Recently with the new age of social media, comes new styles for a new generation. Especially with apps such as TikTok, where dressing in your style that makes you feel comfortable is very important to teens now.

Fashion is definitely a place of expression, and it’s amazing now that we can all share this interest with others, and find others with a similar sense of style to our own!

But if you are still unsure about your own aesthetic, you can quickly take a look at each type down below, and see which styles you gravitate towards. 

But definitely check out for more in depth descriptions on each type of aesthetic! 

art hoe 

This style is heavily based on one’s love for art and their connection to nature, with key items such as famous paintings and sunflowers. 

main colors: blue, yellow


The baddie aesthetic can be described as a girl who can pull off “badass” style or the new style of hip hop. Primarily associated with Instagram and beauty gurus. Can also be known as divacore or babygirl aesthetic. 

main colors: red and black


This style is inspired from the “romanticized interpretation of western agriculture” centered on ideas about nature and simplicity. Also similar to countrycore or farmcore, which are subgenres for cottagecore. 

main colors: green and beige

dark academia

Originally based on European culture, dark academia style revolves around classic literature, with a focus on history and self discovery. Often times, this aesthetic is more mysterious and “dark” compared to other academia styles. 

main colors: earth tones, brown 

light academia 

Light academia is the opposite of dark academia, as it involves the actual enjoyment for life, such as nature and others. This aesthetic also involves a heavy interest in literature, music, art, and history, with a more focus on the Renaissance and classical appeals in European history. 

main colors: beige, light brown 


Ethereal by definition is the “extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.” So this aesthetic is highly inspired by emotions, such as the feeling of being extremely “delicate” and “out of this world.” Common key objects for this aesthetics are “heavenly” angels, cathedrals, and nature. Also very similar to the angelcore aesthetic. 

main colors: pastels, white and gold 


Fairycore aesthetic is described as the surrounding of nature and magic, with the main theme of “spring”. Common objects for this aesthetic are butterflies, flowers, and soft animals like bunnies. 

main colors: soft pastels, cream (earthy tones)


This style is based on 90s inspired clothes, with a huge influence from bands like nirvana. Could also be considered the new “emo” or “edgy”. Usually depicted with vinyl records, cigarettes, and the color black. Styles very similar to the “gothic” or “e-girl” aesthetic, except involves emphasized make up and less chains. 

main colors: black and other dark versions of red 


Hypebeast generally refers to a person who is devoted to acquiring fashionable items, especially clothing and shoes. This style usually involves the purchasing and styling of “trendy” clothes. 

main colors: depends on whatever is trending 


The indie aesthetic is based on individuality, with “Indie” being short for individual. This style usually consists of bright, colorful clothing usually involving oversized jeans and large hoodies.

main colors: bright primary colors, earthy tones


The minimalist aesthetic is pretty self explanatory as it involves the style to be very simple. Often interpreted as a reaction against abstract expressionism and a bridge to post minimal art practices.

main colors: beige and grey


The skatercore aesthetic or “tomboy” style is described as a subculture of punk rock music (e.g. Avril Lavigne’s Sk8ter Boi). Originally a genre of hardcore punk closely associated with skate culture, skate punk changed into a more melodic genre of punk rock in the 1990s. 

main colors: blacks, greys, and reds (flannels)

softcore / kawaii 

WARNING: DO NOT search “Softcore” on it’s own. To find aesthetic search results, remember to type “softcore aesthetic.”

The softcore aesthetic is described as a “cute” culture, heavily influenced from the visual culture of popular Japanese entertainment, food, and style. Being a youthful, lightly feminine aesthetic, primarily used when describing anyone who is very nice and sweet to everyone. Softgirls and softboys often wear pastel colors, blush, and lipgloss. Also directly related to the angelcore and animecore aesthetics.

main colors: pink and pastel


Spacecore is a type of aesthetic that is centered around astronomy, stars and planets. Also called astrocore or cosmic core. This aesthetic uses lots of stars and planet type things in clothing or decor. With key objects of stars or the moon, very similar to the ravenclaw aesthetic for hogwarts.

main colors: blue, indigo, gold (metals)


The vaporwave clash of 1990 music or art, early internet designs, purple and pink neon colors, new “retro”. Vaporwave, as an aesthetic and movement, has been described as a tongue-in-cheek commentary on modern consumerism and the soulless glamour of late capitalism. Also very similar to the city pop, acid wave, and retro futurism aesthetics. 

main colors: bright neon (pink, blue, and purple)


The vintage aesthetic imitates the style of the previous fashion eras. A very popular example is the subgenre of the 90s nostalgia aesthetic. 

main colors: depends on what fashion era was previously popular 


Witchcore is an aesthetic centered around the themes of witchcraft. It also involves some elements of cottagecore or the gothic aesthetic, since some of the aesthetic revolves around the outdoor setting. It often involves how to perform spells, magic, or gem collecting.

main colors: purple, green, or other dull colors

extra note

Here are some extra “aesthetics” that don’t really have a category yet? So comment down which aesthetics these would fit into!

Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below any of your favorite aesthetics or if I missed any! Also stay safe out there and always wear you mask!

(edit: ) Hello everyone! I recently made a part 2 continuing this blog, as well answering some of your guys’ questions. So feel free to check it out if you couldn’t find the aesthetic you liked in this site or if you wanted to know how to discover which aesthetic is truly your style!


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        1. I don’t think people need to prove what makes them happy, if they like skatercore and that makes them happy then they don’t have to do anything for you.

          1. emm, she dont wanna to say you what to do, the only one ho is been like obdience with here is you, cause you are taking such seriously this beacuse is scuh important for you, the only thing she is doing is explain the tipe of aesthetics and show inspiration

          1. I’m a mix of light academia and cottagecore, but I lean more towards light academia since I’m not into gardening/knitting/etc.

          2. Don’t like emo girls, but wouldn’t mind being friends with one of them. Also wouldn’t make fun of them! <3😄

        1. I’m a mix of…………………..Vintage, Baddie, Light Academia, Dark Academia, Minimalist, and Softcore/Kawaii. Hope you liked me sharing all the Aesthetics that i like–or i am apart of.


      1. I’m a mix between grunge, skater, and vintage. Usually. Sometimes I’ll dress up differently depending on the day and how I’m feeling.

      1. GIRL, Mahh aesthetic is Spacecore, I LUV anything related to space, I have like 100 books on space! I LUV blue, purple, gold, and black, there mah fav. colors of all time!

        1. OMG ME TOO!! I absolutely love space! I want to have space core aesthetic clothes so bad but i’m too broke lol.

    1. Indie, vintage, skater, hypebeast, baddie, and art hoe

          1. You’re not a true indie kid, indie kids only have ONE and ONLY ONE aesthetic. Stop BETRAYING us and stop being a FAKER you fake indie kid!!!>:( <3uwu

    2. you are a piece of s#!t
      now are you gonna CRY?
      iF I were a friend of yours irl, I would’ve liked to put some dirt in your eye 😀

      Bully Maguire

  1. aliencore: a subgenre/conglomeration of the 80score aes, vaporwave, and spacecore, with a focus on being weird or out of the ordinary. often used with a sciencey aesthetic and even conspiracy theories.
    i have no other “core” name for this but i call it y2k-core: centered around the glam and glitter “baddie” scene of early 2000s pop culture, with a more mature theme. often grouped with slutcore and other self-confidence movements by women for women involving being confident in ones sexuality and beauty.

      1. I swear some of y’all are so toxic! I came here because I need to decide my book character’s aesthetic. And all I see is people fighting in the comments.


    1. whats up with your name? (me wondering why he/she is being mean to himself/herself)

  2. Posh aesthetic
    Sci-Fi aesthetic

    Extras that you could add:
    Main character
    Schoolgirl(boy)(person)(attack helicopter)

    1. ?? attack helicopter? really? isnt that old lmao
      and schoolgirl isnt rlly an aesthetic-
      plus people fetishize it-

      1. Hi!! Im so sorry about the attack helicopter part of my comment! I made this at a time when i was just learning about being gender inclusive and i actually thought it was somehow nice to non-binary people but i do recognize that it isn’t and i take full responsibility for my comment and I’m very sorry. Since it counts as hate i would appreciate it if it got reported and removed. I’m MUCH more educated bow and Ive actually become ad advocate! And to adress the schoolgirl part of my comment, I just didnt know at the time💀 I’m kinda sheltered…

  3. Is this comment section okay???

    Anyway can we talk about Hawaiian print shirts and cargo pants because wearing those should not be that comfortable

      1. same :D, i be switching from skater or grunge, to softcore, to vintage, to indie, to art hoe and i sometimes want to wear more cottagecore, fairycore, and ethreal stuff, i think maybe cuz personality wise im a combination of it all; AHAHA someone help.

        lol y ppl gotta catagorize this shit. i am my own person and i dress how i want depending on how i feel that day. :*(

        like today im wearing black mom jeans w a stripped shirt with mostly shades of blue but theres black n white, oversized black jacket, a long blue belt, old school vans, my hair is straight rn i have clips in with curtain bangs out, and simple eyeliner 😛

        1. i see your going for grunge mixed with a bit of skater and you have the kind of softie/hypebeast and a tiny bit of kidcore with some very simple goth girl makeup………neat

  4. I hope I never see ‘softcore’ lol but that aesthetic is SUPER CUTE I think I’m minimalist vintage I’d cute too…I like the elegant one.. I also think that there should be boho?

    1. Umm…… HONEY… if you like school then something wrong with you…and i will answer that who made this does not need to add School Aesthetic….

  5. I dono what asthestic I am…I feel like I go for minimalist but.. I’m like a mix of minimalist, dark & light academia, space core, grunge, and art hoe. Thanks for this list tho I really like it. It just makes me wanna try all of these out!

  6. i seriously decided to search up softcore on it’s own because they told me not to…I am kind of traumatized…

  7. I have NO IDEA what kind I am!! I like wearing ripped jeans, somtimes a knitted sweater… ut I LOVEEEE black and skating… Im a weeb, I like Kpop… i think im kinda all over the place…? Any help?

    1. I feel that the extra note is something else….
      Like i think the Alien goes best with Space Core and the Elegant goes best with Baddie unless they made a whole two more aesthetics for those two…

  8. I’m softcore but idk if I should wear my clothing style to school
    I’ve only seen an E-girl in my school but they don’t really talk to anybody ;-;

  9. The softcore aesthetic can be called pastel aesthetic, or unicorn aesthetic because they look like unicorns

  10. I’m kawaii. my bedroom explains it all! (✿◠‿◠) (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ≧◡≦

  11. im a mix of minimalist, ligth academia and vintage, actually my fauvorite colors are beige, grey, ligth brown and ground colours, loved it!

  12. Lmao i want to have one aesthetic but im just a mix of every aesthetic to ever exist. Like one day i will dress more cottagecore, and the next ill dress more indie

  13. lmao I searched up glam core- whoops.
    anyways im a mixture of dark/light academia, royal core, vintage, art hoe, cottage core and elegant. I literally have no name for my aesthetic because it consists of all those three lol.

    1. Sorry but, no. I’m cottagecore and as straight as a line. The gay meter literally went silent for a day.

  14. Im light and dark acadamia and another type that isnt in a specific aesthetic but if that makes sense then yea

  15. Meanwhile me just silently sitting over in the corner wondering what my aesthetic is
    With my frogs and mushrooms and browns and beiges and soft/dull greens and all my sweaters and collared shirts and the soft whites and the plants and my liking for soft lolita dresses and baggy pants and mostly my frogs
    Just casually wondering if that has a name
    Like it has to, I’ve seen other people with it, I just can’t find it

  16. But I’m also a small mix of kidcore??? Idk…(-:

  17. this comment section needs to chill out bruh i came here to look for a good aesthetic for today and this comment section makes me wanna go grunge.

  18. I did not mean to search softcore without the word aesthetic. do I regret it? yes. Will I do something like this again? most definitely

    1. Dude, I have been scarred for life just with my classmate’s comments on inapro pro stuff. I should never have come to this school 🥲

  19. Hey, probably don’t support witch core? It’s kinda disrespectful for you to make someone religion into an aesthetic, like, you won’t ever see Jewish core or Christian core. So maybe don’t take things that matter to pagans and treat there entire religion as if all it is Only something pretty to look at.

  20. I wanted to know what happened if you search “softcore” on its own cuz I was curious. and now I know why it said ‘WARNING’ in all caps.

  21. im a lot of them:
    – vintage (mostly)
    – grunge
    -dark & light acidemia (lol i cant spell)


    lol noone probably cares but neither do i

  22. As I read through the blog, my heart swells with joy. As someone who is deeply passionate about aesthetic clothing, guides like these hold a special place in my heart. Amongst all the other blogs out there, this one, the “Types of Aesthetic” blog from Cosmique Studio, shines the brightest. It’s truly an inspiration for someone like me who’s been thinking about starting their own blog.

    I can’t help but wonder, who do I need to reach out to in order to make this dream a reality? I have so many ideas and a strong desire to create content that others will enjoy. This blog has given me the push I needed to take that first step.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us. It’s blogs like these that make the internet a better place.

  23. Your breakdown of different aesthetic styles is fascinating and comprehensive. Aesthetics play a significant role in shaping cultural trends and individual identities. This article provides valuable insights into the diverse aesthetics that have emerged in recent times, reflecting our ever-changing society and its various subcultures. It encourages us to explore and appreciate the uniqueness and creativity expressed through these aesthetics, ultimately contributing to the rich tapestry of our cultural landscape.

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