Are you someone who considers listening to music as one of their hobbies? Well here are some fun ways to analyze your music taste or if you’re bored listening to the same songs over and over again, here are some ways to discover brand new songs, albums, and artists you’ll love:


*This section is usually bets for those who have a Spotify account. Also please be aware to not submit your account information on random Spotify music stats apps because you could get hacked. So far for these two websites below, they seem the safest to me, but please take your own precautions first!! (Spotify stats that lets you organize your music/playlists based on genre, mood, etc.)!/ (lists your stats, top genres, tells you how obscure your taste it, and what your happiness, energy, acousticness, danceability percentage is compared to average) (Artist Relationship Graph that compares the artists you listen to and their connections with each other. You can also compare your own music taste with other users with the “Compare” button)


This is a fun way to discover either similar artists or genres you already like or discover entirely new genres you thought you would never have listened to before! It’s a great way to expand your music taste and have fun while researching. (find music similar to artists you like with previews) (every music genre ever to discover) (more specific research to each artist and their entire music discography) (GNOD music discovery, maps out similar artists to your favorite one, keep delving deeper into the music rabbit hole)

I also enjoy watching those “What are people listening to…” Youtube Videos because they give you a great insight on people’s music taste in an almost realistic manner. 


This list is a bit more miscellaneous, but none the less pretty interesting to check out. (transfer music playlists between different platforms) (make a playlist from a random song or current mood) (explore live radio) (send the link to someone and you can see how compatible your music taste is)

Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below any tips you use to discover new music or anything I may have missed

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