Think you’re too old for trick or treating or too young to go to a Halloween party and wearing “naughty” costumes. But you still want to celebrate somehow.

Yet, what could you do? Well, here’s a list of some things you can do on Halloween besides trick or treating.

Scene from movie “The Ring”

1) Stay at home and watch scary films

  • This option can be done with friends and families
  • Many scary Halloween movies in 2017 are great Example.“It”, “Annabelle: Creation”, “Cult of Chucky”, etc.
  • Also it’s a way of bonding on this very night with loved ones, to do something together
  • You might not be the trick or treating type of person, but at least watching a scary film is something

2) Find leftover candies you don’t want and give them to other kids

  • This option is a perfect way to not wasting unwanted candies
  • “What is trash to you my be someone else’s treasure”
  • Also you can help out Earth by not throwing away candy you don’t like, unlike most people in the world…
  • Additionally, you can make a cute basket or bucket activity by DIY(ing)  it
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3) Still Dress up with your Friends and just tell Scary Stories 

  • What better way to celebrate Halloween than to tell scary stories with your friends
  • A night to scare others and have a spooky creative night of ghost, demons, and other scary stories
  • Make sure to have all the proper materials for this situation and have fun spooking!


From Movie trailer “It”

4) Dress up in your Halloween Costumes and Scare People 

  • Try to make your costume super scary and you can scare kids around your neighborhood when they come knocking on your door
  • But don’t go crazy with your costume or both you and the victim could get hurt if the other person has a weapon (Example: Wearing a killer clown costume that other people could hurt you)


IMB/ Holidappy Halloween Maze Ideas

5) Go to Halloween School Events 

  • Many schools tend to have occasions specifically for Halloween, so you should invite your friends and enjoy the holiday
  • maybe they have some cool party things you don’t want to miss out on
  • You would have a lot more fun being involved in Halloween (if you celebrate it) then to be alone in your house where it’s most vulnerable for you…



6) Walk Around your Neighborhood and see if there’s some set up Halloween Events like Mazes and etc.

  • Most neighborhood may have mini events like scary mazes, bobbing for apples, fun scary costume contests, and more
  • You can also go to these events with your friends and families and just have fun


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7) Just Stay at Home

  • Because you don’t even celebrate Halloween and don’t understand why everyone’s so excited about it
  • Well if you don’t celebrate Halloween and have no idea what it is, just stay at home and go on with your regular daily life 


Anyway I hope all of you guys can enjoy Halloween, whichever way you choose to do. Also comment down below some scary Halloween films I missed that you would watch.

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