With one more day before the official release of Inazuma, here are some things we might want to look out for, for any hardcore lore fans out there. 

Some Backstory

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The Original Seven Archons were the victors of the Archon War which occurred 2,000 years ago before our main story began. However, today only two of the original archons remained, those being Barbatos (Venti) and Morax (Zhongli) who are at the moment inactive with their ruling. The other five archons have long passed away and are now being ruled by the newer generation (which have strayed from their duty of guiding humanity). 

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Now, with the upcoming Inazuma region, the original Inazuma Archon has long passed away, with our current Baal the “Raiden Shogun” replacing her. The new God of Eternity has taken a more twisted and controlling ruling over her people, and has decided to strip people of their visions in order to isolate Inazuma from the rest of the world. For now the reason remains unsolved, but it is due to her fear of what the Tsaritsa has planned, for a war with Celestia. But separating Inazuma from the rest of the world, perhaps Baal has hopes to “save” them from being involved in this war. 

But going back to the original archon, some fans speculate that Yae Miko might actually be the original Electro Archon due to the statues of healing found in the recent 2.0 trailer. 

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Yet, why would she give up her place as archon to someone as “corrupt” as Baal. There must be another reason for this. Besides, it seems so far that Sara (who appears to be Baal’s second in command soldier) and Yae, are the only two characters that Baal allows to keep their visions. So, they must be people who she trusts and are close to her. 

Gnosis Chess Piece Theory

*all credits to @bluemoon-sgn on reddit

Many fans have already speculated how the gnosis(es) of Venti and Zhongli appear to take the shape of Western/European Chess pieces. With the anemo gnosis taking the shape of the Queen piece and the geo gnosis being the Rook piece. Both symbolizing their place on an even greater conflict which is currently being played as a chess match. 

The Queen is known to be a versatile, independent and powerful piece in the game, but also having the most “Freedom” on a chess board. With the ability to move wherever they please, such as anemo moving wherever it wants. 

The Rook piece is much more narrow with their movements, only being able to move in a straight line. But this could symbolize the more structured, stable, and protective powers, much like the element of geo itself. 

Now as for the other five elements, there are actually a total of eight pieces in the backside of the board (excluding pawns), so perhaps this may allude to a possible “eight element” that ties in with Khaeriah that we have yet to see. Maybe a “God of Time”?

But going back to Inazuma, what role will the electro element have on the board? Some fans theorize maybe a Knight piece due to the strong, stubborn like attitude. But I find the closest role of the electro gnosis would be the KIng piece. Keeping this in mind, Kings are known to have very limited movements on a board, much like Inazuma due to their geography. But they are also very regal, careful, and prudent, similar to the electro element that Baal is showcasing. 

So, with our next Archon chapters awaiting for us tomorrow, let’s keep an eye out for that electro gnosis, wherever it may be. [This may lead to even more questions like “who” is playing this chess game? Tsarista? Celestia? Honkai Impact?]

However, let’s also take a look at XiangQi, which is essentially “Chinese Chess” since Mihoyo is a company based in China. 

  • General (King) = Electro 
  • Advisor (Queen) = Anemo 
  • Chariot (Rook) = Geo 
  • Elephant (Bishop) = Dendro and Hydro

= Bishop’s are often seen as the visionary, creative, trusting, and intelligent pieces on chess. Similar to how the God of Wisdom and Justice plays into these terms as well. 

  • Horse/Cannon (Knight) = Pyro and Cryo

= Knights are often seen as liberated, bold, brave, and warriors on chess. Just as Pyro and Cryo have opposite end-elements, but are often seen as the “fighters” as the strongest elements. Just like how Mihoyo also seems to favor these elements, with almost every DPS character being either a pyro or cryo wielder. 

  • Soldier (Pawn) = ordinary vision holders

= Pawns have the ability to become any “upgraded” chess piece they wish to be upon reaching the opposite end of the board. Just like how vision holders can be “allogenes” if they reach Celestia to become future archons themselves. 

@bluemoon-sgn on reddit

Extra Note

Genshin Impact X Honkai Impact Possible Crossovers? With the recent Honkai update including characters like Keqing and Fischl into their universe, theories about the two games actually sharing a universe seems more and more possible in the near future. 

Besides, you’ve probably already heard of the memes saying how the Unknown God of Genshin is either Paimon or Kiana from Honkai Impact, both theories which are pretty viable. 

But after playing Honkai for myself and even watching their anime series on YouTube, there are actually a lot more similarities between Genshin and Honkai than I thought. Because as of now, when our MC traveler enters Tevyat, it is already 500 years into the future after the events that happened in Khaeriah. But Honkai might be even farther into the future of what Teyvat will be. 

Also, many other characters in Honaki also seem to relate and be referenced in Genshin Impact too. Such as Raiden Mei and the Raiden Shogun sharing the same “Raiden” in their name and even having many similarities in outer appearances as well, with dark black-purple hair and purple eyes. Both are also head strong women who have a deep care for those they love and can be seen as selfish and stubborn to others. 

Another character is Murata, the mentor of our main characters in Honkai, who shares the same name with our Pyro Archon. Although not much is known about this archon, we know that Vennessa (The Grand Master of the Knights of Favionous) is known as a “flame-touched Muratan

Which honestly seems like a reference to Himeko Murata due to their similarities in appearance as well. Perhaps these “children of Murata” all share the red-headed bloodline and have something to do with the fire element. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean she will be the Pyro Archon, but this relation might have an impact later on in the Genshin storyline. Maybe Himeko will be brought back to the screens once more :,( rip. 

But there are just so much lore in both games, I highly recommend watching the short animated films they got on YouTube if you don’t have the time or space to play Honkai! It might even us some insight into what Genshin might be in the future.

Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below any theories you may have yourself about Genshin endgame lore or anything that I may have missed. 


  1. As of the “Unknown element archon”, since anemo is the queen, the king goes with the queen. and there is only one archon that was worshipped together with the anemo archon and that is the archon of time. and there are many indications in the statues that this one is paimon(also an Ars Goetia name like Barbatos,Morax and Baal), also the fact that paimon helps you set the time in the game and also the connection of time and moon, her sisters, resin(that look like moon) require time to be refilled.

  2. I think that General (King) figure = Celestia (and unknown Goddes maybe?) because the meaning of the chess game is to protect your own king.
    And archonts are protecting the laws of Celestia like the figures protect the King in chess.

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