Since 2023 began, there’s been an increasing number of leaks about Fontaine and lore especially with Sumeru coming close to an end. It’s even more exciting to think that Fontaine will be releasing soon some time this year. If we’re following the plan that Update 3.0 will end in 3.6, then we can predict Update 4.0 to release Fontaine around July 2023 at earliest (which is only seven months from now!)

*Just to note: most of what I will be talking about are leaks and theories and are not confirmed! I will be sure to leave links to the sources I reference. 

New Underwater Environment

To begin, I want to first address the land of Fontaine as newer leaks portray a Fontaine that was different from my initial theory back in 2021. 

(Here’s a link if you would be interested in reading)

First off, many leaks confirm that Fontaine will actually have an underwater region as “diving” will be a new mechanic that is introduced. Fontaine will also feature hyperspeed vessels, underwater mechanics, barnacles, and big and small clamshells. @/genshinBLANK

To this, many fans have discussed the similarities between Fontaine and the 2007 video game BioShock, as the setting is in an underwater steampunk inspired environment. Additionally, many of the names and storylines seem eerily similar to BioShock, such as the main antagonist being named Frank Fontaine. So, honestly I would highly recommend you to check out the game itself because the story is interesting on its own but may also reveal some clues about how Genshin’s Fontaine story will play out. 

Main/Important Locations in Fontaine

> The Courtroom

Fontaine is known to be a highly technologically advanced city, with very modern buildings and locations I presume. Being the Nation of Justice, we know that a Courtroom should be a very prominent place in the story just as how the Tenshukaku is in Inazuma or the Akademiya in Sumeru. 

We also recently received a leak from @/AuntBinglysia stating it is the Court of Fontaine’s emblem.

> Prison

Another location that will be important to the story might be a prison, since it is known that Fontaine is strictly separated by the “good” and the “bad”. With a courtroom in use, there should be a place where the “judged” would be punished and the “righteous” rewarded. But I think that the “good” people would just be those rewarded with wealth, luxury, and fame. 

> Circus 

Finally, the Circus or Grand Theater would be a great location to add to the game because of how whimsical and entertaining it can be. I only theorize that a circus would be a main plot point in the story because Lyney and Lynette’s outfits resemble performing arts attire as seen with them jumping in the air with spotlights. 

Rumored Characters 

1. Focalors

There’s been much debate over Focalors expy design from their predecessor Honkai impact to be either Seele or Durandal. Honestly, both characters would make an excellent choice for our Hydro Archon. 

For example, Seele’s “The Phantom of the Theater” showcase much imagery of puppets, the scale, and twins (which is a symbol found in the Court’s emblem *seen above*)


On the other hand, Durandal has more of a European aesthetic, with her medieval inspired armor, blonde hair, and having a horse as a mount. If they had to use a specific skin of hers to directly influence our Hydro Archon, I think the “Aurelia Invicta” skin would fit well because her hair is tied up in a ponytail and she wears a headpiece resembling two horns, just like the hydro slime (if we’re following all Archon theories).

However in recent leaks, it appears that both of them will be the Hydro Archon. 

Stating that Seele (Veliona more specifically) will be the former Hydro Archon, while Durandal will be the current Hydro Archon. 

There’s also a theory about the Hydro Archon’s name being Astraea, Greek for “star-maiden” or “starry night” who is the goddess of justice, innocence, purity, and precision. Sounds fitting for our God of Justice. 

*Also slight spoilers if you haven’t finished the Sumeru Archon Quest, but Nahida does give players some background information on Fontaine, Focalors specifically. 

– Fontaine has a Chief of Justice (confirmed name Neuvillette) 

– Focalors is the Hydro Archon’s name, will not preside over trivial trials, and will make herself present almost every trial

– Focalors has a very unique personality 

2. Lyney and Lynette

Theories state that Lyney and Lynette will be a 2 in 1 character @/uncle chibi 

They might also have two weapon types or two elements (maybe even both?) Since Lynette’s color scheme seems to be anemo while Lyney’s color scheme could be pyro. 

The weapon types are unclear but Lyney being long-distance (like bow or catalyst) would fit his character as a puppeteer, and Lynette would play the close-range weapon (sword, spear, claymore). 

3. Soutine 

Now we really don’t have much information on this character other than their name “Soutine” and most likely being released in Update 3.8. This character will most likely act as our entrance to Fontaine just as Kazuha was for us in Inazuma. Also the character is claimed to be a Hydro Claymore from Fontaine. @/ZiaoBi 

Main Plot

It’s commonly theorized that the Fatui Harbinger we will be facing in Fontaine will most likely be Sandrone, the Marionette. This makes sense as she has a huge robot, which Fontaine is known for their advanced technology and mechanics. Plus Sandrone is a puppeteer just like how in another leak, Lyney was said to also be a puppeteer (however, we don’t know exactly how it relates to Lynette and whether or not she is alive or a puppet).

But what I can say is that our traveler will definitely get into some trouble that will put them straight to a trial. There we can first encounter the Courtroom and meet our Hydro Archon who will surely judge us on our actions and morals. 

Also, considering that Celestia is right above Fontaine, our relationship with the Hydro Archon may be a bit more complex. She will most likely follow orders from Celestia out of fear or blind obedience. 

So stay tuned for Fontaine 2023 releasing (hopefully) soon! 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Comment down below any thoughts or theories that you may have about Fontaine.

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