Fun Things To Do Over The Summer 2018

As the school year soon comes to an end, we look forward for what comes in the summer.

Here I have listed some ideas of fun things you could do over the summer:

Definitely try to do something productive. Although just sitting around while watching netflix and eating is quite tempting, do something where you can explore yourself as a person.

For example, doing something you enjoy outside of school. Making new memories that will last a lifetime is all that matter, so use your time wisely. 

Things to do individually

Explore yourself, your talents, skills and hobbies

During this summer you can discover what you’re passionate about to better make the right choices in the future about your careers. With this decision in mind, the choices you make in college majoring will come a lot more easier and convenient.  

Start saving up your money

No matter the age group you should always be wise with the money you spend, so maybe you can start saving up your money. It’s never too late to start planning for your future and saving money along the way so you won’t have to stress as much once you reach senior year in high school.

Someone I suggest to watch and monitor your finances is Dave Ramsey

Work out, exercise

Keeping yourself in shape is not only keeping you lean, but your also benefiting your health care.

Learn a new language

Learning a new language definitely helps you have a more open mind when it comes to learning about new cultures. Also it benefits your future education if your heading out to college, because one of the requirements to graduate is learning a second language.

Make a bucket list that you would like to accomplish

With a bucket list, you have already listed out things you want to accomplish, why not try to accomplish them this summer.

At Home

Read Summer Novels

Reading helps with daily knowledge in learning more vocabulary as well as being set into a storyline so good that you fall in love with the plot and it’s characters.

Prepare for the next school year (if you have)

If you have not yet bought your school supplies for the next year, you can plan out some supplies you want for the upcoming year. Plus if you get all school supplies before the month you’re going back to school, the prices are lot cheaper, and you can save more money.


Go exercise or play any sports

Unless your already on a sports team, sometimes playing a sport like swimming or a light jog for exercise helps with any and all body care benefits.

Take a Walk around the park or neighborhood

Not only for the Sun’s vitamin D, but just going outside your house in general, benefits a lot from your mood to motivation in many ways.

Things to do with friends/family

Make a Bucket List plan with friends and family,

Plan out your future plans and ideas with each other

Planning out ideas and fun bucket lists together will help lead your group to a better summer vacation with the plan in your hands. With this you can decide fun places to go to that each member has in common.  

In Your Own Backyard!

Book club

If you enjoy reading, reading with friends makes it even better. Especially if you can discuss the novel and create some fun activities together. 

Film fun movie skits together

Using the iMovie app or anything video editing app to record funny skits together to remember and enjoy.


Watch upcoming films, check out my blog on upcoming movies this year 2018:

Go to fun amusement parks together, so enjoy the fun roller coasters and excitement there.

But you gotta make the money first so check out my blog on ways you can save money:

Support organizations you believe in

“What you give is what you get”

Help supporting organizations you believe in helps build your own character and benefits your own self when it comes to giving back to the community and helping the world in any way that you can.


So these were a few of my ideas to help this summer of 2018 be the best summer yet until next year. Hope you enjoyed the ideas and that you will take time to consider them.

Comment down somethings that you will do over the summer and if this list has helped you determine that statement.

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