How the Dendro Slime can give us clues about Sumeru and more! 

This theory originated from reddit from many collbatrative users, so I wanted to add some of my takes on this fun theory myself, because I believe that the slimes have a lot of information here than we realize. Hinting at how each elemental slime foreshadows the archon’s possible abilities and story. 

Slimes are considered common enemies in Genshin Impact, but their abilities might reveal a lot more clues on future stories and Archon’s abilities than we realize.

image via Google (Genshin Impact Slime Event)

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So, let us start with the archons in the game that have been released and that we know about:

Anemo Archon and slimes 

Anemo slimes are capable of propelling themselves with anemo winds, just like how Venti is able to levitate with his E skill. They are also considered one of the “weaker” enemies in game, similar to how Venti is not really present as a ruler in Mondstadt, free and spends his days getting drunk instead. 

Geo Archon and slimes 

Geo slimes have a tough shield just like how Zhongli has the toughest shield among all geo characters. Thus representing Zhongli’s E skill and character of balance, fairness, and stability. 

Electro Archon and slimes 

Electro Slimes often appear as “twins” just like Baal (Makoto) and Beelzebul (Ei) are twins in game. Or even triplets, if you consider how Scaramouche is actually their third lone and acts as Baal’s former puppet. 

Now these slimes mirror the Electro Archons’ Dual Personality as there will always be 1 yellow (Mutant) slime acting as the puppet master (Baal) from inside the plane of Euthymia, while the other 2 purple electro slimes are the puppets (Beelzebul and Scaramouche) that do all of Baal’s dirty work. 

Future Predictions for the other Archons

For these next three archons, there is almost no confirmed information about these archons other than their names and elements at this point, so these will all be pure speculation on the patterns we see from the previous 3 confirmed archons. 

Dendro Archon and slimes 

Now the Dendro Slimes have the ability to conceal themselves underground among the grass unnoticed. It is only until players recognize the flower on the top of their head when they realize that a dendro slime is near. This might represent how the Sumeru story will play out, with the Dendro Archon (the slime) and the Lessor Lord Kusanagi (the flower on top) being two separate beings who either work together or are enemies. The latter explanation makes more sense to me, as the Lessor Lord Kusalni might be trying to hide away the Dendro archon, focing her false knowledge on the people of sumeru in order to weaken the actual dendro archon, as she pushes the real archon underground, hiding them away from plain sight, while she remains the deity that people see and worship. 

Also it’s worth noting that “bigger” dendro slimes often hide underground, while spawning smaller (Lesser) slimes into the field. 

Hydro Archon and slimes 

Hydro Slime have the ability to walk above water as they are immune to drowning, but they also have powers to summon bubbles to trap enemies (us the players). This skill could refer to the Hydro Archon having the ability to trap enemies in a prison perhaps, as she remains the God of Justice. And a kingdom of justice will surely have courtrooms, laws, and a prison.

Pyro Archon and slimes 

Pyro Slimes have the ability to shoot fireballs but can also explode upon their death. This might either represent a grim fate that awaits our Pyro Archon, or a self-sacrifice to save her and for the greater good as the God of War. However, it is also important to mention that pyro slimes can be extinguished with water, so there might be hope in saving our pyro archon. (maybe even a gift from the previous hydro archon?)

Cryo Archon and slimes 

Lastly, we have what is supposedly supposed to be the most powerful element in the game (if we are going in chronological order) the Cryo Slimes.

Now these slimes have the ability to freeze the water beneath them so they can not drown, but they also can form very tough ice shields (similar to the geo element). They also have the ability to manipulate ice shards to attack players (similar to the pyro slime’s fireballs). My theory is that the Tsaritsa would have obtained all the gnosises by the time we meet her, thus giving her the ability to manipulate other archon’s powers and skills. 

Cryo slimes also have smaller cryo slimes acting as minions which could easily represent our Cryo Archon with her fellow fatui and harbinger subjects. 

But of course, these are all pure speculations and theories, nothing confirmed yet, so we shall wait until we receive more crumbs on future regions to confirm this. 

Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below any thoughts about this theory that you may have to add on 

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