test as well as a 100 point project all due tomorrow, that’s what your brain is expressing through your dreams. Similar to dreaming about literal drowning, it’s as if your brain is drowning with all of the responsibilities you need to do.

But seeing a lot of water it could mean that you have financial problems or have lots of responsibilities you’re stressing about.


Having a dream about fire is actually a positive significance. Usually meaning having freedom and passion towards an area.

But if you’re the one on fire, then it means you are overwhelmed and under pressure. SImilar to the dream of water or drowning.


If you dream about being on a vehicle such as a car or a bus, then you are worried about the direction that life is taking you.

Teeth Falling Out

If you dream about your teeth falling out then you feel subconsciously controlled or trapped. Maybe you stuck as crossroads and your mind doesn’t seem to agree with what you want in your heart and your life is going in the opposite direction that you want it go.


Having a dream about babies usually represents the want to continue your family life and that you want more to your life. It could also mean that you are holding back on something that you now regret. So you should have just went for the risk in the first place.


Dreaming about money represents your self worth, or at least what you think it is. Also symbolising your success besides wealth, but self-confidence and pride as well.


Seeing building or houses with multiple rooms can represent different aspects of your life. For instance, each individual room can represent a unique memory or emotion of yourself.


If you dream about food or any specific food items, it means that your feeding your brain. It literally means that you are feeding your brain as we need to eat for survival, so dreaming about food is reflected if we are eating properly and healthy.


If you dream about clothing it can represent many different things. If the clothes you are shown wearing in the dream is dirty then you need a change in your lifestyle. But if the clothes are clean or what you would regularly wear, it represents the way you portrait yourself to the real world. For example, wearing on huge jackets that don’t show any part of your skin, means that you aren’t very revealing and more private.


Dreams about books and showing books represent knowledge, wisdom, and ideal power. If you dream about books it means that you desire the power of knowledge.

Roller Coasters

Dreaming about roller coasters signify that you should take more risks in your life to embark the journey that comes along with it. For example, maybe an opportunity comes along your way but you hesitated to take the decision, so this dream is telling you that you shouldn’t hesitate but should just say “Yes” to the opportunity that will do you good.

Having Tattoos

If you are having a dream is shown with tattoos, it means that you want to be reminded of something. It could symbolize regret of doing something you wish had never done.

Things That Happened To You

Meeting Someone Famous

Seeing an adored celebrity in your dream usually means that we’ve seen them throughout the day many times. We might get excited when we see them as a person. So our brain tries to replicate that feeling of happiness, so the brain would create their image.

A Film You’ve Seen

Similar to seeing a famous person in your dream, it means that you’ve thought about or seen this film many times during the day.

Car Crash

If you are dreaming about a car crash it means that you are currently in conflict with someone that you are close to and you need to resolve it.

Meeting Your Ex Lover

If you meet your ex lover in your dream, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be with him or her again, but that you miss being in a relationship in general.

Being Cheated On

If you dream about getting cheated on it means that there is lack of trust in that relationship. That our brain is trying to tell you that it’s unhealthy.

For example, maybe you might not realize it consciously, but your partner is not being very respectful to you and you need to get out of that relationship. It could also mean that you are getting cheated on in real life.


Dreaming about UFO or aliens abducting you it means that you are scared to lose your home and afraid to try new things.

Being in Prison

If you dream about being in prison it means that you are afraid of being held back from something that you want to do. It could also mean you subconsciously regret doing something and the possibility of seeing yourself in jail scares you.

Becoming King or Queen

Becoming King or Queen in  your dream represents the need for more authority and responsibility in an area of work that you are not receiving currently. That you want more power in real life and people look down at you not knowing your full potential.


If you dream of demons and monsters it usually represents you, the dreamer, and your bad aspects of yourself. The demons represent our worst selves and the brain is trying to tell us to fix that part of us.

Animal Significance

Animals in dreams multiple significances that range from color to the species of the creature. Any animal shown in dreams usually represent any survival instincts or facing hard decisions that we must face.


Dogs represent loyalty and if you dream of a violent dog, then you are being betrayed by a loved one.

Ants Crawling on You

If you dream of ants crawling on you then someone in the real world is getting under your skin, being a bad influence that you must get rid of.


Horses represent freedom, so if you dream of riding on a horse, it means you want more freedom in your life.


Snakes can mean both positive and negative things in your dreams. As snakes usually represent temptation and threatening things. But the color of the snake represents a huge part in interpreting your dream.

Green Snake- you want or is currently returning back to your true self with nature.

Black Snake- fear of failure and too scared to take any risks and opportunities.

Red Snake- healing yourself, transforming into a better person.

White Snake- a new beginning is going to happen soon

Yellow Snake- someone you are close to is betraying you or sickness

Blue Snake- someone is not fully supporting your goals when they said they would


Spiders usually represent that you are not in control of your life. For example, maybe you are being excluded in your group of friends or your partner is being untrustworthy and cheating on you.

Your Thoughts and Feelings

Many might not realize that sometimes the things we see in our dreams are constantly changing. Not being exact, so when we interpret them it might uncover it’s true meaning.

So many scientists started interpreting dreams not by the object shown but the feelings you felt when you encountered that object. For example, were you scared when you saw that green snake or extremely happy.

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