If you ever feel bored at home, then definetly continue reading on, as I have written down top 25 things to do when you’re bored.

Looking out for your future

1) Write a bucket list

Check out this blog to find out more about writing bucket lists and more: http://madmeaning.com/society/fun-things-to-do-over-the-summer-2018/

2) Write a letter to your future self

If you have the time, you should write yourself a letter to your future self. Reading these letters and writing them are both so much fun to discover your past.

Plus you won’t be bored anymore and have something to look forward to in the future.

3) Draw your dream house

This activity is always fun to do, as you imagine what your future will be like and sometimes we get the best creative ideas from this process.


4) Build a fort

Home built forts are always fun to make. Besides, all you have to do is get some house furniture like pillows and blankets.

Then you stack the tall pillows or some chairs and use the blanket as a roof for the top. And done! That’s really all it takes to create a basic fort.

5) Plan your dream vacation

Ever wanted to go Sydney, Australia or Paris, France. Well now you have to chance to create the ultimate dream vacation on all the places you’ve ever wanted to visit or re-visit. Start with a paper and pencil and get plannin’.


6) Learn a new language

Learning a new language will already benefit your future, so you might well learn one or two new ones. Although learning a language in general is a bit time consuming, you will most definitely be grateful you did in the future.

Some apps I use are Duolingo and language Drops for world languages. But “Hello Chinese” and “LingoDeer” mainly for single languages like Chinese and Korean.

7) Learn to play an instrument

Besides just looking cool with you rock the guitar or drums, learning to play an instrument is an amazing talent.

So if you happen to have an instrument already at home, then feel free to practice a couple of chords or for a beginner, start learning immediately!

The instrument that you are so gratefully given to have, is a blessing, so you might as well learn to play to be a blessing to others.

8) Paint or Draw

If you are more on the artistic side, then drawing and painting will be your cure from boredom. But if your a beginner, never feel like you can’t draw. As long a practice enough, anything will be possible.

For example, looking at other artists’ drawings or some online tutorials will get you on the write track to draw or paint like a professional.

9) Bake/Cook something

Maybe you like cooking and baking food. So if you made a batch of cookies, you could probably sell them to make some pocket money for yourself.

10) Write a story

Dear future authors,

Please write that story you have in your head, on paper. You never know when your story could be the next “Harry Potter” Series. If you give yourself a chance, then by all means, start writing and create the story that was meant for the whole world to know.

However, if you write just for fun, then maybe submit a few stories to writing contests, so you as well could gain some money for future purposes.

11) Write a song

If you got a tune stuck in your head, maybe you could write down a few lyrics. You never know if you’re song writing to could get you to sing out on live stage, if that’s the dream you hold.

But song-writing are fun activities to get rid of boredom and will probably make you time worth while.

12) Watch a movie

Check out this page to discover some new movies and think if you should watch it or not:


13) Read a book

The best part about reading is getting your mind in the author’s world of wonder. You are now in the little world of happiness, that the author has designed perfectly for you.

Besides, all the new adventures and knowledge you gain from it all will benefit your future actions and possible brain power.


14) Get in contact with friends and family (FaceTime, etc.)

Nothing could ever go wrong with a face to face “hello” a couple miles apart. Getting in contact with friends and family is an awesome way to relive yourself from boredom.

15) Chat with friends

Surprisingly texting friends could be such a fun way to not be bored anymore. Also, you could download GamePigeon (If you own an apple phone) and play fun mini games even if you’re far apart and won’t be bored anymore.

16) Plan a fun picnic or movie night with friends 

If you are more of the face to face, physically there kind of person, then put down your GamePigeon, call your friends over and plan a fun date night. You could even set up a picnic or go to the movies and buy some popcorn. Anything you want to do as long as everybody else is okay with it.


17) Organize your phone (Delete photos, etc.)

Sometimes we have too much junk on our phones, so take this free time you have to get organizing.

18) Clean your room

If you got nothing else to do, might as well clean your room if it’s not already clean. Plus now if you want to hang out another day, the room will already be clean.

19) Organize your music playlists

If you even have one… But if you do, then create or organize your music playlists so you’re ready wherever you go then requires some fun music to be blasted out.

20) Create a bullet journal

Bullet journals are amazing tools to keeping your life organized if you’re into making lists and taking time to write in it everyday.


21) Go out for a walk

If you being outside, maybe you could just leave your house and go take a walk around the neighborhood for some fresh air.

22) Ride a bike

If you prefer traveling be wheels, then take a bike ride with some friends and enjoy the little ride around town.

23) Take a hike

If you live by a hiking trail, then maybe call in some family members or friends to plan a fun hiking day together. Exploring the world beneath the city and appreciating all the beautiful nature around us.


24) Take online quizzes (Buzzfeed Quiz, etc.)

Check out some Buzzfeed Quizzes Here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/quizzes

Some fun personality quizzes or “Which fandom best determines your birthday month…?” and more will all definitely give you some time away from boredom.

25) Explore ideas on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way to not be bored, since you can discover some things you would like to do if none of the options above are interesting to you.


Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below some activities you do while bored at home.


  1. Oh, wow! I can’t believe I’ve been bored so many times and didn’t know how to cure it! This list is gold! I’m going to start with number 12 right away and try to make my own virtual pet. Who knows, maybe it’ll become my new best friend! 😂🐶 Thanks for sharing this incredible list!

  2. Love this list! I’m always looking for new ideas to do when I’m feeling bored, and this has some great suggestions. I especially agree with point #12 – sometimes a good rant can really help you feel better and get things off your chest.Thanks for sharing!

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