Top 10 Inventions to Expect in the Future

Time flies by so fast that it’s already 2018! Before you know it, technology has advanced in so many ways you can’t even count them. From changing your baby’s genes to flying cars, the possibilibilities are endless of how our future will advance. Here are the TOP 10 Inventions to expect in the future:

  1. Hyperloop One

Image via Google/Hyperloop One

Hyperloop One is a faster and more convenient way to travel and for a cheaper price. ($20) One of the benefits for this creation is that it doesn’t use gasoline, preventing fossil fuels from increasing and making a mark on the Earth that we live on. 

Hyperloop One will be first releasing around 2021. Making your daily ways of transportation much more time wise and efficient for everyone. 

Additionally, this invention can assist humans with preventing accidents that are caused by human mistakes. Since this machine is controlled electronically, less catastrophes will occur.

2) Machines that eat trash

Image via Google

The Trash Eating Monster will decrease the vast amount of pollution on Earth in the future. With the mass population of trash, it lead the creation of the machine eating trash.

Created by a dutch student to reduce pollution in the ocean to help protect and save the sea creatures in the ocean and protect our drinking water from becoming all waste. 

This creation can benefit so much to our environment yet there are so few of them in the ocean, if there were too many, I would cause chaos for the sea animals who do live in the ocean.

3) Self tying shoe

Image via Google/Nike

These Nike Self Tying Shoes are more convenient and faster way to put on shoes and avoid tripping on your shoes laces.

Tripping on shoe laces have become a huge hazard. So these self typing shoes are beneficial to preventing injuries for yourself and others around you. 

Although cool looking shoes like these, must use a lot of energy, making these shoes expensive.

4) TF-X Terrafugia Flying Cars

Image via Google/TF-X

The TF-X creation of flying cars are more high tech and a faster way of getting around places. Without the big crowds of cars and other vehicles on the streets, fly in the skies. 

Flying cars could also benefit with the growth of technology to prevent greenhouse gases from increasing and ruining our oxygen.

Although if flying cars populate the skies, that could also ruin our air. So are flying cars actually a good thing? Besides looking cool what other benefits could flying cars do for our environment.

5) Advanced Human like Robots

Image via Google

Advanced Robots will inspire for more work to be done with within a low time limit. With advancements of vehicles they’re are also advancements of us humans, to be more efficient.  

In the company of these robots, the work done in manufactories will avoid more chaos and disasters.

Furthermore, human robots could replace all factory workers or anyone who has a career relating to manufactories in any way to prevent mishaps.

6) Gene Editing

Image via Google

Gene Editing inventions can edit the genes of your future baby and other species. With this invention it can help prevent diseases and mutations of young babies before they’re born.

This invention would be very helpful but ultimately expensive and shouldn’t be used for personal and selfish reasons about the babies future appearance.

With gene editing, it could also benefit to protecting any babies before they’re born to not have any passed down diseases. Like HIV, AIDS, etc.

7) Bioluminescent Trees

Image via Google

Bioluminescent Trees can help our planet of limiting greenhouse gases and replacing street lights with these bioluminescent trees that light up up our cities naturally.

On the other hand, this creation could lead to harm the daily routines of nocturnal animals if they can be seen in the homes they use to hunt in.

However, with bioluminescent trees or plants, it provide bonus nutrients for herbivores. But it might also cause these animals to have bioluminescent DNA in their blood, causing a mutation.

8) Eating Artificial or Insect Meals

Image via Google

Insect eating because of the higher bug and insect population on Earth with the decrease of biodiversity of other species. Us humans must eat insects of bright artificial colors.

Also they’re nutritious, which helps us with properly fulfilling our body requirements with all necessary vitamins. 

Furthermore, eating insects was always been happening all around the world throughout different countries, so it’s so bizarre to eat insects.

9) Smart Clothes

Image via Google

Smart Clothes, a new wardrobe of wacky and high tech fashion with a unique sense of style. Clothes in the future will most likely be bright, protective, uniform, and vibrant.

Due to lack of biodiversity, trees will not be as vast in the future. Which affects our clothes’ materials to be rubber.

Fashion in the future will most likely be connected to technology in very unique ways so it might either very heavy or light in weight.

Considering that, no one would want to wear heavy clothing that bores down on their bodies like heavy boulders.

10) New Species

Image via Google/Dougla Dixon

Breeding of new species to form new ones because of the lack of biodiversity and crucial and beneficial animals going extinct in the animal food chain.

Urban cities ruins habitats of animals and which make them deplete and decrease in amount.

Ultimately, we might be looking a whole new set of creatures to replace all the other ones we’ve end up killing off into extinction.

Image via Google/Dougal Dixon

According to A Zoology of the Future it shows above various versions of animal hybrids we might have in the future.

From whales with beaks to monkeys with flippers, we will never know what may the future have in hold for us.



These are the top 10 inventions to expect in the future, comment down below the ones you think I missed.


  1. As Edward Teller once said, “The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”. Here are, we believe, the top 10 inventions that actually changed the world. The world, as we know it today, is the result of a series of inventions that made living more convenient and the world a safer and healthy place to live. Among all the scientific inventions, some carry more significance than others because of their impact on the world.

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