Have you ever seen a picture, journal, or anything that you’ve made in the past and found it somehow in the present day. Well, if you did, how did it feel to see the article again after all these years? Did you forget about it and what memories arose from seeing it again? 

This is such a perfect example that time travel is possible, of course not in the Doctor Who situation with an actual time traveling machine. But simply a visit to the past using only the old object and our memories. 

This is why I highly encourage everyone to write a letter right now to the future! Many people write physical letters and keep in a safe place or have a parent hide until the deadline date of your choice. But, if that seems like too much work, you should try the website ‘FutureMe” https://www.futureme.org/

It allows users to write a letter to themselves for the future and the website will automatically email the letter on the date of your choice. It’s such a great way to see how much you’ve grown in a specific amount of time. You don’t even need to wait five years, you can even send a letter to yourself from a week today. It’s always so relieving and motivating to read about a time when you were so stressed, overwhelmed, and in a bad state of mind, but later revisiting that letter in the future when all the things you used to be so stressed about are no longer problems in your present life. Writing these kinds of letters also helps you write down any goals you want for yourself in the future. Because physically writing down your thoughts and goals for the future is already one step ahead into making it come true. 

Here you can even check out some public letters that other users wanted to share!


Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below your thoughts on the whole “writing to the future” process and if it has helped you in any way

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