(edit:) Thank you to everyone who read and commented on my previous blog! Just wanted you guys to know that I have tried to read as many of your comments as possible and wanted to answer some common questions that I saw. There were also a few comments regarding some aesthetics that I missed in the first part, so this blog is for you guys!

Also if you haven’t already read part 1, here’s the link if you’d like to check it out:

Small FAQ!

Regarding how to really know which aesthetic best fits you, just know that there is no right or wrong answer. But I have some tips that may be able to help you:

1. First, decide which aesthetic(s) from the list that catches your eye, because that will give some insight on what colors you’d like to be styled with or even the “literal” style itself. Many of these aesthetics are closely related, so combining different aesthetics with each other to better fit your own is a great choice. 

2. Look into your own closet and from the clothes you already own, try to make a couple of outfits that will fit into each aesthetic that you picked. (I’d recommend trying to make at least 3 outfits) Or if you’re like me and don’t own that many ‘styled’ clothes, going on Pinterest is another great way to discover more stylized outfits that fit into your chosen aesthetic.

But most likely you probably own a few simple items of clothing that will already fit into your aesthetic. Like a pair of blue jeans, a white tee, some hairpins, or even jewelry. Then, look for what you might be missing, like floral pattern shirts, a plaid skirt, some black boots, or whatever you need to complete the outfit. 

3. From the Pinterest research, try to make a mood board of different colors, make up, or any specific photo(s) that represent that style. This can help to narrow your color scheme and choices for the next step. 

4. Probably the funnest part of this, shopping! (But don’t overdo it) Simply purchase the missing item needed to complete your outfit. 

5. Finally, remember that this whole “aesthetic” discovery is solely for fun, so make sure that whatever aesthetic you pick is because it makes you happy, and not because it is the newest trend (only exception is if you chose “Hypebeast” as your aesthetic). 

Also, don’t be discouraged if you always find yourself changing or having more than one aesthetic, sooner or later you will slowly ease into your own personal style that might be a combination of all of the aesthetics you picked or a completely different one. Just as people grow and change, so will your style change over time. 


Again all credit goes to https://aesthetics.fandom.com/wiki/Wiki/List_of_Aesthetics so all of my thanks goes to them! 

[p.s. thank you for helping me sort out the last two “extra note” aesthetics! ]


Inspired by extraterrestrial life forms and signifying a new rebellious attitude towards quintessential beauty norms. Considered to be under the subgenre for space core but focuses on more sci-fi themes rather than astrological ones. 

main colors: green, blue, yellow

glam aesthetic’ 

WARNING! Please do not search up “glamcore” it is on your own discretion!

Glam core, similar to the style of the Old Hollywood aesthetic and a subgenre of the vintage theme. Surrounds all things elegant and posh, with a big focus for jewelry. 

main colors: gold, white, pink 


“Boho” short for bohemian has many ‘hippie’ influences, weaning loose colorful clothing based on desert climates. Known for earthy colors, long flowing fabric and chunky jewelry, very popular in Coachella. 

main colors: brown, red, beige, yellow 

chaotic academia 

Aesthetic that involves haphazard routines, messy habits, unusual or banned literature, and studying with a passion. This subtype of Academia promotes the acceptance of messy or seemingly uncomposed traits some students may have.

main colors: black, red

city pop 

Inspired by Japanese 90s pop music, and could be described as a Japanese ‘vaporwave’ with similar bright pastel or neon colors. Also considered a predecessor to modern J-Pop (though it certainly has more of a sophisticated vibe to it compared to modern J-Pop). Various City Pop songs are sampled in many Future Funk songs.

main colors: bright pink, blue, purple 


The country aesthetic is based on the culture of rural farming populations in the American South and Midwest. Farmers and ranchers within the community value tradition and conservative ideals, community, and hard work in their field.

The aesthetic places great emphasis on practicality, with a range of activities and items originating from their work and landscape.

main colors: brown, blue, yellow 

dollcore (lolita) 

Aesthetic that is inspired by Japanese ball-jointed dolls, but can encompass all dolls of a similar fashion (such as Barbie, Bratz, Monster High, etc). It mostly centers around artistic photography and image edits featuring bjd as central focus. Also considered a subgenre for the ‘soft girl’ aesthetic.

main colors: pink, white 


‘dreamcore’ otherwise known as the “dreamy” aesthetic is an aesthetic that revolves around dreams. The Dreamy aesthetic can dance between the realms of being somewhat grounded in reality to being so surreal that there’s no confusing it with one’s state of reality. Also related to the Angelcore and ethereal aesthetics.

However, an alternate end of this aesthetic would be the darker side of dreams; nightmares. In which, this aesthetic would be more closely related to ‘weirdcore’ mixed in with slight horror.

main colors: pastels and white (black for more nightmare based)


Goblincore celebrates aspects of nature that most individuals would find “ugly” or “dirty.” These aspects can range from animals such as frogs and snails to materials such as moss, mud, plants, and fungi such as mushrooms.

As a part of this beloved “ugliness” is the Goblin itself, a malevolent thieving creature in European folklore but in Goblincore a carefree representation of one’s infatuation with nature’s “ugliness” and general unpredictability. Considered a subgenre of witchcore and fairycore. 

main colors: green, brown, black, purple 

plant mom 

Plant Mom is centered around having plants and plant-related accessories. The same goes for the accounts that they have. They raise various plants (mostly flowers and succulents) as if they were their own biological children. Subgenre of art hoe, but focuses more on plants instead of art. 

main colors: green, white 

princesscore (royal aesthetic)

This royal aesthetic is somewhat related to the elegant or dark academia aesthetics. With princesscore being more focused on the life and fashion of behaving like an actual “princess”. Often can be shown through the love of gold jewelry and intricate crowns along with big flowy gowns and dresses.

main colors: white and gold (sometimes pink or blue)

surfer crush 

Also known in some circles as Surf aesthetic, is an aesthetic centered around surfer lifestyles and the passion for beach based activities. Named after the mid 2000s fashion craze inspired by tv shows such as The OC and Laguna Beach

main colors: yellow, orange, blue 

*for these next two aesthetics Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Trigger warning: This article has a heavy focus on topics of abuse and PTSD. Images may be disturbing, shocking and specific. If this sort of content has the potential to be triggering to you, please turn back from this page and go to a different page. Thank you!

traumacore (sadcore)

Traumacore is a type of imagery that delves into the themes of abuse and trauma (particularly sexual trauma or CSA), though it’s not strictly limited to physical or sexual abuse. Mental, emotional, and spiritual abuse are also common themes as it pertains to traumacore. It often draws heavily on childlike and angelic themes, done so as a means to try and reclaim their innocence.

Traumacore in general tends to be more focused on trauma experienced in childhood, although adult trauma can also be covered. Many people turn to these images to help them cope with the pain they suffered in the past. While many people say traumacore isn’t inherently an aesthetic, many of the images used in its photo or video edits are derived from other aesthetics. Traumacore is more of a type of art therapy or visual journaling for many people with trauma.

It is worth noting that some people who have went through trauma and use traumacore have stated that traumacore is an aesthetic, (albeit a special kind of aesthetic) while others state that it isn’t, since those without trauma may try to romanticize the experiences of traumatized individuals. Whether it’s an aesthetic or not, it’s notable enough to be on this wiki.

main colors: black, white, grey, red (sometimes pastels)


Weirdcore is an online aesthetic and art movement centered around amateur or low-quality photography and/or digital graphics that have been constructed or edited to convey feelings of confusion, disorientation, alienation, and nostalgia or anemoia. Also related to kidcore and nostalgiacore.

main colors: black and highly saturated colors


At this point, any fashion period in history could be considered “vintage” but here are some more niche, specific eras that seem to be making a comeback in recent years. 

Disco 70s

No explanation needed, simply an aesthetic based on people’s love for the disco era of fashion, with bright neon colors, elephant pants, and just voluminous hair. 

main colors: pink, magenta, orange, red


Movement in the creative arts showing the influence of depictions of the future produced in an earlier era. If futurism is sometimes called a “science” bent on anticipating what will come, retrofuturism is the remembering of that anticipation.

Characterized by a blend of old-fashioned “retro styles” with futuristic technology, retrofuturism explores the themes of tension between past and future, and between the alienating and empowering effects of technology.

main colors: any color

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this blog helps answer any questions you guys had and if I happened to miss any other aesthetics, please comment down below and I will continue to add them to this list.


    1. i’m a total Art Hoe 🌻🌻👖👟🧡💛🧡💛(and a Hufflepuff 🤗)
      i really enjoyed reading this💓 and part 1 to. All beautiful

  1. I think im surfer crush bc I like to do something with my life and start new projects and jut moving forward and trying to stay positive i also wanted to go for the baddie aesthetic due to they have much confidence they dont care what anyone thinks and they are fun to be around

    1. Yayyy me too! The only problem is that I only wear black🥲 So I’m kinda a mix between Skater girl and Surfer crush🌟

  2. Hola Como estas? I still don’t know mine like i don’t even what pronouns I like……like do I like females? Do I like males? Do I like non-gender IDed? Do I like transgender? Do I like non-binary? Do I like they pronouns ? Do I like it pronouns? I don’t even know my own pronouns yet🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️
    Help pls…..🥺😭😖

    1. first, do you identify as boy or girl if neither then they/them or it/its will work (or combo ) if ur a girl then she/they is most commonly used for Lgbtq+ or if you identify as a boy he/they ofc he/him or she/her would also work my pronouns are she/they since im a lesbian 🙂

  3. I’m definitely a mix between cottagecore and boho. I know It’s a weird mix but it just fits me so well! I love these and I hope you make more their so fun and really helped me to identify my aesthetic. At this stage, I was like at 10 different aesthetics and had NO IDEA which one I was!!! :3


  5. I have just found some other aesthetic styles. They are quite strange and scary. Can you write about them? Weirdcore, dreamcore, traumacore 🤯

    1. OH yea for sure! Kidcore is very similar to “weirdcore” if you would like to read about that aesthetic. Also don’t worry about not knowing your aesthetic is XD Sometimes it can be combination of things you like, so I wouldn’t stress too much on trying to place a label on it! The best part is going through this self-discovery journey to figure what you like 🙂

  6. I don’t know what kind of aesthetic this is, but I have a bunch of plants with dead or creepy things mixed in. For example, I have two mannequins holding plants and I change there position sometimes, it always creeps my roommate out. I also have taxidermy bugs and animals, all ethicly sourced, I have a elk head with mushroom and flower vines all over the antlers. I don’t know if its an aesthetic or not, anyway would it be called live death core?? Live creepy core??? Still death core?? Or would it be a mixture of aesthetic like plant mom and goblincore? Or a sub-carotery??

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