This year the Grammys held their 61st event this Sunday on February 10, 2019 in Staples Center and had many amazing performers and guests.

Now while many guest appearances may have caught your eye, maybe someone in particular especially had. “The guy with green hair” perhaps.

All over twitter, people have been wondering the same thing “who is the guy with green hair?”

Image via Twitter

If you hadn’t already heard, a “the guy with green hair” is from a South Korean boy band called “BTS” named “V” or Kim Taehyung (his real name)


These guys presented the award for Best R&B Album of 2019 to H.E.R.

Although BTS is known as a Kpop group, they have amazing music even when you can’t understand it. Including multiple genres besides just pop and dance.

So I advise you to check out some of their songs so you can really determine whether or not their musics fits you. Also check out their Twitter @BTS_twt because they are really active on this platform and you might find it enjoyable. 


The small featuring of one of their songs from the Grammys is Fake Love:

The Grammys is all about discovering new music and awarding those who really surpassed the limit. So why not check out a new music style and genre that you might ended liking.


Another question that was frequently asked was “Who is the guy with glasses?” and he is from the same group, but since you guys really seemed interested, here are all of their names:

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