If you are reading this, You’ve probably already seen the thousands of resemblances between Honkai and Genshin characters, so most of the information here will not be a surprise. However, I still thought it would be fun to write about it, for those who may not know: 

*DISCLAIMER the art used for the genshin archons is credited to @ruleosearvi_art (on instragram) and will only using a source of reference for this theory*

So let’s first begin with the archons and their look a-likes that we know about, starting with Venti.

Anemo Archon

God of Freedom (Venti)

Wendy Herrscher of Wind

These two character’s appearances and elements are almost identical, and could pass for being the same character if seen from afar. The only obvious differences are in their gender and personalities. 

Geo Archon

God of Contracts (Zhongli)

Fu Hua Herrscher of Earth / Captain Hyperion HI3 MC

Both Fu Hua and Zhongli represent the balance and stability of China as very calm, wise, and poised. Also it’s worth mentioning that Genshin is not new to reusing or referencing characters from Honkai as Fu Hua’s character design was reused in a leak for the brand new 2.2 Hydro Polearm Character, Yelen from Liyue.

However, many players found Hyperion’s character design to be a younger, short-haired modern version of Zhongli. 

Electro Archon

God of Eternity (Ei)

Raiden Mei Herrscher of Thunder

From using the same voice character and nearly identical personalities, names, and elements, Ei is most definitely referencing Mei (just one letter short of sharing the same exact name). 

Dendro Archon

God of Wisdom

Su Honkai Impact 

Although no news or information has been confirmed about our Dendro Archon, fans have hoped that he will somehow look similar to Su from Honkai Impact. As both share colors of green, and appear to be young and wise (perfect for the God of Wisdom). 

Lessor Lord Kusanli

In the final act of the Inazuma Archon Quest Yae mentioned that the people of Sumeru worship someone called Lessor Lord Kusaanli, who is a female (contrary earlier in game conversations saying that the Dendro Archon was a male). However, there is no confirmation that she and the Dendro Archon are the same person, in fact they might actually be in fact two different people. 

Also it is worth mentioning that Sumeru is based on many real life cultures like ancient Egypt, Middle East and India. But considering Cyno’s attire (based on Anubis, Egyptian mythology), as a confirmed character from Sumeru, Jackal’s character design might be somehow implemented into the Genshin Universe as well. 

Hydro Archon

God of Justice

Bronya Herrescher of Reason 

Due to her steampunk aesthetic and use of heavy technology (remember that Fontaine is supposedly the most advanced region in all of Teyvat, creating the Kamera and Steambird, which Mona works for) Bronya best fits to me what the Hydro Archon might look like. 

Also Bronya being the Herrscher of “Reason” fits perfectly being the God of “Justice”.

Pyro Archon

God of War (Murata)

Himeko Murata Herrscher of Flame

After her tragic passing, many fans of Honkai Impact found out that the Pyro Archon shares the same surname as their beloved Himeko, so perhaps the two games allowed for her resurrection to happen as the new Pyro Archon.

But there are also theories of Diluc and Venessa being “children of Murata” with pure red hair, so maybe it’s her legacy and spirit that lives on through her descendants.

Cryo Archon

God of Love/Glory (The Tsaritsa)

Ana Schariac Herrscher of Ice 

Her design and element also involving ice perfectly captures what players believe the Tsaritsa will look like. Her commander hat also matches perfectly with the Tsaritsa as a tyrant ruler, with a possibility of having some war/soldier training when she was younger. 

Unknown Goddess 

Kiana Herrscher of the End 

This is probably one of the oldest comparisons, but a theory that will also take the longest time to confirm. Even so, we’ll have to reach the end of the Genshin storyline to truly figure out if the Unknown Goddess and Kiana are truly the same person. 

Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below your thoughts about these comparisons


  1. The art used on the far right for Lessor Lord Kusanli, Hydro Archon, Murata, & Tsarista is not official art, it is fanart. It’s by an artist named “ruleosearvi_art” on instragram. If you’re gonna use it, at least have a disclaimer and credit the artist.

  2. Interesting theory! I’ve always been fascinated by the connections between Honkai and Genshin. The possibility of these characters being archons is certainly a compelling idea. I’m excited to see how the theory develops and if there are any updates in the future.

  3. Wow, this theory on Honkai Characters as Genshin Archons Predictions is really intriguing! I never thought about the parallels between the two, but the similarities are undeniable. It’s fascinating to consider the possibility that the Honkai Characters are actually Genshin Archons in disguise. The idea that they are ancient beings with immense power and knowledge is just mind-blowing. I can’t wait to see how this theory plays out in future updates!

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