Many fans have speculated Princess Peach to have been with Luigi to have their daughter Rosalina. Yet, not many have speculated the same for Mario and Daisy.

Now it may sound a bit weird for Peach to give birth to her best friend, but that’s what many fans did with Peach and Rosalina, so…

Funny, how Nintendo creators even stated that Daisy is Peach’s “long distant cousin” I believe their family inheritance may be closer than we think. I mean they even have the same eye color, which would make even more sense to have a brunette, blue-eyed baby. 


Oh, but there’s even more. Take a look at this chart:

I mean Daisy has both Mario’s chubby cheeks and brown hair. While she also contains many of Peach’s facial structure, such as her nose and eye shape and being of the royal bloodline.

Also, the color scheme works out as well, with the red from Mario’s iconic outfit with Peach’s bright blonde hair, it makes orange. But, where else do we see orange? Oh yeah, Daisy’s dress!


Now, there are some key aspects to this theory, such as what the creators or the Nintendo handbook clearly states about this specific relationship, but again fans can literally come up with anything, as I myself have.

But all in all, theories are always fun to come up with, especially when no one may have thought about it before.


Thank you so much for reading! Comment down below your thoughts about this Mario, Peach, and Daisy theory.


    1. I suppose it’s possible, (though I do think that the colors are just random.) if it’s true, one more check in with mario and peach, instead of LUIGI and peach. Good try though! Hope your right…

      1. I actually think that the colors is the only solid evidence to support the theory. Color choice is very deliberate in this kind of product design

  1. That’s not possible because Daisy was made for Mario and Mario and Peach aren’t officially together, in Mario Odessy it says Mario and Peach are just friends.

  2. Not possible. Peach and Mario aren’t even “together”. Besides, Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland, and inherited the throne from her parents. (Peach is princess of mushroom kingdom.) Besides, the pop-culture theory is that Luigi and Daisy are in love. My cousin is a popular gamer and met one of the makers of a super Mario game and asked about him about the Daisy situation, and he said that she was supposed to look a little like peach as time went on, and was a blend of character for the right gaming consistency. The original Daisy looked way different that Peach but if you look closely, Daisy defiantly begins to look like Peach.

    1. I dont think they did. I always thought that Peach and Daisy were cousins or sister, and appparently Daisy is 19-20, and Peach is 16. That would make it literally impossible for Daisy to be Peaches daughter, unless the game has some sort of time travel

  3. Amusing as in foolish but no thats not possible and the reasons are just stupid, sad and cringe but it made us laugh and that’s something i guess

  4. Ok i Believe That Mario is The Father But Princess Peach is Not The Mother But i Will Find Out Who is The Mother OF Princess Dasiy

  5. This is all not true because even in an old super mario party Daisy loses and she says “I’ve never lost neither has my father!” And shows a picture of a guy that’s wearing a cape just like a real king.

  6. I belive in this
    Is princess peach and Mario are the parents of daisy
    I didn’t know that earlier now I knew it
    Wow amazing fact

    1. It’s not a fact, and it cant be, there is alot of reasons.
      1. Mario’s Brother Luigi has a crush on Daisy
      2. Daisy and Peach are both in there 20’s
      3. Daisy’s real father is an actual king.
      4. and the “amazing fact” is actually just a “theory” that’s nowhere near the truth.

      1. I don’t believe that theory, the same with the peach is Rosalina’s mother reborn theory either after all just because they have the same earrings doesn’t mean there’s only one pair of blue earrings in that entire world.

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