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Support Ukraine!


The war against Ukraine is not over and many innocent lives are constantly at risk. So, if you may please spare any of your time to read the information provided by @JaneLytv and @radiowestin and find out how you can help the crisis. You don’t need to donate to show your support, simply spreading awareness is just as important right now.

ALSO, a twitter thread by @AizelKonArt has more information on how to help show our support to the cause in any way possible: 

Learn about more general information about the crisis:

Donation Links:

Update: You can donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine directly now. All the funds donated directly or to either of these orgs will be used for logistical and medical support.

*side-note: there are many companies and users who claim they are Ukrainian and ask for money, so always make sure to check your sources!

Thank you so much for reading! And most importantly, DO NOT BE PASSIVE AND SILENT. Spreading proper awareness can go a long way. 

#StandWithUkraine #Ukraine #UkraineRussiaConflict #UkraineRussiaCrisis #Ukraina 


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