ATTENTION EVERYONE! If you are a person living on earth right now, then you need to hear this! The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is only worsening every second, and we need to do something. 

Also please watch the video if you haven’t already! The more awareness this cause receives, the more likely we’ll be able to solve this situation sooner.

On April 1, 2020, YouTuber jacksepticeye, posted a video discussing the growing and concerning topic of the coronavirus. Partnering up with tiltify and COVID 19 Solidarity Response Fund in hopes to obtain enough money to go into finding a cure or recovering the large economic loss that most people are suffering right now. 

To help those who no longer have jobs to receive some financial help. Since many schools and retail stores employees are suffering the most financially during this crisis. Along with the lack of proper hygiene in hospitals because of glove and masks shortage.

On April 7, 2020 (World Health Day), jacksepticeye, himself, and many other creators will be Livestreaming the whole day in efforts of gaining enough charity funds to fight against this disease. 


Extra links: 


COVID 19 Solidarity Response Fund:…

United Way Worldwide:…

Comic Relief (Red Nose Day):


Thank you so much for reading! and SPREAD THE WORD! We need as many people as we can to know about the stake at cost! Even viewers like you can help!

Share the video with friends and family to get everyone else on board with this. Because everyone on this planet is suffering the same consequences of this pandemic, so we must work together.  And even doing little stuff, such as quarantining yourself and social distancing will help too! 

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