SPOILERS ALERT if you had not already watched the film, do not continuing reading on unless you want to be spoiled!

November 22, 2019, the sequel to Frozen finally makes its premiere after a long six years. With now a hidden past to uncover and truth to reveal. Along with many hidden mickeys and fun easter eggs to find for ourselves. 

Hidden Easter Eggs/Similarities


If you look closely at the beginning scene of the movie, you can find a hidden Baymax (from Big Hero 6) while little Elsa and Anna are playing dolls.

Bruni and Pascal

You’ve probably heard of this one before, but the similarities between Bruni and Pascal are undeniably so adorable.

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Frozen and Brave Title Posters

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In both title posters of Frozen 2 and Brave we this “enchanted forest” where stone pillars appear in. Many who’ve seen Brave, must already think that the stone pillars were some sort of reference to the movie itself.

Elsa is the “new” Daenerys

Both have beautiful, platinum blonde hair, usually with intricate braided designs. Both are queens from Northern European countries and have some sort of supernatural power. Elsa with ice power and Daenerys with being the queen of dragons.

“Anna, I don’t feel so good” Reference

I know we all thought about it. As Olaf began to dust away his snowflakes, everyone thought he was gonna pull a “Tony, I don’t feel so good” move from Avenger’s Infinity War and completely destroy us. Which he did…but, both Spiderman and Olaf made out alive in the long run, so it’s all good.



I know we all saw this coming. The four elements: earth, fire, wind, and water… It’s AVAT…nevermind it’s actually Frozen 2. I mean c’mon, the iconic four elements are obviously gonna have to be some reference to Avatar. But either way, it makes two good films now.

Past Theories

However, with the new film out, it discloses many past theories on the Disney Lore that fans have come up with before. Such as Elsa and Anna’s parent’s theory:

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But also, the new theories that fans have come up with prior to Frozen 2’s trailer and how the young native girl would turn out to be Elsa’s girlfriend… boy were we wrong…

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Yet, now this leads to a new question. The origin of Elsa and Anna’s parents and the true reason why their parents would travel to Ahtohallan. 

New Theory (What’s Next for Frozen 3?)

We already know that Iduna (mother) is actually from the Northern tribe Northuldra, in which Arendelle “promised” peace. But it was Agnar (father) and Iduna’s love for each other that brought chaos but soon peace among both empires.

But there’s still so much more questions, now that Disney has dropped this whole new background information on one the most popular Disney franchises ever. 

Agnar and Iduna 

First, in the enchanted forest, Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven encounter the missing soldiers and the Northuldra natives trapped in some time loop (I assume) about to battle each other.

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However, their appearance interrupts this. The team then begins to further research into the past to understand why the enchanted forest had called Elsa or why it has never been spoken about before.

Both Elsa and Anna’s parents seemed nervous and frightened when speaking of the subject before they passed.

Yet, if Iduna was truly a Northuldra and told Agnar, why wouldn’t she ever want to return to help save her people?

Also, Iduna as a kid and as an adult look totally different, with different hair color and hairstyle. While young Agnar and his adult form looked pretty much how you would expect a kid to grow into a man. 

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But, besides that, it just seems so quick of Iduna to just leave her whole family behind for Agnar (a man she just met!) when in the first film, she didn’t even have a speaking role. They just seem like different people, but maybe the whole Arendelle royal life changed her. So let’s piece it together:

Agnar, a royal prince goes into the enchanted forest where he sees a young native girl playing with the wind spirit. When suddenly something bad happens and he is knocked unconscious before the girl could rescue him, she calls out for the wind spirit for help.

In which the wind spirit rescues both of them and safely returns them home. But now Agnar can’t rid of the thought of who was the girl who saved him and neither can the girl. So both meet unironically, playfully watching each other by the trees.

Constantly checking up on each other for company before actually falling in love. Soon, as they both begin to age, Agnar asks for Iduna’s hand in marriage and has her move into the castle with him.

There they become King and Queen of Arendelle. Then on the winter solstice, Iduna gave birth to their first daughter Elsa, who was capable of magical, ice powers. Next, on the summer solstice, Iduna gave birth to their second child, Anna, who lacked any source of power…(or did she…) 

And now the rest is history as it continues onto the plot of Frozen 1. 

Lastly, I hope Disney gives us more of a backstory on Agnar and Iduna’s childhood and how they became King and Queen of Arendelle. I would love to see more cute scenes between them and have Disney actually cover canon details of their story. 

The Fifth Element 

Elsa, as we know, is indeed the fifth element. Along with the four other nature spirits: earth, wind, fire, and water. (cough cough Avatar cough) But why is ice, the chosen element? It could just be because Elsa is the royal daughter of a native inhabitant of a nature spirit and is conceived of whatever powers those are.

Earth is the Rock monsters, Fire is Bruni the salamander, Wind is the wind spirit, and Water is Nokk, the ocean water spirit that takes the form a horse. 

So unless, Elsa’s powers are only the beginning and she’s capable of much more, her being the fifth power with solely ice powers feels out of place for me. 

Anna’s Secret Powers

There already have been many theories on Anna having fire powers, considering her birthday on is a summer solstice and the opposite of Elsa’s cold, icy powers.

But with this sequel, we know that having fire powers isn’t impossible as Bruni (the salamander) is a fire spirit itself. Especially fitting considering Anna’s firey, stubborn, confident, bubbly personality, much of that like fire.

Plus, it was two sisters that were made to be the fifth spirit. As Elsa said it herself in the final scene of the movie, “like a bridge that has two sides, mother had two daughters.”

Meaning, it took Anna’s help to finish anything of what happened in the movie to be successful. With Elsa having ice powers, Anna’s (possibly) fire powers would balance out the two with each other. 

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Possible Frozen 3

If Disney decides to make a trilogy to the Frozen franchise I wouldn’t doubt it. However, I do doubt that Frozen 3 will be a prequel about Agnar and Iduna’s origins (as I hope) but perhaps a mini short film will do.

But, I do believe it will continue on the thought about Elsa being the “fifth element” and more about the enchanted forest life and the nature spirits. I mean, Frozen 2 dropped a lot of information on us.

Each that could propel itself with the new lead on where their future films will be about. Considering Frozen is one of Disney’s most successful franchise.

Hopefully, we get Elsa’s promised girlfriend, as the rumors have been told for about two years now. But honestly, at this point, the options are endless, watching where Disney took on Frozen 2’s plot. 

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Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below your thoughts or theories on where Frozen might go next!


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